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Wannachup Instant Result FM18 - All Default Skins

All default Football Manager 2018 skins (default, dark and light) with instant result button added.

By on Nov 10, 2017   158937 views   22 comments
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Downloads: 50855 / Size: 113.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-10
Football Manager 2018 Skins - Wannachup Instant Result FM18 - All Default Skins
All default Football Manager 2018 skins (default, dark and light) with instant result button added.

This is ideal if you don't wish to play a match and get straight to the result.

How to install the Instant Result FM18 Skin

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move all extracted folders to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins\

  3. Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Wannachup-Instant Result” as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 50855 / Size: 113.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-10
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Discussion: Wannachup Instant Result FM18 - All Default Skins

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • MarcAnthony95's avatar
    This worked great for FM18, look forward to using the FM19 now I have the game
  • Jonathan_bcfc's avatar
    how do I activate instant result button on Mac , i put folder in skins but it dosent show up on drop down menu of skins in game
  • marquez2k's avatar
    @wannachupbrew is working for original steam fm 2018 ?
  • WhiteFang16's avatar
    @wannachupbrew one question mate. In this version when I choose the instant result is it like I'm going on vacation or no?
    Thanks in advance
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @Lijodo10: Put the three folders in the skins folder. NOT the the main folder.
  • Lijodo10's avatar
    Does this file also work on Mac computers? I have never been able to get this skin to work, not on 2017 version either... I download, then in my downloads, there is a folder: Wannachup Instant Result FM18 and that folder contains 3 other folders: Wannachup-Instant-Result/Wannachup-Instant-Result-Dark/Wannachup-Instant-Result-Light

    So I drag the main folder: Wannachup Instant Result FM18 to my Documents/Football Manager 2018/Skins and drop the whole thing in there, then I clear cache etc. but yet No file in the drop down for skins?

    Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?
  • YesNoIDKtbh's avatar
    Works fine here, and subs are being made as well. Although, I noticed that there's no "Leave it late", "Smash and grab" etc. options this year. Have those been replaced in favour of the customisable match plan?
  • szcsi2's avatar
    the simulation is great but why doenst subbing? with this there is too much injury...
  • Agepagelage's avatar
    I play with PSG and every time i simulate a game with the instant result button i get a draw. I have simulated 5 games and every time a draw, 3x 1-1, 1x 0-0, 1x 3-3. Why is this?
  • lostintravise's avatar
    Thank you!! Any idea if substitutes and/or match plans work with this instan result button?
  • bobani's avatar
    akward but...ive been away from FM for a ive missed this whole thing..

    i downloaded and installed this...but.. where is the instant result button? during the match or before.. where do i activate it? =) lol
  • baron's avatar
    Thanks, Instant Result is very useful button. No more vacation :D
  • qz's avatar
    This is great, thanks mate.
  • Vulrak's avatar
    TY !
  • kennobi's avatar
    Hi great work Wannachupbrew. I have a question when a game is simulated the whole initial 11 play all the game, right? there are no subs that can be programmed. Thanks
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    No. 2018.
  • pisculichi's avatar
  • downloadkct's avatar
    Thanks Wannachup, i simply cant play without your Instant Result button \o/
  • Erdisinger's avatar
    What a fast turn was it ;) Thank u mate
  • ronnyjames's avatar
    Thanks mate
  • davidwicak's avatar
    thanx bro
  • DAZS8's avatar
    That was quick m8
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