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FM Assistant 11

Real-time scouting utility for FM2011 previously known as Ingame FMScout

By Updated on Nov 18, 2010   336140 views   76 comments
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Downloads: 70416 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2010-11-12
FM 2011 Scout Utilities - FM Assistant 11
FM Assistant 11 is a real-time scouting utility for Football Manager 2011. It is similar to Genie Scout, with the difference it's in-game so you need to have FM2011 running like FMRTE. You can say it's a combination between those two famous programs. Try it out and see for yourself.

Updates will be difficult this year, since Kostas (the author) joined the army for his obligatory 8 months duty, but he will try to keep them coming as often as possible. While he's gone, I have his permission to repack the download when the framework files get updated, so you will be seeing new versions exclusively from

Updated: 18 Nov 2010 - v0.96 Beta (added Steam support, but needs testing)
Released: 13 Nov 2010 - v0.9 Beta

Available in English, Italian and Turkish. Featuring two themes.
Localize: Want to translate it in your language? Drop me a PM here or an email to: stam [AT] fmscout [DOT] com

* .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 (standalone offline installer)
To find out if you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed, you can use the free application "Framework Detector".
* Patch 11.1.1 or Patch 11.1
To use this version of FM Assistant 11 you must have your game updated with the Patch 11.1 or 11.1.1 first.


How to use:
  • Extract the archive in a folder of your choice, don't try to run the app from within the archive! Make sure to extract the contents of the downloaded file first, otherwise it will trigger an error.
  • Run Football Manager 2011, and load your save game (or start a new one)
  • Run FM Assistant10 (ALT+TAB to desktop first if you're running FM full screen)
  • Click Load > Load FM2011
If all done properly, the fields should get enabled. You can reload as many times as you wish.


This version is compatible with:
  • DVD Version with Patch 11.1.1 or 11.1
  • Steam Version with Patch 11.1.1 or 11.1
  • Digital Download versions with Patch 11.1.1 or 11.1
    If you have a digital download version and it doesn't work for you, send me a PM.

Does it work for MAC?
No, but you can try CrossOver Mac or Darwine.

Discussion & Bug reports:
There are a few bugs going on, mainly with contract dates, hopefully we will fix it in the next version of the framework.

Post your ideas/suggestions and bug reports by commenting on this page.
IMPORTANT: Please, please when you get an error, have a look at the Logging folder, and if there is a Log.txt file, please upload it to your personal file space on this site and link it in the forums with exact details on how your error occured.
If there is nothing in the logging folder, what you can do is compress and send your save game file and then explain exactly how the problem is reproduced.

FM Assistant 11 is created by Kostas Vardis (immuner). Remember to visit his official site.
The FM Assistant logo, most icons, main theme layout direction and the 'Stam Dark' theme are produced by stam.

0.95 - 0.96
  • Added support for Steam version (needs testing though)
  • Fixed player profile bug (error on double clicking player name in search results)
  • Misc bug fixing
0.9 - 0.95
  • Added support for patch 11.1.1
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved logging

Download Now
Downloads: 70416 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2010-11-12
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About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

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Discussion: FM Assistant 11

76 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    Kostas just announced on his official site that he probably won't be releasing any updated versions of the program because he has no free time at all (due to military duty).
  • stwlios's avatar
    does it work with patch 11.2.1?
  • Stam's avatar
    No, and I can't see that happening anytime soon either :(
  • Link_pt's avatar
    hi there, does this it work on the new patch version?(1.2)? i keep getting an error :\
  • Stam's avatar
    @Forticelli: It's not compatible yet with latest patches 11.2 or 11.2.1
  • Forticelli's avatar
    I have a problem:
    I always get an error when trying to load ("make sure you have a loaded game...")
    I have windows7 and i think it's got something to do with some protection of windows or something like that but i'm not a brainiac about this.. any help?
  • zizunola's avatar
    thanks Stam for all your patience! really appreciate ur efforts!
  • zizunola's avatar
    when would one compatible with the latest patch be released?
  • Stam's avatar
    @zizu: The problem is that the guy who's making FMRTE doesn't contribute to the framework updates even though he's using it, so framework updates are always late. This is pretty much selfish in my opinion, but my opinion won't change anything.
  • zizunola's avatar
    is there ever gonna be one that would be compatible with patch 11.2? cos i read on here that when FMRTE is updated FM assistant would also be updated but it hasnt! any news guys?
  • stubod's avatar
    I can find and access every single piece of info on every team EXCEPT for my own!!!! WTF? It just won't find Dagenham & Redbridge, its just wont!!!
  • Stam's avatar
    I already posted a comment about this. There's nothing I can do myself, but only wait for a framework update.
  • exe_11's avatar
    waiting update for patch 11.2
    c'mon stam...

    hope the update as soon as possible
  • stubz79's avatar
    Is there any update at all on fm assistant, just wondering if its worth waiting for its release or do i just continue wiv my season!!
  • mex93's avatar
  • mex93's avatar
    You have of new concerning her you of FM Assistant for the new for a day ? (sorry for my BAD english)
  • Stam's avatar
    @jack: I guess we're waiting for a new FMSE framework version that'd be compatible with the latest 11.2 patch. Once it's updated, I'll repack FM Assistant too.
  • jackounited's avatar
    What happens now that the 11.2.1 patch has been released?
  • banngr's avatar
    :( I understand why this can't be ported but now Genie Scout has been delayed I really want this. Please message me if anything happens.
  • Stam's avatar
    @chris: There's no French language available at the moment, but feel free to contribute one if you have some free time to dedicate on that. There's a Language folder, you can open and edit the 'English.lng' file using a text editor (notepad for example), and then save it as 'French.lng' and send it to me to include on the next version.
  • chris57800's avatar
    hi every people,
    i have an question on this log.
    It's possible to have the language french in the fm assistant? If it's possible can you give me a link for dl ?

    PS: Sorry for my english i'm a french
  • Stam's avatar
    The program depends on the FMSE framework and works real-time by reading bits from the memory... that's not great as a function already. Unfortunately the developer of this program won't be able to make it work otherwise until FM12 as he's in the army now. We can only hope for framework updates that will fix some bugs.
  • charlydonc's avatar
    This program unfortunatly eat a lot of RAM. Running FM and the assistant slow down the machin considerably...
  • warn's avatar
    I get the same message as Zorbo, and I have Framework 4.0 and the English version on Steam.

    I would be grateful of any ideas.
  • Stam's avatar
    Thanks mate. If Kostas is in a mood to fix some bugs after his first days in the army, hopefully he can address this issue. Until then, we can hope for an update of the FMSE framework by DrBernard.

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