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Quicksta's 4-2-3-1 AMC AF tactic.

This is my 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic for Football Manager 2019 that I have used with Manchester United. This tactic has given me great results.

By on Nov 01, 2018   38184 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 9620 / Added: 2018-11-01

It took me a few games to work out the issues but once i did the results were amazing. Please make sure your wingers/inside forwards have good natural fitness because they do a lot of back tracking for defending and then attacking. Wing backs also do a lot of work.

Away possession against the top teams was 45% away and over 50% for the other premier league teams. Possession was over 50%for all home games.

The year started slow but once i worked out the tactic the season and premier league had very few challenges.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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Downloads: 9620 / Added: 2018-11-01
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Discussion: Quicksta's 4-2-3-1 AMC AF tactic.

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • ilyes92300's avatar
    she works with other team ?
  • Quicksta's avatar
    Brad - I would say it will work if both advanced playmakers are on the support duty. I would not have them attacking as that could leave you exposed a little too much.

    Bart - I used Lingard and Pereira in that position. There avg rating was low but i found that they have the natural fitness to allow my wingers and striker to score lots of goals. Its the most important position in my tactic. Sigurd Grønli is a young player that develops
    nicely for this tactic.
  • toporstinos's avatar
    Great tactic. I will try it in BVB. Any OI????
  • Bartskimbosis's avatar
    Loving the formation...very balanced ...great structure and good football. ONe question who would you recommend for am position. mata and lingard are constantly playing below 7
  • brad's avatar
    can I put both the midfielders on advanced playermakers?
  • mateo162's avatar
    How load this tactic to fm19?
  • Mnastic's avatar
    I'm trying yout tactic with a 2nd season Liverpool squad.
    So far i've won 8-0 to Cardif at home, and next only a draw against Wolves (1-1) away,on 2nd match.
    Th wolves goal was on counter attack. Any tip to avoid that goals when you are winning, speacially on 2nd half?
  • fmdanny's avatar
    Having the issue of my mac not downloading this file
    "here is no application set to open the document"
    when clicking on the download link
  • misterlund's avatar
    how do you open the tactics. my mac cannot regconize the fmf file - solved it
  • Quicksta's avatar
    Lukaku worked well for me as AF but Rashford was amazing. 30+ goals in 20 games.
    It should work fine just keep and eye on how your scoring goals. Crossing the ball in from the right scored alot of goals. Let us know how you go.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    @Quicksta: I'm currently managing Manchester United just like you but I like to make some change to player position to suit my natural player best. What I have in mind are:

    Change my striker from AF to Poacher since Lukaku best as it
    Change right winger to IF since Bernardo Silva best as it

    What do you think? Will it make the tactic still working fine or else? Since right now I'm following/using your tactic 100% just like what it its to avoid any complication or breaking the tactic effectiness
  • Quicksta's avatar
    Any questions or issues please send me a message and i will help you work through them.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    No they are tracking back to a position on my tactic so the AMR to WBR and IF to WBL cos its on the left side. This way without the ball they are marking a space and stopping the DR and DL getting caught to far away from the box.
  • zapkoch's avatar
    You put the left IF on the left defender ? ( same for right on the right one )

    Is not the reverse ? the left on the right ?
  • SGDynamite's avatar
    nice, my favorit
  • bosseman1979's avatar
    thank you
  • Dite De Molay's avatar

    Gonna try it again this year for sure with my Manchester United, hope it works fine :)
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