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Voasy's English Level 10 for FM14

Unlock English level 10 pyramid for Football Manager 2014 with Voasy's lower league database for England.

By Updated on Nov 10, 2013   62728 views   84 comments
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Downloads: 9448 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2013-11-02
FM 2014 New Leagues - Voasy's English Level 10 for FM14
Hey Guys,

ITS HERE!!! Thanks to calcal for uploading the editor for me I have been able to prepare the much anticipated Level 9 file! And I've managed to go even lower than this to Level 10!! My file last year was a huge hit so I hope you all find it the same!

Now updated with Level 10!

This file unlocks English lower league levels 7, 8, 9, 10 to make them playable.

Released: 2 November 2013
Updated: 10 November 2013

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Extract the downloaded .zip file and move the extracted file Voasys Lower Level Update L10.xml in your Football Manager 2014 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/editor data/

Create the folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist.

Step 2

Start a new career game (won't work with classic mode).
A little pop-up window will come up that says there is 1 enabled editor file. Click OK.

Step 3

After this click on England, then Next Game overview in the corner.
It will then bring up the lowest league, when you click the menu you can go lower! Click this then Start Game on the right.

Recommended set-up for your save game

If you skip this part, the lowest level teams you're going to choose will have very few real players in the roster. We recommend taking the following steps when starting your save game to ensure you have all available real players in the database for the English leagues.

So when creating your new save, do the following:
  1. Select the Advanced Database Size option. You'll get the Customize the Database screen.
  2. Click on the Add button for Nations.
  3. Enable the options Players based in nation and Players of nationality for England.

Good luck and welcome to another year of my files!

Also if you want to keep me updated on how your saves are going that would be nice.
Thank you so much for your patience, as I know many of you have been messaging me!

I reached 10,000 downloads last year and I am hoping to reach a little more this year.
So again thanks so much and I apologize for any delays.

Any questions just comment below or pm me.



Some people have been donating :) and I would appreciate if people continued to details are below:

PayPal is: [email protected]
Please donate!

Download Now
Downloads: 9448 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2013-11-02
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Discussion: Voasy's English Level 10 for FM14

84 comments have been posted so far.

  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    And I've just checked my media fire account and my level 10 DB that i created was released 12/9/2013!! so i wouldn't put it past voasy to have used that level
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Also we have not once sent voasy abuse over this..FMbase asked for the messages and voasy couldn't even provide them. so again he's trying to cover his own tracks
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Thank you guys. but one question...why didn't voasy say this to us and fmbase that he uploaded the wrong database? thats him just trying to cover his tracks. and i find it a disgrace that he asked for donations...the people who donated should have there money back cos that is fraud..we have always made our own DB might i add. all our levels have been made by ourselves
  • Stam's avatar
    I'm posting this comment to clarify the situation regarding the accusations that Voasy's file is a copy of someone else's database.

    FMN85 reported the issue to us earlier today and we have just completed our investigation. He claimed Voasy's level 11 database on this page was copied from their level 11 database. A quick comparison between the file that appeared here on December 13th and FMN85's first version which was uploaded to Mediafire on December 1st, proves the 2 files are 100% identical.

    I talked with Voasy about this, I also talked with FMN85. It appears level 9 and level 10 were created by Voasy, but for level 11 he used a database which wasn't his own. For his level 11 file, he said:
    As I downloaded the file to take a look at it, I am unaware if I uploaded the incorrect one to the sites I use, I am wondering if I did not upload my edited version and I uploaded the version I download and saved as the incorrect file.

    Even if this really happened, it's still unacceptable for us. He told me he won't be working on databases anymore due to the fact he has already received abuse and harassment for what happened. Sadly for Voasy this has ruined his reputation.

    As a result, we have restored this page to its last version before any copying took place. This means you will get a level 10 database which will only work with the 14.0.0 data update.
  • pointer4ncfc's avatar
    Just make your own it feel more rewarding when people download rather then just stealing someone elses
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Voasy copied our database created by myself..he has now been banned from FM-Base because he had no proof that it was his work and i did. so please guys don't give him any credit because he has been found out. as i said he has since been banned from FM-Base.
  • saus127's avatar
    why is this showing when i try to make a save with this editor=
  • SuperMac's avatar
    Hey, has this been updated for the 14.3 patch yet?
  • PzSniper's avatar
    Incompatible with 14.3
  • gazza1950's avatar
    Hi Voasy

    Just to let you know your English Level 11 database won't work on the latest official update - 14.3.0 which is a real shame. Hope you can fix it.

  • Madsocks's avatar
    Can anyone tell me what I'm actually doing wrong here? Seems people are saying it works great and it's fantastic.....mine won't even load up. I've downloaded it, saved it into the editor data in the FM2014 folder, loaded it up, and then when it comes to choosing the editor file, I get an error message saying:

    "warning, could not process rule group settings in <location of file>. English county leagues division 1 has the wrong division level set, should be 10."

    What the hell am I doing wrong here???
  • killhi12's avatar
    Needs updating as it does not work on latest football manger update please update quick.
  • qwertyman's avatar
    Voasy, you are one hell of a lad. I believe that you did make the database, and I am happy with the database that I downloaded from you. I am sorry for your loss, and I appreciate that there would be some errors in it. So far, however, there is only one that I am fine putting up with.
  • mrdnra's avatar
    @alexrushfear - I've just compared both and they have exactly the same changes, plus Voasy's was updated 2 days earlier.....the other one has definitely stolen Voasy's to claim credit for it. They've just manage to make it look more complete by listing all the level 11 leagues that aren't actually currently included.
  • alexrushfear's avatar
    There's another Level 11 database here: and it seems to be identical to this one. Even down to the same mistakes made on the Dorset Premier League (namely, spelling mistakes for team names, and the slight oversight of using the wrong teams).
  • voasy's avatar

    I would just like to release a statement from myself about the file, I have not been working on the file for just over a month due to a bereavement in the family. I apologise to all the fellow FM lovers out there for this.

    Firstly thank you all for downloading my file and making it a success, but unfortunately I have become known to some problems recently. I have had a certain individual message me on various social networking sites privately stating that I have copied his work and copied his file. I want to clarify with all the people who download my file that this is completely a lie. Some of the last messages I have received from the individual use bad language and have seemed very angry.

    I just want all my fans who download the file to know that I have never copied anyone's work, and I make the files myself as quickly as possible after the release date every year. Most of you know this and follow my files every year and appreciate the work I do.

    But unfortunately there are some others that don't.

    Thank you all so much for the support over the last three years.

  • DanCariello's avatar
    Hey Voasy

    I started a new game in the Wearside division as Jarrow (level 11) and the league is not acknowledging goal difference. So league positions when on the same points are just going on alphabetical order.

    Do you know how to fix this bug?

  • 05aleer's avatar
    Thanks for all the great work. Do you know if there are sorting rules on this one because the level 9 one i downloaded i november there were no league sorting rules and i didn't know if they were on this one or not?
    Thanks again for all the great work.
  • Pompey Muttley's avatar
    Hi Voasy,

    I have been really enjoying you editor file playing as Poole Town. On my 2nd season and all is fine. I want to start a network game with my friend online but every time he trys to add himself as a new manager it crashes at his end. Critical Error message. Have you got any advice as we would love to start a network game in the lower 11 as Sturminster Marshal and Corfe Mullen. Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards

  • Pompey Muttley's avatar
    Hi Voasy, I am trying to set up a network game using this update but the game doesn't allow my friend to add himself as a manager. It keeps error crashing. Is there anything I can do to fix this. We really want to start in the Dorset League as Sturminster Marshal and Corfe Mullen over a internet ntwork game. Kind Regards Rob
  • mrdnra's avatar
    Is level 11 still being worked on? I had on FM11 used a level 11 database and remembered managing a club on that that isn't included in the current database, so I figured a bit of local knowledge couldn't hurt in getting a more complete database.

    Leicestershire Senior League is level 11 (link also shows level 12), feeds into East Midlands Counties Football League.

    Also I noticed a couple of clubs missing from Midland Combination:

    Coton Green and Chelmsley Town don't appear in the current database (they've been replaced with Atherstone Reserves and Bromsgrove Sporting Reserves).

    Hope this helps.
  • Bluesbot's avatar
    cheers for the xmas present voasy - been waiting patiently for you to fix the subs rule for the southern league - can now finally get my career game underway

    just a quick question which editor do you use to do all this ?

    and have a great xmas and new year
  • sevete's avatar
    Downloaded the updated version, Picked ST. Neots again.
    Game fucked up after 2 seasons again.
  • ordana's avatar
    Thanks voasy, will give Clapton a run out.

    did a quick edit on the fans passion because we're a mental bunch so I've put it up to 19 which you might want to consider for future updates ;)

    If you need any help with the lower leagues let me know, would be happy to help :)
  • voasy's avatar

    I am pretty sure that the problem with the no fixtures has been fixed.

    I have had numerous feedback from people now saying they are in 4-5 seasons.

    So I am pretty sure it is done now.


    Also update for people I am having a browse now at the Essex Senior problem. And then going to slowly take a look at Level 11 just be patient :)


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