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AFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.7

Leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the AFC (Asia). (for Official 24.3.0 Database only)

By Updated on Apr 10, 2024   27604 views   79 comments
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Downloads: 5952 / Size: 424.8 kB / Added: 2023-11-30
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - AFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.7
Hello everyone,

here is the league pack for all nations/federations in Asia.

! for Official 24.3.0 Update Database only !
Creating the world is a very time consuming task, and I do not have the time to support and test all databases. So I am going with the latest version only. The bright side is that it is for free. Tips are more than welcome though :-)

This file contains leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the AFC.

please see the readme.html for details.

- Singapore (SGP): fixed registration, transfer windows and schedule. All schedules changed to Aug->May to reflect real life from 2024 onwards
- GUM, HKG, IND, IRQ, KSA, LAO, QAT: optimizations of youth/reserve teams for better squads (by DaveIncid)
- Singapore (SGP): added format and foreigner rules for 2024 onwards. Competition also changes schedule to may-may for 2024 and aug-may in 2025. Teams play eachother 4 times instead of 3 times and 9 foreigners allowed (5 + 1 AFC + 3 U21).
- All Nations: Update to Database 24.3.0
- All Nations: Fixed registration issue causing teams to register only youth players (happened for competitions with groups/subcompetitions such as China D2)
- All Nations: minor improvements (from things I learned while doing other league packs)
- Guam (GUM): format for 2024 added: transitions from 5 teams in 2023 to 15 teams in 2024
- India (IND): first step of Vision 2047 - in 2026 the top 3 tiers will have expanded to 14,14 and 12 teams
- Saudi Arabia (KSA): added prize money for tier 2 and 3
- many minor adjustments
- corrected Vietnam qualification for AFC Cups - had to delay the qualification until VLeague1 was finished
- corrected Vietnam V-League 1: number of rounds changed from 1 to 2
- corrected dates for Vietnam National Cup: it now starts in November as it is supposed to
- used real life teams for India I-League 2 by adding promoted teams from I-League 3: Sporting Goa, Dempo and Sporting Bengaluru
- changed match rules for Indonesia Liga 1 to: 5 + 1 ASEAN
- added Indian I-League 2
- changed Indian Youth reserve league from U18 to U21
- included Macau and Northern Mariana Islands, since they are also AFC Members.

I wish you a lot of success in your managerial adventures in Asia.

Master Igor.

(other packs: here is an overview)

Download Now
Downloads: 5952 / Size: 424.8 kB / Added: 2023-11-30
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Discussion: AFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.7

79 comments have been posted so far.

  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Thank you for clarifying that for me regarding the database
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @boscolam1234: The Uzbek Cup starts with a qualifying round where only lower tier clubs enter, then a group stage and a playoff. The top 2 tier teams enter the cup in the group stage. Please check.

    see wikipedia for reference.
  • boscolam1234's avatar
    Hello, Uzbek cup is contested with the division 3 clubs instead of division 1 clubs
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    To my best knowledge, the 24.3 database is still the latest also with the 24.4 update of FM24. So the files do not need to be re-verified.
  • andrealves_10's avatar
    any update for the new version? thanks
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Senght: thanks and apologies for the mistake. I think I fixed it now

    For everyone: registration periods are not updated every year if the update day of the nation changes dynamically. In the end, I changed the schedule for all years to Aug->May also for 2023. This was the only way to make it work. The foreigner rule is the original in 2023, but changes to the new rules in 2024 onwards.
  • Senght's avatar
    Hi MasterIgor, for SGP, the clubs cannot register any players because the squad registration window is still the old one. Can you look into that?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Senght: yes I saw it when researching for the foreigner fix. I also changed that and the fact that it will be 4 rounds instead of 3 ;-) Singapore Premier League will change in 2024 from May to May and from 2025 onwards from August to May. (I didn't do the pre season tournament though) Will post the fix/update this week.
  • Senght's avatar
    Reason why I ask is because the Singapore league season will switch to May 2024 to May 2024:

    See "Transition in 2024" here:
  • Senght's avatar
    Hi igor can you please teach us how to use the pregame editor to change the season start and end date for singapore premier league
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Senght: thank you, I will add it.
  • Senght's avatar
    Hi Igor are you able to update Singapore League's foreigner allowed from 4 to 6, plus 3 under 21 players:
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @NiyDaVinchy: could you give some more information? When do you see the number of commands is incorrect? At setup or start of the game or somewhere during play? I just ran Nepal until 2027 without errors, so I don't really know if or where there is an issue.
    If it is when setting up the game, please make sure you use the 24.3 database. If you use also files by other editors that could have changed something in Nepal then this is also a possibility for a conflict.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @jundiuye716: The game qualifies the top 2 to the Asian Conf Cup for 2024 and from 2025 onward it is qualifying one for ACL and one for ACC. This is how the original game qualification seems to work for Indonesia.
    I cannot detect any problem in my Indonesia file because I rank the teams correctly.
    The only correct fix, in my opinion, is to create rules for ACL, ACL2 and ACC to have the correct 2024 format. However, this format is not officially published yet (as I mentioned before). So I cannot realistically create the file for this yet. I can only say that I plan to do it when the format is published. And then the Asian continental cups will be realistic in game.
    sooo.. please patience :)
  • NiyDAVinchy's avatar
    Hi. A mistake in Nepal. Writes that the number of commands is incorrect. And I'm really looking forward to UEFA. Thanks.
  • jundiuye716's avatar
    @MasterIgor: I'm still waiting for fixed update of my problem. But i have an another request, pls add new format AFC Champions League (ACL Elite, ACL2, AFC Challenge League, etc)
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Hello, at the moment I have some other priorities. But in a week or 2 I will check what is reported.
    I do have one request. If you report a problem please be as specific as possible. What are your expectations, what happens, please detailed descriptions. "Malaysia is not updated" is very little information. I dont know what is meant by that.
  • lekirpelo's avatar
    Malaysia league is not updated .
  • jundiuye716's avatar
    Why Champion of Indonesia First League doesnt qualified ACL/AFC Cup?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Alexander: I do not add reserve leagues. If reserve leagues are already in place from official FM already then I do not remove them.

    The only thing I do is add fictional youth leagues for most countries for the top divisions. in few cases also lower divisions.

    the reason I do not add them is that data is very hard to find and I would not be ready with all of that before 2026.
  • Nobnab's avatar
    @Alexandar rossi10
    see comments on this Site:
  • Alexandar's avatar
    what about europe ?

    And for malaysia do you include reserve league as well ?
  •'s avatar
    Are you going to play European leagues?
  • Guntasut's avatar
    finally thank you Masterigor !
  • gloryhunter99's avatar
    Your download link is down.

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