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Bosnia - Premijer & Prva Liga - BETA v4 released


By on Nov 01, 2018   16669 views   16 comments
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Downloads: 4786 / Size: 4.4 kB / Added: 2018-11-01
Football Manager 2019 League Updates - Bosnia - Premijer & Prva Liga - BETA v4 released

Real match rules (max 4 foreigns and at least 3 under 21 players on squad)
Real cup and leagues structures
3 rounds (except RS liga with 2 rounds and 1 round separation)
Winter break (from 1 dec to half february)

Please, feel free to report some bug

Download Now
Downloads: 4786 / Size: 4.4 kB / Added: 2018-11-01
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Discussion: Bosnia - Premijer & Prva Liga - BETA v4 released

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • Robo's avatar
    I cant donwload patch
  • Ahmedbr0's avatar
    moze mi neko objasnit kako se instalira
  • mukiblejlok's avatar
    sve ok skonto
  • mukiblejlok's avatar
    help majku mu :) ubacio fmf fajl u editor data folder, ubacio graphics folder u fm19 folder (nije postojao prije) i sad kad startam igru nemam opciju da izaberem database (jedina opcija 19.1.0 Update)
  • legi's avatar
    to je to , hvala ti care puno , zivio ! :)
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Nema veze, klikni na download desni klik i open in new window, i onda ti downloaduje, i kopiras ga onda u editor data....
  • legi's avatar
    problem je u tome sto mi ovaj file izlazi kao torrent file ...
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Ovo ti je direktan link za download, ne znam za sto koristis torrent...
  • legi's avatar
    imam sad problem druge prirode , a to je kad treba torrent da ucita ovaj bosniav file pise torrent nema valjan bencoding
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Otvoris ovaj file Bosniav4 u Editoru-Load Editor data, onda Rules-TestRules, onda Save Editor Data, i verifikovan ti je file, mada kada ga skines bude verifikovan osim ako nisi ga cackao u editoru, A svakako fajl kopirati u folder 'editor data' u dokumentima u folderima fm19, a graphics ubacujes u folder graphics :D
  • legi's avatar
    merime care , kontam da treba ovaj editor data u editor kopirati , ali sta sa graphics folderom , gdje njega ubaciti ?
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Asimbeze, moras u editoru, load editor data ovaj fajl, onda u opcijama rules kliknuti test rules, i kad ih tu verifikujes,onda snimis editor data, pa bi trebalo moci :D
  • asim_beg's avatar
    hi guys..I have encountered an obstacle - when trying to start the game and add this file, it says "the data file needs to be tested and verified in editor before being able to be used in the game". how can i complete this so i can use this add-on?
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Playing first season, and its pretty correct rules for BiH leagues. Just winter transfer window is from 01.jan to 2.mar, I think its from 15.jan-20 feb. But its very good job, ty.
  • zeus1921's avatar
    i'll appreciate your feedback
  • merim_ze's avatar
    Ty, will try with NK Celik....
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