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433 Centurion // High-scoring FM20

This is a FM20 update of my successful FM19 attacking tactic. Called it "centurion" as I'd gone 100 games unbeaten using it.

By on Jun 02, 2020   51093 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 11402 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2020-06-02
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - 433 Centurion // High-scoring FM20
In FM19 I created a 433 tactic that I found very successful. I posted it on FM Scout and to be honest, pretty much forgot about it. I recently came across it again and found it had been downloaded over 115,000 times and was one of the most popular FM19 downloads. I was shocked by this and thought I needed to update it on FM20! Since I'd posted it on FM Scout I'd named it 'Centurion' as I'd gone 100 games unbeaten on FM19 using it.


The formation is simple with the attacking threat focussed down the flanks. Inside forwards provide a strong goal threat with attacking wing-backs to get forward into the spaces vacated by the forwards cutting inside. The two Mezzala's also contribute to the wide play with the deep-lying playmaker playing balls forward into space for others to run onto. Here the central defenders are on cover duty to slightly lower their mentality and help to guard against the counter. As with most of the highest performing tactics, a high-line, high-pressing, high-intensity Gegen-pressing approach is used

Test season

I first tested it with my 'elite' Man Utd team in the 23/24 season as that was the game I was playing at the time. I play FM Touch and the season was mostly completed using Instant Result and ended as probably my best FM20 season thus far. Despite the attacking nature of the tactic, the defence was extremely solid. Although it is important to point out that both Upamecano and Tobido are extremely good as well as being extremely quick. I am not convinced it would suit Harry Maguire very much!

The direct football and lack of 'work the ball into the box' results in a style with lots of overloads, lots of shots and some big wins while rather surprisingly still being tight at the back.

As well as winning the league, the team also won the FA Cup and Champions League. I forgot to get a screenshot of the squad at the end of the season, but some player stats (league) from the histories are as follows (appearances (sub), goals, assists):

  • Haaland (SC) - 22(8), 21, 5
  • Greenwood (SC/AMR) - 18(4), 10, 1
  • Martial (AML/SC) - 13(8), 10, 4
  • Rashford (AML) - 21(10), 9, 4
  • Sancho (AMR) - 20(9), 11, 5
  • Zaniolo (AMR/MC) - 23(12), 10, 7
  • Pogba - 30(5), 4, 9
  • Havertz - 28(7), 3, 7
  • Maddison (MC/AML) - 19(11), 3, 17 (set pieces)
  • Fernandes - 24(7), 9, 19 (set pieces)
  • Upamecano - 32, 10, 1 (corners)
  • Todibo - 29(4), 6, 1

Holiday Test

To give a bit better benchmark of the performance, I also ran a quick holiday season test with Liverpool. They are very popular for testing tactics with top teams and so you can get a good idea of the relative performance (albeit subject to the usual random fluctuations). The season was a success with a Premier League, League Cup and Champions League treble.

As you can see, lots of goals for Salah and Mane, along with Van Dijk from the set pieces. Alexander-Arnold and Robertson also provide plenty of assists.


This still seems to be a strong tactic on FM20 (assuming you have the right players). I've not tested with sub-top/underdog or in the lower leagues, so any comments below will be useful.

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Downloads: 11402 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2020-06-02
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Discussion: 433 Centurion // High-scoring FM20

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • Secmon's avatar
    Do you think changing one of the mez to a bbm would have a negative outcome?
  • CAE's avatar
    @VdBeast I don’t tend to change for away games, “live by the sword, die by the sword...”

    You could try dropping the mentality and defensive line a bit, maybe move the MC to DMC and remove ‘Pass into Space’ to try and keep possession better. But they are just thoughts and haven’t been tested.
  • VdBeast's avatar
    What would be the best set up for an away match? Both against top teams and middle teams
  • CAE's avatar
    @Steview Yes, that can be an issue. If you play matches, you can add the 'Ease off tackles' PI to any player who has been booked during a game. Or if it the same players again and again, just keep it on them all the time.

    Another option is to remove 'Get Stuck In' but that reduces the intensity of the tactic. You could try it but if you see performance drop off, add it back on.

    Finally, something I've been meaning to try but not got around to trying yet is training players who get booked a lot to have the 'Stays on Feet' PPM (or whatever it is called).
  • Steview's avatar
    This tactic is really good but I’m getting a lot of yellow cards and straight reds, what should i change?
  • CAE's avatar
    @EL-TEV I've edited the article and added in some season stats from the player histories (I forgot to get a screenshot of the squad).
  • CAE's avatar
    @Emma_Prince For FM19 I'd just use the FM19 version linked in the opening paragraph.
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    Hi @eencae thanks for your great work!
    How many goals scored Haaland in your test?
  • Emma_Prince's avatar
    Please how do I import this tactic into my fm19?
  • CAE's avatar
    @themaiden83 No OI. For the Utd season I had Set Piece training. All players trained in the roles they played. For the Liverpool holiday test, it was set to Attacking training.
  • themaiden83's avatar
    any OI?
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