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Genie Scout for 10.3 out on Monday

29 March is set as the release date

By Updated on Mar 29, 2010   22962 views   28 comments
I'm happy to announce that tomorrow (or some would say today as it's past midnight) we will release the newest and probably final version of Genie Scout 10. The long awaited 10.3 compatible version is coming out in less than 24 hours from now, as Eugene informed me.

So, there you have it; the good news everyone was waiting for. Check back in a few hours to find the new Genie Scout version.

EDIT: As promised, the most desperately awaited v1.1 that is compatible with latest 10.3 patch has just been released! Head over to our Genie Scout page for the download links.

EDIT2: We passed 800 users online. That's a new all time record as the previous one holding since 2008 was 713 online!! THANKS!!

EDIT3: v1.11 will become available either tomorrow night or on Wednesday by lunch time.

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Discussion: Genie Scout for 10.3 out on Monday

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • El Turco's avatar
    @acan882 Turkish: Dostum bugün öğleye doğru düzeltilmiş şekliyle v1.1'i yayınlayacaklarmış. Herkes beklemede... :)

    Mate, they'll publish the latest fixed version of Genie Scout v1.1 until lunch time, all we're waiting for that moment... :) :beer
  • acan882's avatar
    byler turkler turkce yazsin ingilizce bilmeyenlerde faydalansin son durum neymis simdi :D
  • lampard's avatar
    Thank you :zito
  • figosv's avatar
    I guess wednesday by lunch time It'll be then, :'(
    Such a great tool like FMSCOUT worths the waiting :) Thanks for the hard work Eugene!! Greetings from El Salvador!!
  • mcjooseppi's avatar
  • figosv's avatar
    I got excited when i noticed that it has been a recent refreshment of the content in this page, but nothing yet.... Ill have to continue watching Bayern Munich vs Manchester United then hahhah
  • figosv's avatar
    Could it be almost time for the corrected version come out??? Or will it be tomorrow?? Stam wrote yesterday that the most common error in V1.1 was already corrected, so lets keep our fingers crossed for it to be out today :D
  • Batigol's avatar
    I am waiting genie scout for v1.11 :beer
  • El Turco's avatar
    God bless you mates, cheers. :plz
  • ArseN's avatar
    waiting fo v1.11 :clap
  • snap69's avatar
    it sounds like good news stam :beer ..i just stoped playing fm because it's my 2nd season squad i'm waiting for the bug-free version so that i can continue the transfer camapign for my 3rd season :zito thanks for all the hard work you and eugene are doing..:beer
  • jennysenny's avatar
  • aggy71's avatar
    thanks, keep up the good work:beer
  • ruzzo90's avatar
    Thanks! Hope a bug free version gets release as early as possible. I just can't load a game...
  • St1n's avatar
    Is it workin for smb?
  • fuhrerul's avatar

  • acan882's avatar
    way stam allah razi olsun :D
  • mizie's avatar
    Thank you Eugene!

    I hardly can't wait for it.

  • mcjooseppi's avatar
    Thank you Eugene:clap
  • Ranjeesh's avatar
    let god bless u and devil:devil kiss u
  • neo_cs's avatar

  • Batigol's avatar
    Good news Stam :beer
  • beshion1943's avatar
  • thewizzard's avatar
    whooo whoo :love
  • ragamulya's avatar
    good to hear

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