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5-4-1 of Helenio Herrera for FM 14

The modern version of Helenio's Herrera formation adapted to the demands of FM 2014.

By on Jun 06, 2014   38462 views   4 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - 5-4-1 of Helenio Herrera for FM 14

Brief History

Angelo Moratti is a wealthy Italian businessman, maybe the richest one and he controls Internazionale. He is about to spend a fortune, but the results didn't come. Juve and Milan are dominating in the Italian Football scene and nobody gives Inter any hope. Moratti is desperate and according to the journalist Gianni Brera he even considered to disappear and commit suicide "Gianni, my life is fed up of watching the victories of Milan and Juve, I want to put an end". Everybody was shocked "Moratti lascia l'Inter" were the rumours of the press. Moratti leaves Inter. Unbelievable failure, for the richest tycoon in the country.

That season a promising French-Argentinian coach named Helenio Herrera was shining in Spain. He earned a reputation as "El Mago", "El Maestro", "El Transformario" - Wizard, Master, Transformer he made miraculous work in all the clubs that he trained despite having modest players and the clubs' restrictions. Back then you couldn't make online scouting or unlimited transfers, you couldn't find databases with players and especially the last one was the advantage of Herrera. He has created a secret network of people who were informing him about everything in European football. Even now, this detail remains his best hidden secret. The rumours say that he had installed 4 ex-footballers in France and Spain and they were working as journalists or coaches so all the technical details were coming directly to his ears. Of course he has paid them, as well as his network in Buenos Aires -they followed the same pattern- so Herrera was always ahead in the news.

In July of 1960 Moratti made his last effort to revive Inter. He traveled secretly in Madrid, masqueraded and he started immediately conversations with Herrera. Helenio wasn't interested so much about Inter!! He claimed that Spain is his second home and that Inter will never wake up. Angelo Moratti ordered the hotel administration to lock the doors everywhere around the building "for confidential reasons". Herrera acted aggressively and he wanted to call the police, he started to shout calling the workers dirty bastards. He stood up and he raised up his finger. Immediately the bodyguards of Moratti, sat him down again. Then, Inter history changed forever. Angelo Moratti, offered him a check which made him the most expensive coach in football history, 4 times more expensive than the 2nd well paid coach. Herrera refused, Moratti replied "no way, you have one hour to go to your room and then to write me the amount that you want, the deal will be done". Herrera after half an hour came down with a huge smile. Moratti saw the paper, he shook his head sadly and he said ok then, let's see that how is going to work. The contract was for 2 years and his payment was 5 times higher than the previous offer. Herrera made his fortune, Inter as well.

These info are from the autobiography of Gianni Brera who made the connection between Moratti and Herrera. Brera gained a home in Milano for that deal. Don't ask who paid for that. The same story or similar happened with the son of Angelo, Massimo when he approached Mourinho. The ending was the same. At least Herrera stayed 8 years in helm of Inter, special Charlatane will change even his wife in some years, maybe he has done it already, I don't swear.

Tactical Analysis

The first man who systematized 5-3-2 in his modern version was Nereo Rocco, arch rival of Herrera. Helenio couldn't cope with Milan and he admitted that such teams need poison in the head. Herrera took immediately the decision to form a tough group with fast players, fast counters attack but precise passing game. He loved fast football no matter the defensive schemes, "speed is making headache to the opponents" used to say. He had initially 5 players in the deep - 5 in a line - another 4 in a line and one striker. But he saw that 4 in the line cause him upset in midfield, too many gaps. So he made the 4 midfielders tighter in a restricted zone of 35 meters in the width. Faccheti, his left full back, took over the whole defensive duty. The midfielders were covering the full backs only in the defensive duties. In attack, every player had to express his versatility. The second revolutionary action was the mixed marking system. 5 in a line cannot play man-to-man. So only the two stoppers were playing man-to-man marking. Armado Picchi was the libero, sweeper and whole team including the striker were moving together like a chain - catena - Catenaccio. Catenaccio means chained football, nothing more, nothing less. Its meaning is positive because it means systematic approach and cohesion -tough like chain-approach.

The FM14 Tactic

Briefly to refer, I won everything with Velez Sarsfield, I restored Man Utd immediately after just a single season and I won all the derbies that I played clearly, most of them by big margin. I will not explain everything, I leave the images to speak by themselves.

But when you are jealous and un-educated you underestimate everything that you don't like.

Back then, it was a myth which exists even today. "When you play defensively you are fascist, when you play attacking you are left progressive, when you play somewhere in the middle you are central politically orientated".

I definitely call it "Bullshit of the Century".

All Rights Reserved

PS - If you don't like it, don't use it. If you have something to say, just show it with actions through implementation. I will not show any tolerance towards any comment or critic. Learn to work and to apply before you criticize everything and everyone.

PS2 - According to numbers and statistics, no one else on this site has presented and analysed more tactics than me. All of these, in the front page... not in the shadows of some dirty and low-level forums.

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Downloads: 6376 / Size: 1.3 kB / Added: 2014-06-06
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Discussion: 5-4-1 of Helenio Herrera for FM 14

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  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Thanks for the positive feedback .Herrera invented the principles of Total Football first than everyone for the very simple reason that he inspired the perfection of collective play much earlier .He realised that a strong and cohesive team can produce very fast and attacking football because the opponent cannot be dangerous if your lines are connected and your passing game precise .Back then ,he introduced scientific approach to the staff by hiring nutritionist etc and by making mental training sessions during or after the arranged training sessions .His phrases "you must train players' mind first and then their bodies" ,"you must dress ,speak,express and think different.You must have variation in your life ,you cannot be single minded" show his exact size of his intelligence .He learnt italian in dt time ,so all of his players started to admire him immediately .
  • gennamitico's avatar
    thank you for posting this great tactic....I really love counter football. Just to understand: when do I need to use the standard version and when to use the attacking version?
  • Goldfinger_7's avatar
    This is excellent. You should do FM14 tactics of other legendary managers like Fergie and Mourinho.
  • Jat's avatar
    I tested your Herrera replication you did and I must say it was "a look alike" of Herrera's Internazionale (My view). A solid foundation of fast counter attacks, pressing from a deep starting position, highly organised combined with good understanding of teamwork between players so as the excellent way to cover space. Herrera is a big inspiration for me and he is probably the Coach who has inspired my philosophy the most (Football philosophy). Also the way he revolutionized football was really special, he did things that coaches now can't even think of. My deepest respect for you Roberto.Mancini and Herrera's fabulous work for Inter so as the whole revolution of Football tactics and training.

    Cheers Jat
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