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3-4-2-1 Conte/Guardiola/ MrLister's Revolutionary Football

If you are playing with team that has weak DL/DR, and that your team is mid table/ top half, then this tactic will change your life!

By Updated on Jun 02, 2017   91043 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 18811 / Size: 39.8 kB / Added: 2017-05-17
Football Manager 2017 Tactics - 3-4-2-1 Conte/Guardiola/ MrLister's Revolutionary Football
Hello guys.

After more than a year, I have finally managed to make successful tactic that is worth to share it with you. I have tried many things in this year's FM. Four defenders, unsuccessful, five defenders, same thing. Then I told myself, if Conte can do it in real life, why shouldn't I do it in virtual.

This tactic first started as 3-4-3 and was successful, but then i decided to put only one striker and two AMC. I started using this tactic while in Norwich and easily won Championship with 100 pts, 20 pts more than 2nd placed Newcastle.

Now, i'm using it with Valencia, and after my first season, this tactic is performing like it's a cheat for this game. I have won La Liga and Spanish cup with team that was predicted to finish 6th.

Ok, you need to have 3 GOOD DEFENDERS FOR LEAGUE THAT YOU PLAY( in report it must say at least good). If you have these kind of defenders, the result will come, because without great defense, there cannot be good offense.
Fast DW are not so important but if you have some that likes to run wide, or hug the touchline, it would be very good for this tactic.

OI: Everyone except GK and DC put: Tight marking- Always, Closing down- Always, Tackling- Hard, Foot- Weaker foot
Trainings I allow that to assistant to do what ever he thinks it's good.

Every match you will have at least 15 shots and at least 55% of possession. I currently have 59% AVERAGE possession in La Liga.

Download Now
Downloads: 18811 / Size: 39.8 kB / Added: 2017-05-17
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Discussion: 3-4-2-1 Conte/Guardiola/ MrLister's Revolutionary Football

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sezgin ILGIN's avatar
    @mugiwaraaa29 if you play with less closing down you can have much more contra attacks
  • MisterLister's avatar
    Don't think so. Different match engine, diff. tactic wizard....
  • Totti47's avatar
    does the tactics of FM17 work on FM15 ?
  • Mugiwaraaa29's avatar
    i guess the weak side in this tactic is on the DW bcause theres no thight marking option on PI. and i try to find the winger role with the same defensive winger PI but with tight marking instruction. and i found it and change the DW to wing back with automatic role, fill the PI as same as your DW instruction and adding tight marking instruction. and it work with my inter. and the winger keep scoring a goal with conti have at least 5 goals per season. :)
  • MisterLister's avatar
    I know about these flaws but i'm working on it to make it work better. If i ever succeed, i'll update this tactic ;)
  • Mugiwaraaa29's avatar
    Great tactic with possesion and shoot. But weak on counter attack. I get many goal conceded against the counter and from crossing.
    Any improvement or tips for that?
  • Vogelchuk's avatar
    Tatic works much better on Standard at least for me it does! But overall great tactic!
  • MisterLister's avatar
    @fanarin- Keep them, train them to play at ML/MR as DW or sell them, your choice :)
  • fanarin's avatar
    so what about stronger teams have better DL and DR ?
  • MisterLister's avatar
    You can play with any winger on that position, i played with Coman and Embolo in PSG and were great. In Valencia, Milner played, in Liverpool Diego Jota, so just play with normal wingers. Cheers
  • imatoffee's avatar
    Anyone had much success with this? Looks different although i'm wondering how people are getting on finding a decent DW for the tactic
  • MisterLister's avatar
  • gdrc91's avatar
    Am playing FM touch. Need the team instructions badly bro
  • MisterLister's avatar
    Guys, download tactic and you will see instructions, both player and team instructions. :)
  • CptMarvel's avatar
    Any player instructions?
  • gdrc91's avatar
    can u upload team instructions screen please?
  • MisterLister's avatar
  • kerina90's avatar
    can you upload op screen please?thanks
  • ademjh's avatar
    Big fan of the look of this
  • victor2248's avatar
    Great tactic! Cheers mate
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