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Romelu Lukaku: Wonderkid or Overrated?

By Updated on Feb 07, 2011   29785 views   3 comments
You may or may not know that for the past couple of weeks I have been researching on Lukaku, in Belgium. I hope you like my findings!

So, who is this Lukaku?
Well, if you have recently played FM, I am sure you will have heard of him. Most of you I am sure have bought him :D. Named Romelu after his father, Ro-ger Me-nama Lu-kaku, it is the striker's close relationship with his dad that has been credited with keeping his feet firmly on the floor in the face of such early acclaim for his ability, that has seen him in the gossip column literally every day. How his father keeps Romelu on the floor is outstanding.

First Impressions
The first thing that I saw when Lukaku came out from the tunnel is that he is big. VERY, VERY BIG. I immediately could tell why so many people have called him the next Didier Drogba - his physique is identical.

What Lukaku can do on the pitch is amazing. He can outmuscle defenders,sprint past them, and win most of the aerial balls. However, he was playing as a lone striker and was trying his best, but I can't help but have a few doubts...

My Concerns
Firstly, Anderlecht are using him in the wrong way. What he is being asked to do is to play up front on his own, recieve long balls and hold the ball up. This won't develop his skills at all. In my opinion, it will be better for Lukaku to move on to a club which can develop his skills more.

Secondly, we have to make sure that all the hype won't get to him. There was a striker a few years back that was going to be the 'next Gary Lineker'. His name? Emile Heskey. Don't get me wrong, he hasn't had a bad carreer, but it wasn't as good as all the hype was making it out to be. I will give you another example: Remember Freddy Adu? Me too. Do you know where he is now? No, I don't either. I think he is at some Turkish or Greek club?

I just hope now he develops his skills and fulfills his potential, because if he does, he can be a legend of the game... but if not, he can join Adu and Heskey as overrated flops. We must not get too carried away.

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Discussion: Romelu Lukaku: Wonderkid or Overrated?

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • OMGItsNathan's avatar
    I agree that he shouldn't be played as a lone striker. When he makes the jump to the big leagues like EPL, he is not going face any pushovers; only one man can do so much. In terms of well-roundedness, I think that what he needs is a striking partner(s) that he can rely on when his physicality is not enough.
    All in all my first impressions of lukaku amazed me. At a raw age of 16, he boasts a body that makes most men cry :O . He will definitely benefit from his fathers choices. But for me, I'd want Lukaku to develop at a more challenging league, however he needs to be on the first team and not on the bench.
  • MLR's avatar
    One of the main dangers to Lukaku is, like Freddy Adu, Giovanni Hernandez, and sadly many more players, they have moved to a big, European club in their teens. They never start a game, and being, young, after a while can get homesick. They move back to their home country, and are never heard of again.

    Luckily, as you said below, Lukaku's father is keeping him on the ground. This is vital, that he doesn't get carried away with his talent. His father is doing absolutely the right thing.
  • ruipedro89's avatar
    Hi. As I recall, Lukaku's father himself has prevented Lukaku to move to a big stage club in order to protect his son. His role has been of great benefit to Lukaku as far as I'm concerned, after all Lukaku is ridiculously young for his talent and physique. In fact, I wouldn't say he's a teenager when looking at him. For the good of football let's hope Lukaku doesn't get carried away by the spotlights because he is a wonderkid. But you never know what tomorrow brings, there are thousands of talented kids whose dreams of playing professional football just fade away when faced with the less good things football brings. They lack a strong hand to keep them on their track.

    I'll give you an example... Fabio Paim.

    He was the greatest football star that never was. A product of Sporting Lisbon Youth Academy, the same that formed C. Ronaldo, L. Figo, R. Quaresma, J. Moutinho, Simão, Futre. He was regarded has the most promising youngster of the youth ranks. Now I think he plays on a third division club here in Portugal. I won't say the reasons why it happened but... It did. And no one will ever know what he could have reached.

    Anyway, unfortunately there are uncountable of these cases. But I'm sure Lukaku won't be one of those.

    It's up to him what to do with his talent.
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