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La Liga Futebol

The most exciting brand new trainings for FM 2011

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We all know that LFP is the most quality league in Europe. High technique combinations, fast players full of talent and
generally. Quality and high technique are combined with attacking football and inspired team moves. I present you here
from my point of view the whole story. Tactics,team and individual trainings based on the philosophy of La Liga.

Of course some of you may think different, so you are free to show it. The beauty of football is to be able to express yourself as you wish. There are not rules how many midfielders to use, there is no correct and wrong and everybody has the right to play as he thinks better. No matter if he is defensive minded or attacking minded.
In football you see according to the real facts. You see 3-0. It doesnt matter if the team who lost was better or could score this, if that case was like this and so on. The score cannot change and if you think different you can prove it with actions in the next game.

Football is giving you everyday chances. Call it training sessions, call it transfers, call it next game, call it next season. If you know better and you think better then prove it, show it in the pitch. Which means the mental block are the most difficult to be overcomed.
The best skier in the world breaks his leg in the easiest race. How he will overcome it? How he will take this dissapointing moment?

Messi in the national team of Argentina is just a player lost in the space. See how important is the perfection of the group. See how important are the words cooperation, mutual work, dedication, devotion and determination. The platform of talent is the team and everybody should be expressed as a part of the group. Messi can express as he wants in Barcelona because whole team functions great. The defence is solid and disciplined, the 3 engines in MC give the balance and guarantee the smooth passing game and Villa, Pedro move constantly of the ball giving all the freedom to Messi to be the star. He is not forced to mark, to run without purpose and to make deep runs to help the team's build up. In national team of Argentina nothing is simmilar so we see only the name of Messi. Add to this that he cannot afford physical dirty game and you have whole solution.

Football belong to the fans, not to the players. Or maybe the opposite? For sure both sides need each other.

As for the project, the more you work it the better you understand it. It's enough to start to think. The rest are story...

Its important to make the beggining, everybody has his own philosophy and is smart enough to understand what he wants to do.

Result is not based only on good work. You have opponent as well ...

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Downloads: 5216 / Size: 10.2 kB / Added: 2011-05-12
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Discussion: La Liga Futebol

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