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Guru's F16 - Blast your way through

A deadly 3-4-3 made to go the distance while destroying anyone standing on your path to glory !

By on Jan 17, 2018   29749 views   3 comments
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First & foremost, you should know that the F-16 isn't meant to be a "wonder tactic". This isn't a tactic with which you will be able to magically win any given game regardless of who you're managing. This isn't just plug & play. It can be, there's a chance of it working perfectly with your team straight away, just as there is a chance of it being a complete disaster (it happens, even tho the first case happens more often :p).
You should expect some so-so games in the beginnings. Some users have reported that it started working after about 10/15 games, so be patient, give it time if need be, it's worth it !

Tactic Presentation

The idea behind this tactic is born of the will to abuse fast paced strikers. The previous tactic I made wasn't tailored for that, not in the way I wanted. I was thinking of several things while creating the F-16 :
  1. I want balls to go behind the defense to take full advantage of the Pace & Off the Ball attributes of the two strikers.
  2. When this was made, I was up against extremely strong offensive power so I pretty much had to play 3 in the back.
  3. Even when you wanna play a more direct style, the CD rarely have the qualities required to make it happen. Their role is just to deliver the ball to the two WB or the CMs, that will do the work.
  4. I avoided playing 3 Strikers on purpose, feeling it is a little bit too strong at the moment in game (keep in mind that I play online games & as much as I love winning, there's nothing to win when there's no one willing to play you :p)
The Shadow Striker isn't a player that will seem super strong in terms of stats. He isn't the one that will score the goals & most likely won't make too many assists either. It CAN happen, but from my experience, it happened only with extreme monsters, which won't be the case for most users. He still has a key role to play. Not everything goes with direct through balls from the CMs to the strikers. Both of them being Advanced Forwards, they are very high on the pitch, hence the need for someone between the BBMs & them to make a link when your players are going forward on the pitch. He also offers a good support to the two WBs as a good pass option should they need it when moving up the field. He serves as an anchor for your entire team.

Training & Match Prep

During your pre-season, you can do as follows.
I like having lots of friendlies (~10/12 - 2 per week) against (very) weak teams.

Tactic training in pre-game during pre-season & then switch to attack routine.

If your team is doing fine in games, you can put less emphasis on match training, that way, your players (youngsters mostly), will improve faster.
On the same note, if your next game is up against a very strong opposition, don't hesitate to go full match training on defensive positioning, it will make things easier.


During a game, should you be outmatched (mostly when playing Away or against a bigger opposition), gradually setting your defensive line higher is a good answer to the issue. Being outmatched is easily seen in-game. If the opposition is getting the chances & you're not, changes need to be made : this is the change you're looking for :)
It may also happen that you need that last minute goal, you can do as follow, it is risky but works more often than not :


Keeper Nothing out of the ordinary for your keeper. The classic package, strong Shot Stopping & communication abilities do the trick.

You three CDs are the defensive wall of your tactic. Of course complete types are always appreciated. The fastest one you got might be best suited to take the center spot as he's tasked to close down much more. That being said, you want the whole package : good in the air, tackles, anticipation is a good plus. For Corner kicks purposed, the best defender you got when it comes to aerial abilities should be on the right.

Your two WB are alone on the wings, moving up & down the field, being part of most attacks & the defense at the same time. Meaning you need super high Stamina (by super high I mean 17+), unless you enjoy swapping both of them every game at the 60' minute mark :D For these roles, you want fast paced players with a decent crossing abilities & alright tackling (Bonus for having : Runs with ball down X side & Gets forward whenever possible).

The two CMs are Box to Box, they will be there defensively and are key in the offenses. Overall, you wanna favor defensive minded midfielders (Activity + Tackling + Stamina) as they will then tend to take to ball to the opponent rather than just stand in they way. Obviously, it's better for them to have decent Vision & Passing since it's their role to pass behind the defense to match the runs made by your strikers.

The Shadow Striker is a shitty rôle in this tactic. Don't expect him to get MotM, having strong Assists & Goals stats. He's mostly there to help the rest of the team link with the two Strikers, making the tactic slightly better. That being said, you want good technique here, preferably : Flair / Passing & Visions. Bonus for Speed & Finishing.

Your two forwards are the difference between great success & extreme failure in this tactic. You want fast paced strikers, strong off the ball & finishing. Most of all look for Acceleration/Pace/Off the Ball. These are the key attributes around which the entire tactic was made in the first place. The better the strikers are, the better your team will perform, obviously.


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 3576 / Size: 193.4 kB / Added: 2018-01-17
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Discussion: Guru's F16 - Blast your way through

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • famousjoker's avatar
    Still works?
  • Guru's avatar
    I've had lots of return for lower level team winning with this tactic so I'm gonna say yes it's definitely possible :p
    I don't know the specifics of your team (players & stuff), but it should work. As stated in the article tho : mind the little time needed to make it work ;)
    Altough, as I'm not a big fan of LLM, I don't think I'd be able to give you any significant tip on that part, sry :/
  • Scottg16's avatar
    Would this work for forest green in league 2 any tips for LLM
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