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DD2021RM v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% (Realism Mod)

version 2.1 worked at 1920x1080 to fit most screens!

By Updated on Dec 14, 2020   90175 views   36 comments
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Downloads: 18221 / Size: 38.1 MB / Added: 2020-12-06
Football Manager 2021 Skins - DD2021RM v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% (Realism Mod)
If you really enjoy the skin and want to show your appreciation, I'll be content with just a coffee over paypal. Every help counts! Cheers.

Change log:

* 1920x1080 Resolution Standard on 100% Font Size
* New SCOREBOARD with competition colour background!
* Home panel information readjusted
* Match player widget icon altered (colour, number and picture)
* Sidebar realigned (credits to Flut for the Team Logo at the bottom)
* Titlebar text realigned
* Player profile reworked
* Header improved (contrast)
* Information reajusted
* Tactics panel pitch improved (pitch img and player icons)
* Competition roundup and overview realigned/readjusted
* Club Overview Panel Improved (Header contrast)

* Lot of tweaks thanks to @tubuus! Appreciate the effort.

I've been working on this MOD since FM20 and I can guarantee that even without numerical attributes or stars we can be successful in Football Manager!

So, no absolute attributes and no stars to guide us on player assessment but there are ways to work this around and your scouting department plays a crucial roll on this. Pay more attention to them and their recommendations when deciding on new signings or even when dealing with that guy on the squad that seems superb but doesn't justify his wage.

Wonderkids are an absolute hit an miss in this MOD. Yes, without attributes there is no way to determine exactly in what level he is coming to your club but that could be minimized when relying on your scouting department.

Hope you Enjoy this MOD! Give it a go!

Download Now
Downloads: 18221 / Size: 38.1 MB / Added: 2020-12-06
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Discussion: DD2021RM v2.1 Now 1920x1080! 100% (Realism Mod)

36 comments have been posted so far.

  • Spurs83's avatar
    I'd pay good money for this skin to come back for FM22 :)
  • junior_kensh's avatar
    does it have instant result?
  • freppzor's avatar
    Nice skin! I'm looking forward to using it.

    Can anyone tell me why I get these icons instead of the one in the preview pics, and how to fix it?

    Also, I had a issue with some white-on-white text in the inbox. If anyone gets the same issue then make this change in:
    <\Football Manager 2021\settings\tcs settings.xml>
    change the
    <colour name="inbox_text" value="rgb(255,255,255) "/>
    to rgb(0,0,0)
  • zamek9's avatar
    this is a realism skin, you have to have more problems in the game because of this skin, what do you expect from it?
  • ThreeJackdaws's avatar
    This is such nice skin but sadly I'm unable to use it as I'm a bit colour blind and the bars instead of the attributes is a bit of a problem for me. Would be nice if there was an alt which added the numbers back.
  • DaniDots's avatar
    In testing for v3.3
  • DaniDots's avatar
    For all of those interested, I've been working on a Scottish Lower Leagues Database Project that has taken much of my time. I haven't uploaded the v3.0 because I didn't have the time. I am finishing it now so maybe soon we will have an update. Apologies.
  • valentuziche's avatar
    Hi man, first of all thx for the skin, it will make my games more fun! Just a quick question, in my game, on the home tab, all my wiglets are badly positioned, the league rankings only displays home games and I can not remove the center panel with my next games, is it normal? Except this particular tab, the rest is perfect, thx! ah and finally, my club logo on the left is on the bottom, while I have place on the top left corner, should it be there ? Thanks
  • Luke3991's avatar
    Hi man, firstly i just want to say thank you so much for this skin. I think it's such a cool concept and looks amazing! I am using it on my Mac but it seems on the tactics screen, the pitch is slightly positioned too far to the right, which means i can't see the text on the position bar? I hope this makes sense! I have a screen shot but i couldn't work out how to add it to this comment!
  • iDrizezz's avatar
    Love this skin for my moneyball approach save
  • billu's avatar
    i have downloaded this skin and put it into my skins folder however it does not show on my preferences when i want to change it.
    can someone pls help me i really want to try out this skin and i dont know what i am doing wrong thanks
  • ParanoidBuddha's avatar
    Thank you for this beautiful skin. Just one thing, can you please edit the ''comparison->attributes'' tab? I would really love to see colors (even for the averages) instead of the normal bars
  • ballsinwater's avatar
    Thanks, I appreciate that you big fattie
  • Fattie's avatar
    INF equals influence
  • ballsinwater's avatar
    Quick question - on the player attribute screen, where it shows the player radar / octagon visual. What does INF stand for?
    Appreciate the work done on the skin
  • Juegodeposicion's avatar
    Would love to see the low version of this skin mate. Any chance?
  •'s avatar
    can you upload it in the black version?
  • zamek9's avatar
    the best skin
  • omarsorto6's avatar
    i love this skin Big game changer
  • M7's avatar
    I like the skin execpt for the big nummbers over the Trophys
  • dkeppler's avatar
    Please, how can I get the low resolution version? This skins appears to be amazing!
  • richbell82's avatar
    Can I also ask do backgrounds to work on this skin?
    many thanks
  • richbell82's avatar
    I absolutely love your idea of bars instead of numbers for attributes.
    Can I ask how on earth did you change it?
    I find FM21 too easy even with improved AI managers and increased injuries to mimic real life.
    I would so like to add this addition to a skin I’m currently using if at all possible please?
    Thank you in advance
  • Daveincid's avatar
    Awesome skin to increase realism in FM! Thank you very much for this! As soon as I start my main save this is the skin I will use :)

  • greg2208's avatar
    Would absolutely love a low resolution version of this skin mate been wanting to play with this for ages, or if you know of anything similar for low res then please let me know!

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