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WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace | v1.2 Released 2023/01/18 | Also featuring Attributeless

The official TCS skin returns for Football Manager 2023 created by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace.

By Updated on Jan 18, 2023   227084 views   40 comments
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Downloads: 93773 / Size: 3.7 MB / Added: 2022-10-19
Football Manager 2023 Skins - WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace | v1.2 Released 2023/01/18 | Also featuring Attributeless
After the success from TCS '19 to TCS3 (2021), myself and WorkTheSpace have once again worked together to create the optimal Football Manager skin for the 2023 iteration of the game.

Noting the lack of progression between the 2022 and 2023 game release, the goal for the skin is to give the end user a brand new experience while retaining the vibe of the original skin and v1.0 is the first step in the process.

WorkTheSpace Overview Video & Install Guide

As it is only v1.0, the first iteration is basic, featuring changes to key panels like the club and player overview screens, as well as many other Quality of Life features, such as:
  • Instant Result
  • Featuring tweaks to the popular TCS4 skin's player and club overview panels to further enhance the user's experience.
  • An adaptable experience to support the skin on a range of resolutions. (Not perfect, but its ok.)
  • Player faces on Tactics screen

1.1.1 Features
  • Added more information to schedule screen
  • Added WTS Schedule view to fixtures list

Player Overview:
  • Fix for issue with player kits not changing
  • Re-added Data Hub request button
  • Fixed issue where stars popup was using incorrect panel
  • Fixed bug where Abilty dropdown showed incorrect potential abilty

WTCS5 Screenshots


As well as this, the skin features a few easy modifications to allow the user to customise their experience how they like it.

A. Remove WorkTheSpace Branding
A simple mod which removes all workthespace references in the skin.

B. Remove Instant Result
Some people like me, don't like Instant Result, this mod removes that.

C. Add player faces to Squad Lists

D. Alternate Captains Armband Icons
v1.1 features a new captains armband icon, this mod allows you to swap it out with a handful of alternatives.

E. Alternate UI Colours
Easily change to a dark skin ala TCS 19, or even the WorkTheSpace purple version of TCS '19!

F. Add Kit Label to Club Overview Screen

G. v1.0 Background
v1.1 has updated the background, the old one has been added if people preferred

H. Content Creator Match UI
An alternate UI for content creators, which restricts the amount of info hidden by webcams.


How to install attributeless:
You MUST install both skins, attributeless doesn't work without without the normal TCS installed. Following that, load the skin in game, then you MUST reload the game.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

I won't be providing any support for this skin apart from major issues, don't request features as they will not be considered.

Download Now
Downloads: 93773 / Size: 3.7 MB / Added: 2022-10-19
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Discussion: WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace | v1.2 Released 2023/01/18 | Also featuring Attributeless

40 comments have been posted so far.

  • Manuel Agra's avatar
    how do y install the newer versions y only have 1???
  • hiinschoi's avatar
    Want to report that the (1) popup player panel are not showing the current ability stars, (2) and it aren't highlighting the players attribute immediately, i have to click the position to show it (such as clicking on defence>central defender) but in most of the skin i can just click the position upright and it will show. Love the skin and hope it will be fix in the next update, in the mean time enjoy your break<3
  • Mik_Fe's avatar
    in the last update of this skin, when you go on the popup player, scouting report doesnt show ability stars.. its always empty, potential stars are ok..
    It is possible to fix it?
  • SPKISKING's avatar
    how to make it transarent?
  • prongs's avatar
    Can you make the nEU indicator round too just like the "Wnt" indicator in Player Status Information?
  • dannyzuko's avatar
    The attribute highlight colours are the wrong way around, blue should be 15+ not yellow
  • squad's avatar
    great work hope you announce uptade soon
  • filip128_2's avatar
    It was my favourite skin, but scouting doesn't work for some time!!!!!
  • madarareyis's avatar
    I made this skin background supported . Can ı send a link here for those who want it ? All credits still goes to Bluestillidie00 of course
  • ArxaioS's avatar
    i wish this skin could have quickl sub, and simulate match (during in game )
  • Elmastrich's avatar
    v1 is better. v2 has advert across on some screens which can't be removed.
  • Arvid04's avatar
    @JasonGallagher, go to FM Base.
  • mooman2012's avatar
    Excellent skin
    but can anyone tell me where i can see a players heights and weight
  • JasonGallagher's avatar
    Original version was better than the updated one. Is there any way to get the original one still?
  • willz71172's avatar

    i get this players subs positions missing
  • gavin031's avatar
    Help. Why does my match engine screen show the default FM skin? Everything else looks like the WTCS5 skin but not during the match engine. What am I doing wrong? Great skin BTW.
  • kkk812's avatar
    I play in window mode, this skin seems don't support it.
  • WizzyTheGaffer's avatar
    Best skin for FM23 but any way of getting the team logos on the scoreboard instead of the abbreviation?
  • Kobi's avatar
    I would be happy if you would add a quick sub button (available in other skins)
  •'s avatar
    PLZ adapt for 110%, 125% skin scale.
  • mcswifty's avatar
    Hi Blue and WTS. Thanks for an awesome skin.
    I just have one single issue I hope can be rectified.
    - The "Polygons" DNA section. 'CNT' I guess stands for Concentration?
    That polygon does not move up or down when the attribute is modified.
  • Wato82's avatar
    Got the skin but only issue is stadiums will not load in on the skin and I have tried all ways I can think of and will not load
  • Stevmon's avatar
    Just downloaded the skin to my M1 MacBook Pro, doesn't seem to work. Placed it in the Skins folder, don't think I could do much wrong there. I can chose the skin in the game, but I don't see any difference from the original skin.
  • joe124's avatar
    Can you increase the player picture size on player overview attributes screen?
  • Lew's avatar
    Does this work on Mac? It's not changing when I try, cheers.

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