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UEFA Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3

Leagues and cups in real formats for all missing member federations of the UEFA (Europe). (for Official 24.3.0 Database only)

By Updated on May 24, 2024   12555 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 2281 / Size: 162.2 kB / Added: 2024-04-19
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - UEFA Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3
Hello everyone,

here is the league pack for the missing nations/federations in Europe.

! for Official 24.3.0 Update Database only !
Creating the world is a very time consuming task, and I do not have the time to support and test all databases. So I am going with the latest version only. The bright side is that it is for free. Tips are more than welcome though :-)

This file contains leagues and cups in real formats for the missing member federations of UEFA.

please see the readme.html for details.

- Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH): Fixed prize money (was 1 zero too much)
- Montenegro (MNE): Fixed season dates causing a crash
- San Marino (SMR): Fixed (added correct) history entry for the league
- Faroer (FRO): Scandinavians are no longer concidered foreigners
- Many Nations: set professional status for most top tiers to prevent teams going semi-professional

I would like to thank:
- Nuno from Portugal for research and testing
- Lars for testing and feedback
- DaveIncid for testing and advice

I wish you a lot of success in your managerial adventures in Europe.

Master Igor.

(other packs: here is an overview)

Download Now
Downloads: 2281 / Size: 162.2 kB / Added: 2024-04-19
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Discussion: UEFA Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @minhraus I checked but everything seems to be right...incuding all history winners
  • minhraus's avatar
    @MasterIgor the winner history of the San Marino League is still incorrect, the winner of the playoff finals is counted as the winner rather than the winner of the league phase. Please check
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Thank you for explaining and good luck with all the hard work you have to do. Looking forward to it
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @CieWolf1970: I can't tell yet, I decide this nation by nation as I do research. I am now working on Belgium which sees a transition of First National Amateur from 1 league to 2, with 0 to 2 possible relegations depending on positions of certain teams. In other words, very complex and takes a lot of time to get it right.
    Coefficients are for continental competitions much like for UEFA where nations get a number of qualified teams based on their ranking.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Can you tell which competitions you are planning to add in a future update? And what does adding coefficients mean?
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Ok perfect MasterIgor
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Aizak: yes, I have not had much time lately to work on UEFA. I only did Austria regional leagues so far.
    And also, I invested my time in adding coefficients for OFC and CONCACAF which are in final testing.
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Hi MasterIgor, Do you have many leagues left to do? Thx for your amazing work
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Apologies for another quick update, but Montenegro had an issue causing a crash. This is the only file that was changed, so if you don't use Montenegro, you don't need to update.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @wonbrz: indeed, I made a small mistake in the dates for the season in Montenegro, but with big consequences (a crash). I will fix it
  • wonbrz's avatar
    Welcome back! Thanks for the update. When I turn on the Montenegrin league and try to play Mornar Bar, an error pops up and the game crashes. Can you also check for yourself? Thanks again for all the time you put into improving FM! / after checking, it turns out that every club from Montenegro has this error.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Minor update for UEFA. Fixes the missing history for San Marino league, and Scandinavians are no longer foreigners in Faroer.
    I also set professional status to many leagues to prevent teams going semi-professional for those leagues.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @wonbrz: I had trouble understanding/translating the rules, but upon further research and analyzing match reports, I believe all scandinavians are not treated as foreign in the faroese league. I will make an adjustment.
  • wonbrz's avatar
    Hi, in the Faroe Islands Danes are not treated as foreigners. In the patch they are treated as foreigners :) Thanks for all the work you do!
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    -comment no longer relevant-
  • AiZaK's avatar

    You must click on the right in: DESCARGAR ARCHIVO
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @AiZaK &ThePawnStarRick You guys have a link for that Spain mod?
  • AiZaK's avatar
    I have one too, thx ThePawnStarRick
  • ThePawnStarRick's avatar
    @AiZaK I have a file that goes down to the regional tiers in Spain
  • minhraus's avatar
    Thank you, look forward to your update. Cheers
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @minhraus: indeed, I put the wrong stage for the history - I don't know how I did not notice this in testing. I will fix it, but would like to wait to see if there is perhaps more issues that can be fixed. I hope the missing history is not urgent.

    @AiZak: Tercera Federacion is 18 groups of 18 teams.. 324 teams, so no that is too much, Spain would become disproportionately large as well.
  • minhraus's avatar
    San Marino league past winner history didn't update after the season ended, please check
  • AlexisRD's avatar
    You are the GOAT!!! Thank you MasterIgor!
  • Nobnab's avatar
    you are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Amazing MasterIgor, thx!!! I hope you add Tercera Federacion for Spain please

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