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FM19 Tactic: Crazy Is Back

It really shouldn't work but it does! Insanely effective tactic for FM 2019. Extremely attacking too. 4-1-2-3 DM WB.

By on Dec 26, 2018   64359 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 12239 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2018-12-26
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - FM19 Tactic: Crazy Is Back
Originally developed for FM17 I have recreated this insane, but insanely effective tactic for FM19.

I am not one for defensive tactics!

Look, I could go on and on about how the tactic works and bore you all to death. However I'd rather keep it simple and just say give it a try and let me know how you get on.

You will score lots of goals and have a shed load of fun too.

Download Now
Downloads: 12239 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2018-12-26
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Discussion: FM19 Tactic: Crazy Is Back

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • i _made_this_account_to_comment's avatar
    I found the tactic much more stable when adjusting mentality to attacking from very attacking. I'm also going to test with the wing backs further back.
  • 4-1-3-2 FM's avatar
    Sorry to hear it's not worked for you, dirrfromhell. I never made any claims that it was a tactic that would guarantee success but I know where you're coming from in terms of scoring plenty of goals but also conceding too many. The tactic is borderline suicidal (hence it's name) and as you can see from the other comments, it's either gonna work like a dream, or be your worst nightmare!! Thanks for giving it a go though.
  • dirrfromhell's avatar
    Changed my tactics after get promotoed 3 time to the top leauge in Sweden, after 2 seasons there i changed to this and tried it for over 1 season, so unstable tactic, can win away then loose big to crap team at home, letting 5-6 goals in, and sometime i make 4-5 goals, totaly unreliable tactic i wouldent recommend this for anyone, dosent work for me, and i can imagane how this would work in the Euro cups.
  • 4-1-3-2 FM's avatar
    Yeah the reason I don't use player instructions is I do not want to complicate things further. The way they play is defined by the roles and the default instructions that come with them. So for the CWB's set to attack, the PF or two AF's etc....the default instructions are exactly what I'd choose myself so I don't add or remove any. It seems to work as it allows each player to excel in their role/position without asking them to do things that may tip the balance between what is already a very risky, attacking tactic, to being completely suicidal. There's a fine line which I think I am already close too!
  • Madden90's avatar
    Hi. Is there a reason why you don't have any player instructions on?
  • Pogben's avatar
    Hi I wanna try yours but do you have any player instructions or do you encourage players’ traits ? Because I’m playing on ipad.
  • Evanduril's avatar
    This is the best tactics i've ever used. It suits 100% my World Class team in mediocre (polish) league. Now im finally winning by 6-10 goals instead 2-4...
    Althought it's risky vs very strong european teams (i almost didn't loose goals with my previous one, now im loosing 1-2 per match).
  • IamLooney's avatar
    OMG, I so love you for this!! I tried to make a Tactic very similar to this, but tried with 3 CBs, but never got, what you have done ^^

    I maybe try to tweak it just a little, regarind pressing (about 6 yellow cards per game ^^), and Maybe Goalkeeper to Support? because I am a little adreaid of him dribbling the ball, but for the moment I'll leave it so.
  • webba1337's avatar
    With that team u can use every tactic successfully :x
  • 4-1-3-2 FM's avatar
    None, mate. But I do take all team talks and use shouts during the game if I am not happy with what I am seeing.
  • Shubham_pawar's avatar
    what OI do you use??
  • rassco87's avatar
    Two very good full backs, and in the SPFL so hardly a demanding league - sometimes tactics just don’t fit teams, perhaps that’s the case here.

    Results are emphatic. Fair play.
  • 4-1-3-2 FM's avatar

    Feel free to check out my results and records in my current Liverpool save. I have no issue with defending the flanks - maybe your players aren't up to the task as it's a very demanding role?

  • rassco87's avatar
    Concedes at least 2 or 3 a match, even if you're a clear favourite. Horribly exposed down the flanks, clearly not thought out.

    There's a reason no results are posted - because there isn't any.
  • plvp80's avatar
    Can you show us results? I wanna see what you were capable to win with that tactic...
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