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Around the World by Tenshi

This is collection of realistic formats of nations competition with youth leagues.

By on Feb 01, 2023   17999 views   23 comments
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Downloads: 2484 / Added: 2023-02-01
Football Manager 2023 Database - Around the World by Tenshi
Here you can find all database that I created. They are based on three principles: 1.Compatibility, 2.Realism, 3.Functionality


When you create anything in pre-game editor, it creates new ID, but when you combine more databases that have created things it starts to have problems. Because when the database starts loading it will automotically change IDs of the second (third...) loaded database and for example graphics will not work, or regional cups, regional promotion will stop work properly. So that's why I don't create new clubs or competitions or anything else, I work only with the basic database, when I need new competition I am using extinct competitions from that nation. This way all my databases will always be compatible with any other database.


I'm always trying to create exact copy of the format of the league, not just the man's pyramid but youth pyramid too. So I always spend lots of time researching rules, formats of the leagues and their fixtures, so everything here is close as possible to reality.


I bet you know the feeling when you start playing and after first season you found out that the promotion/relegation doesn't work or that the history of competition is not saving or other things. I always test mine databases before I put them out, every time I simulate at least 6 seasons and than I check if everything works. So don't worry, every database here works fine.

If you have suggestion for me to create some nation or you find some mistakes comment here or under any database.

Right now there is 77 nations in this pack, you can find more in depth description to each nation on their steam pages. Here is the list:

Afghanistan (D1)
Algeria (D2)
Armenia (D2)
Austria (D6)
Bahrain (D2)
Belgium (D6)
Belize (D1)
Bhutan (D2)
Bolivia (D2)
Botswana (D1)
Burkina Faso (D2)
Cameroon (D2)
Central African Republic (D2)
Chile (D5)
Chinese Taipei (D2)
Colombia (D3)
Costa Rica (D2)
Croatia (D4)
Cuba (D1)
DR Congo (D1)
Ecuador (D3)
Egypt (D3)
El Salvador (D2)
Estonia (D3)
France (D5)
Ghana (D2)
Guam (D1)
Guatemala (D2)
Honduras (D2)
India (D4)
Iran (D3)
Italy (D7)
Ivory Coast (D2)
Japan (D6)
Kosovo (D3)
Kyrgyzstan (D2)
Laos (D2)
Lebanon (D2)
Lesotho (D2)
Libya (D2)
Lithuania (D2)
Luxembourg (D3)
Macau (D3)
Madagascar (D1)
Maldives (D3)
Mali (D1)
Mauritania (D1)
Mexico (D4)
Moldova (D3)
Mongolia (D2)
Montserrat (D1)
Morocco (D3)
Myanmar (D2)
Namibia (D1)
Nepal (D2)
Nicaragua (D1)
Nigeria (D2)
North Korea (D2)
Northern Mariana Islands (D2)
Oman (D2)
Panama (D2)
Paraguay (D3)
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Saudi Arabia (D3)
Senegal (D3)
Somalia (D1)
South Korea (D4)
Switzerland (D5)
Syria (D2)
São Tomé e Príncipe (D2)
Tajikistan (D2)
Thailand (D3)
Tunisia (D2)
Turkmenistan (D1)
United Arab Emirates (D4)
Uzbekistan (D2)
Venezuela (D2)
Zambia (D2)
Zimbabwe (D1)

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 2484 / Added: 2023-02-01
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Discussion: Around the World by Tenshi

23 comments have been posted so far.

  • Tenshi's avatar
    @[email protected] I mean same nations have promotions and relegations (it's those that are played spring/autumn), the rest of the nations will be upgraded/updated for FM24
  •'s avatar
    Any promotion relegation updates after 22/23 season?
  •'s avatar
    Will there be an update after the 22/23 season?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @[email protected] I don't understand your question
  •'s avatar
    Do you update after the season is over?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    Every nation updated for 23.4.0
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @Alexis2802 Hello, yeah I want to do Spain but first I have to finish updating the nations I'm still missing. But Spain is on my radar
  • Alexis2802's avatar
    Thank you for your megapack, it's clearly the best we can have.
    A little question, do you plan to do the Spanish lower league ?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    Added practically all nations to version 23.0.3. missing are only 7 nations that either has changes of format in competition or some errors in editor, they will be added in later date. Thank you for your patience.
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @morimech Hello, I try activating all at once and I had no problem, do you have more databases of Panama in editor folder? Because that might be causing it. You can see on screenshots that it works. ,
  • morimech's avatar
    I did the direct download and found that if I select the entire database in new career setup it would not let me advance but if I deselected Panama D2 I could load the game normally.
  • Tenshi's avatar
    Added Syria (D2), Mauritania (D1) and AI was doing some funny stuff in Lebanon but now it's fixed
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @mahmoud I will look into Syria, I want to have every nation in Asia anyway
  • mahmoud's avatar
    Can you please work the Syrian League. It would help me with a lot of the problems you addressed.
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @italiano25 My pack is made to be compatible with anything, so you should have no problems. I would even recomment using that pack for better sponsorships
  • italiano25's avatar
    Thank you! I was waiting for your pack to try out a new save! Btw, do you think your leagues will be fully compatible along with Daveincid realism megapack?
  • kjiiss's avatar
    all leagues 6seaons simulated? wow
  • Tenshi's avatar
    Added link for those who doesn't want to use steam.
  • Tenshi's avatar
    I understand the frustration with other nation packs, because they are mostly garbage (Timo has the worst megapack, it's just so bad with so many fantasy things), problem is that I'm kind of lazy to update every little thing I do :D
    But I will put it in some pack today or tomorrow so everyone can play it even people outside the steam
  • Maviarab's avatar
    Watching and on my radar given every other world edit is bugged beyond belief and no idea if Dave will ever finish his. Will also wait for final patch for my journeyman before trying.

    As italiano asked (I refuse to use Steam for anything unless I have to), could you please just put them all into a zip and upload to mediafire (or similar) so we can just download the lot in one go?

    Thanks for the work!
  • italiano25's avatar
    Can't you make it a pack so we can download it all at once?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @Geof Hello, I would love to do Trinidad & Tobago, the problem is that right now there is no league or any structure because they lost all money and last time league was played in 2019/20 and right now no one knows how the leagues will look, they have new CEO there and they planning to create new league, so when there will be more info, I will make it.
    And Jamaica I'm planning to make :)
  • Geof's avatar
    Hello Tenshi, I love what you made.
    Waiting for the last ME SI patch to start my long term save with your package.
    Do you think that you could add Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago ?
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