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Match Hints for FM 2009

Match Hints and Tips for FM 2009

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Beginner Level

When an icon with a green cross appears next to a player it indicates he is carrying a knock.

Using easy or normal tackling in a match will reduce the risk of your team picking up cautions or red cards, particularly if the game is being officiated by a strict referee.

Be aware of how the weather can effect your team's performances. Bad conditions are more likely to penalise those who play a short passing game, try adopting a more direct style at times like this.

Players with low stamina may tire and struggle to play at their best, particularly in poor weather conditions or high tempo games.

When watching a match you can keep an eye on the opposing team's formation and changes made during the game by selecting 'Formations' from the 'tree' menu in the side-bar.

When using the 'Use Playmaker' tactic, your players will generally look to try and pass the ball to the person you've assigned to that role.

A playmaker is someone who generally looks to receive the ball and dictate play.

A target man is someone who will look to bring others into play via flick-ons or holding up the ball.

Constantly changing your tactic and making dramatic alterations to the style of play will not help your players settle or find their rhythm and is likely to have an adverse affect on the team's performances.

Allowing too many players to have a high level of creative freedom will likely see your team fail to adhere to your tactical instructions. Use creative freedom sparingly for full effect.

Passing style and tempo are linked. A short passing game works best with a slower tempo, whilst a direct, counter attacking style needs to be swift and quick.

If you like to play possession football and dictate the tempo setting your goalkeeper's distribution to short and to a near player may help you succeed.

Time-Wasting is useful late in the game but be sensible - employ it too early it can backfire and cost you the game.

Taking the time to set up player positions on set-pieces can be very rewarding. Taking advantage in these situations is often the difference between a draw and a win.

Allowing your players to close down often will naturally put the opposition players under duress, but be aware that good players will find ways to avoid pressure and expose your team.

Players who pick up knocks but have no injury indicator may be able to shake off their injury and return to a good level of fitness later in the game.

Determination can be a key attribute. Players with low determination usually react badly to going a goal down.

Advanced Level

If you find you're leaving too much space behind your defence, try setting your centre-backs mentality to 'Ultra Defensive' or using a deeper defensive line.

When playing against a strong team, you may get some success by playing on the counter attack. This can be particularly effective when playing away from home.

When trying to hang onto a result, a good way to wind down the clock is to employ time wasting tactics in the latter stages of a game.

Defenders with low concentration are more prone to making costly mistakes in defence.

Strikers with low composure are more prone to buckling under the pressure and missing one-on-one opportunities to score.

New signings need time to settle in and gel with their new team-mates.

Too many new signings in a short space of time can upset the balance and rhythm of your team.

Foreign players with a distinctly different football cultural upbringing may take a while to settle into playing a different style of play.

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