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Nico's stuffs

Reproducing as realistically as possible some competitions, cups and more !

By Updated on May 29, 2024   11379 views   23 comments
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Downloads: 609 / Size: 591.0 kB / Added: 2024-04-25
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - Nico's stuffs
Hello everyone !

It's been a while since I last published something on the website !

Same concept as before : I want to reproduce as realistically as possible some competitions to train myself using the editor. I fear that the editor will change on FM25 version as they announced huge changes for this upcoming version, so I don't think I'll do too many things for this year.

I only make competitions that are active irl or that are going to launch soon (I check various reliable sources to make sure of that). I only used the available database and didn't create new competitons so that the ID would match whatever logo packs you use.

For as much realism as possible, I went through mannyyyyy wikipedia pages, archives, offical websites and documents from federations, translating languages I don't even know (I wish I was a polyglote but God bless Chat GPT that helped me understand the information I needed from the documents I downloaded !). I stopped my researches to information related to 2022 or 2022-2023 seasons (or earlier to fill missing history data).

Anyway, that's enough of context !

In red the competitions I plan to make, in green those available. All tournaments are associated with their FM database ID.
Please I only request that you don't ask me to create something, I want to remain free regarding this
In this pack, which works with ALL VERSIONS OF THE GAME (24.0/24.3), you'll find over 30 competitions of any kind, including :


Bahrain pyramid
Benin pyramid
Taiwan pyramid


- AFC :
  • AFF :
    • AFF U-23 Championship (23163000)
    • AFF U-19 Youth Championship (15066133)
    • Southeast Asian Games (5626564)

  • CAFA :
    • CAFA Nations Cup (23321806)
    • CAFA Junior Championship U20 (2000261992)
    • CAFA Junior Championship U19 (23397216)

  • EAFF :
    • East Asian Youth Games (5626814)

  • SAFF :
    • South Asian Games (5626607)
    • SAFF U19 Championship (2000268155)

  • WAFF :
    • Arabian Gulf Cup (5626587)
    • WAFF U23 Championship (2000268120)

- CAF :
  • All-Africa Games (13100157)

  • CECAFA :
    • CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup (13105499)
    • CECAFA U-20 Championship (13105505)

  • COSAFA :
    • COSAFA Senior Challenge Cup (145236)
    • COSAFA U-20 Challenge Cup (13104923)

  • WAFU :
    • WAFU UFOA A Nations Cup (13113731)

  • Central American Games (13205417)
  • Central American and Caribbean Games (13205430)

  • South American Games (19360837)
  • Superclásico de las Américas (19168653)

- OFC : -

- UAFA :
  • FIFA - UAFA Arab Cup (2000087217)
  • UAFA Arab Cup U20 (23162482)
  • UAFA Arab Games (5626874)

- UEFA : -

  • Indian Ocean Island Games (13116705)
  • Islamic Solidarity Games (23247399)
  • Jeux de la Francophonie (13138816)
  • Mediterranean Games (23236433)


- UAFA :
  • UAFA Arab Club Champions Cup (5623042)

- AFC :
  • ASEAN Club Championship (5632240)
  • SAFF Club Championship (23159584)


I hope you'll enjoy my work ! And let me know in comments if there's anything to fix !

Cheers !

Regards from France !

Download Now
Downloads: 609 / Size: 591.0 kB / Added: 2024-04-25
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Discussion: Nico's stuffs

23 comments have been posted so far.

  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos First of all have fun and good health (as good as it can) in real life and till soon.
    Btw.. i cannot resist to ask what you're editing plans will be. The 3 remaining remaining pyramids or? You do not have to answer that last question hehe You have given us allready plenty to play with. Yeah i know another compliment. Anyway.. take care
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @CieWolf1970 thank you for your kind words, I'm happy to have done a good 90% of this pack. Now I'll have to take a break as real life is calling, so I'll be back at editing soon hopefully. Have fun !
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos Another update? Wow! I have mentioned it many times but again thank you so much for your awesome work! Now only the remaining 3 national pyramids and your work is done and you can finally start your FM24 adventure!
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    My pack has been updated with the addition of SAFF Club Championship and Asean Club Championship. I also updated the UAFA Club championship to make it so that the squad selection rules are now match squad rules (continental cup making is bugged on the editor so it's a lot of trouble to make any of these tournaments.........). Hope you all enjoy them :)
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    My pack has been updated with the addition of Classico de las Americas, AG Cup, Cafa Nations Cup.
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @tareq846 Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them :)

    Oh my Lord, I don't know why for some reason I thought the CAFA Nations Cup was in-game by default ! That's why I only made the junior tournaments, but I checked and it isn't ! Well, I guess I'll make it, it's not complicated anyway ! And I'll gladly add teh AGC too since you helped me realise my mistake ahah
  • tareq846's avatar
    @Nicoclos Thank you for adding these tournaments. Would it be possible for you to also add the arabian gulf cup and the cafa nations cup? I believe both of these tournaments are already in the database but are not activated (history for these competitions is displayed in-game, but the competitions themselves are not playable). These are the tournaments which I am referring to:
    Thank you for all of your hard work.
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @CieWolf1970 You're welcome, hopefully it can be enjoyable for everyone as any of my other files :) at least I had pleasure making them !

    Yes the history will be included and the competition starting from 2k26.

    No I won't add it as it is not part of the original database, which is my main condition to create a file.

    Thank you, I can't wait to start getting my brain on tactics rather than editing ahah have fun !
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos Thank you for readding Superclásico de las Américas for me and hopefully for others as well.

    I presume it will have history of previous winners and the tournament will begin in 2026?

    Did you ever thought about adding the new FIFA Intercontinental Cup which will start December this year? Would be awesome because qwert has it in his list but i have not seen it yet.

    Anyway, i do not wanna trouble you with anything new. You have allready done an amazing job and you need to play the game yourself.

    Just finish up and start your FM24 journeyman adventure! ( : Enjoy
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    Thank you for your kind words ! I hope to finish it all this week and finally enjoy the 60$ I've used for the game ! Hopefully you can find the new ACL format you want with other content creators !

    Regarding the Superclassico de las Americas, I wasn't sure to add it as there's no news about it. Only Wiki shows that there'll be an edition in Yokohama in 2026, but no source mention this anywhere else. Well, if you'd like to have it, I can make it still ! It's pretty quick, so I'll add it to my final update. Have fun !
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos You were right about qwert. He also made the AFC Champions Cup. My apologies
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos Sorry to bother you again but didn't you had Superclasico de las Américas in your to do list as well?
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos First of all, awesome that you are also making the ASEAN Club Championship and SAFF Club Championship and very curious about the 3 league country structures you are making!

    As far as i can tell you are doing a great job!

    And regarding the AFC Champions League + i believe it was not qwert but this guy
    and it is listed under Fantasy Scenarios on this site because the schedules and so on are not confirmed yet.

    I talked about this with another great editor (MasterIgor) who like you wants to make things as realistic as possible and he will do it if there is a schedule and so on.

    And for me, i really wanna play too and finally start a career with my team!

    Good luck journeyman (hehe) with the rest of your files and thank you again.
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    My pack has been updated with the addition of all the files I wanted to make (and even more than what I had planned to do !).
    I've got a little few more things to make and then that will be all for me for this FM. I really want to kick my journeyman save !
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @CieWolf1970 hmmm I'm still very new to editing, and I honestly don't feel confident enough to go through such huge work as the new AFC champions league. And if I remember well, I saw some creators (like qwert2 I think) who made it, so I think there's no use in me even trying. And I'd like to play a bit too ahah

    Just to tell you about what's to come after this week update: I'll make the newly created Asean club championship and saff club championship + 3 league structures from countries I have special ties with.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos Thank you for answering.
    Glad to hear that you are almost done with all the tournaments plus some extra ones! More than i expected ( :

    And regarding the AFF U23, you are absolutely right. It was/is the 2023 tournament. I looked at Wiki and just looked at the pot draws and they did not look like that link i gave you. But scrolling down i saw the real groups and they are the same as the link. Sorry about that.

    Btw.. are you planning on doing the AFC Champions League Elite, AFC Champions League Two and the AFC Challenge League when the schedule is released?
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @CieWolf1970 Yeah it's coming on the next update (hopefully next week). I've finished all the tournaments I wanted to make, made a few more, and plan to make the SAFF club championship + ASEAN club championship shortly too !

    Oh and regarding the link you shared, seems like the tournament displayed is the 2023 one, so I'm not sure if the 2024 edition really has been announced yet. I've done a quick search on the internet again but there's really nothing yet.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @Nicoclos Thank you for responding and explaining. So the AFF U23 will be updated in your next update i guess? And the 2024 AFF U23 Tournament has been released.
    Maybe a change in your original update that is coming for that tournament?
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    @CieWolf1970 regarding the AFF U23 tournament, I've changed the way I make my files, now only starting my tournaments after the last editions that happened in reality.
    From what I found, the AFF U23 cup 2024 hasn't started yet so I set the starting year as 2024 (not 2023 anymore). I took the freedom to add Singapore back as it is because of the SEA games 2023 that they didn't take part in the 2023 AFF U23 Cup.
    Regarding the groups format, I took the liberty to make it look like the AFF Suzuki Cup (now called ASEAN Championship), with 2 groups of 5 teams (well the U23 tournament has 11 teams but you get what I mean, it remains two groups). This saves me from going through plenty of burden editing-wise, and feels like a convenient format knowing how AFF runs its tournaments. If I was even more realist I would even add Australia but since they've never been part of the tournament, then I prefer not.

    Hopefully this makes more sense to you !
  • Nicoclos's avatar
    Thank you very much for your kind words @CieWolf1970 and @Douglass :D I've been making some more this week, so I'll update the pack soon !
  • Douglass's avatar
    Awesome!!! Thanks mate for this great job
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Your AFF U-23 Championship has 2 groups and 11 countries while in real it had 3 groups and 3 groups and 10 countries
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Awesome work you have done there. Very curious what tournements and cups are next. Especially curious for all those Games like African Games and so on. Keep up the great work. Very appreciated!
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