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V Counter 4-5-1

A counter-attacking tactic with very fast passing and movement for Football Manager 2014.

By on Sep 29, 2014   33384 views   1 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - V Counter 4-5-1
The idea behind this tactic was to create something that used the "counter" mentality. Almost all tactics that I've seen use the "control" mentality and are a possession-based tactic, and while they're pretty successful, they can get a bit boring to watch after a while.

I wanted to make something that was solid at the back, and when in possession, absolutely lethal at the front. The direct passing game to get the ball from one of my defenders into the back of the opposition net in a matter of seconds never fails to wow me.

Now, I should warn you. This is NOT a possession tactic. I'm averaging 40-50% possession per game, or thereabouts.

The mentailty is counter because, well, it's a counter attacking tactic. And I chose the "very fliud" because I wanted as many players back defending as possible when not in possession, and as many forward when in possession.

The instructions/shouts:

More direct passing (for counter attacks. Short passing won't work too well)
Work ball into box (I found that this ended up with more goals instead of trying to force the issue. And slightly higher possession percentage numbers)
Play out of defense helps initiate counter attacks much better as opposed to simply clearing the ball
I also tried the passing into space one, but that ended up with way more misplaced passes than I wanted, but you can try it and see if it works for you.
Run at defense (helps your inside forwards dribble more, and helps the ball get forward quicker)
Drill crosses (keeps your offense much more explosive)
Look for overlap makes sure your wing backs get in on the plays and helps more people get on the end of crosses from them
Play wider makes your counter-attacking movements much less predictable by the opposition, not knowing which flank you'll be going to.
Push higher up helps keep possession when in the final third
I personally like the "allow wide players to swap" because it creates problems for the opposition defense and marking my fowards, but if you don't have versatile enough players, you don't have to have it on.
The offside trap helps with the "push higher up", but if you don't like it, you don't have to keep it on either.
Much higher tempo is key to counter attacking movements.
Be more expressive.

Players you need:


All defenders should have a decent jumping height and heading ability for set pieces.

The goalkeeper - I prefer the sweeper keeper, but this possition isn't terribly important. The idea behind the tactic was to allow as few of opposition shots as possible so...
The complete wingbacks - These guys should be pretty fast. They don't /have/ to have 20 pace or anything like that, just not slow ones would be preferable.
The central defender - Marking and strength are the most important here. But really, any decent defender will do.
The ball-playing defender - This guy sometimes initiates your counter-attacking movements, so he's pretty important. Passing is pretty important and creativity less so in addition to your basic defender statistics like marking and takling and such.
The regista - I love the regista role. He doesn't really do much in terms of starting counter attacks, but when in possession and in the final third, he can transform this into a more-possession based tactic with him being the safe outlet to pass the ball back to when things break down. Passing and creativity are a must.

Midfielders and attacking midfielders

The advanced playmaker - Helps the regista in fashioning an opening in the opposition defense in case your counter attack breaks down. Again, passing and creativity are pretty important. Long shots are a bonus, but not neccesary.
The ball-winning midfielder - This guy doesn't do much besides trying to win the ball back when out of possession and acts as sort of a "shield", if you will, for the regista so he can have time to make things happen. Marking and tackling are pretty important, but they don't have to be stellar.
The inside forwards - Passing, creativity, finishing, dribbling, and long shots. However, the most important attributes are passing and dribbling.
The striker - I tend to go with the trequarista so there's someone always hanging back to help initiate a counter-attacking movement, but the advanced forward works too. Finishing is obviously key, but pace is too.

My results

I've done 2 seasons in the Premier League, winning both times, but it was with basically a dream team so I'm not even going to bother uploading those statistics. I played a season with Real Madrid and won there, and I'm in the middle of a season at Bayern, and after that I'll be trying some of the lower leagues. So stay tuned.


Also, feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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Downloads: 5669 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2014-09-29
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Discussion: V Counter 4-5-1

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    Sounds good and promising, going to try it with a new save. What about the training, preseason and season?
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