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FM22 Vince Skin & Low Res v.1.2

Dark, elegant and beautiful skin. Two versions for 1920x1080 screen resolution and for low resolution too.

By Updated on Nov 23, 2021   22440 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 6698 / Size: 7.1 MB / Added: 2021-11-20
Football Manager 2022 Skins - FM22 Vince Skin & Low Res v.1.2

From the excellent results of last years Vince Skin, Vince Skin Pro and Vincechup skin (always available), I decided to upgrade and release the new Vince Skin, an elegant, dark and very beautiful skin to boost the Football Manager interface and revolutionize the game!

The most important thing in skinning is giving the best amount of features, and this is what I did with my work.


  • Sidebar menu panel bug fixed: in some cases the game could get blocked while and can't pressing on others buttons

  • v.1.1

    • New Player Overview Panel
    • New Instant Result Button
    • Now you can see the foot ability

    Vince Skin Biggest Features

    • Instant result button before and in game! (a rare feature)
    • New Player overview panel
    • New match scoreboard and players faces into the bench
    • Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage
    • different backgrounds and opacity
    • Club crest into the right corner
    • New match panels
    • Stadium into fixtures panel and on club overview panel
    • Fixtures while you advance into the game
    • Continue button with the club colours
    • New stadium overview panel
    • Boost of player and club overview panel

    It's recommended to maintain the zoom of text at 95% to see all theses things correctly and if you have a monitor of low res. (1366x768) you can use the Vince Skin 900p.

    Vince Skin
    1920*1080 : 95% zoom
    1600*900 : 85% zoom

    Vince Skin 900p
    1366*768 : 100% zoom

    Vince FM22 Skin Preview

    I'll attach a video with features and instructions of how to download it (the streamer isn't the creator of the skin but just a friend).

    How to use the Vince skin on FM22

    Download the skin, then extract with WinRar or 7Zip (Unarchiver for Mac), and put it into Documents/ Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2022/ Skins
    Run the game and go to preferences/ clear cache and reload the skin.


    BUG REPORT : If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord WITH SCREENS.


    - PayPal Donation :
    - Contact on Discord : vince_957#6916

    Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


    - TCS by bluestillidie00
    - OPZ
    - FME skin
    - Wannachup skin
    - Flut skin
    - YACS skin
    - Heffem Skin
    - michaeltmurrayuk for the mods

    Download Now
    Downloads: 6698 / Size: 7.1 MB / Added: 2021-11-20
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    Discussion: FM22 Vince Skin & Low Res v.1.2

    18 comments have been posted so far.

    • MICASYT's avatar
      in game it still shows at vers 1.1, is this normal?
    • Nima's avatar
      Best Skin out there! But have some hard time with the city pictures, they become background pictures. Anyone know how to fix that ?
    • khamann10's avatar
      @Vince_957 Nearly perfect skin - love your work.

      ! have got one thing to edit in this skin. If you click on the scouting emblem ( the binocular) next to the player - it would be nice to see the positions he can play. Otherwise we have to click on the player to get the informations. Greetings :)
    • SakuJ's avatar
      Love your skin! one question/request:

      Is there a possibility to change the background opacity to be darker by default? Now I think I have similar problem as Dave has, the texts are impossible to read without always tinkling with the opacity. Really small and not even 1st world problem but still :)
    • Dave84CPFC's avatar
    • Dave84CPFC's avatar
      Is there a way to have the city pictures installed without them being used as a background? Some make the text impossible to see
    • Lowoctave's avatar
      The best skin out there. Where did you get the city pictures that are in the home page?
    • sebel's avatar
      I've downloaded several times both skins, installed them (as usual) into the skin folder, cleared cache within the game but the skins aren't appearing in the skins list/selection - any idea why?
    • IanReSc's avatar
      I really like it. I'd prefer the pitch in the tactic view to be darg grey/black, though. That green is really standing out. The players info page is very neat.
    • neilybhoy1967's avatar
      so just downloaded, this morning 21/11/21 and so far so good, its one of the nicest looking skins i have used over the years ( since 09 ) so thank you very much
    • mcswifty's avatar
      Is it not possible to get the "RCA" on profile screen, instead of PA?
      So you see "CA" and "RCA" like on standard skins?
    • StuartNG's avatar
      @Scarecrow - that worked a treat. Many thanks for that. ;-)
    • Tygel's avatar
      Love the skin. I can’t get the condition/sharpness to be displayed in percentages on the team selection screen or tactics screen. Still has icons. Is this an issue with my game or is not available on the skin? Thanks for your work.
    • Dite De Molay's avatar
      how to display Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage on tactic selection?
    • Scarecrow's avatar
      @StuartNG you can edit opacity by
      1. clicking on the TV icon on the top right of any page
      2. then clicking on the percentage number that appears below (default 0%)
    • StuartNG's avatar
      Hi pal, great skin so thank you. Is there a way that the opacity can be lowered as my background stadium pic is too bright. Not sure how to alter that in the config file. Thanks
    • Vlietje60's avatar
      Beautiful skin, at first sight I only miss the other rivals in the club info
    • Dite De Molay's avatar
      Looks nice !! Will try it now :)
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