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How to start a new game without waiting to load up the database

Load up the database with main leagues loaded up, then use it whenever you want to start a new game.
chumbawamba88's avatar Group chumbawamba88 2013-10-05 16:00
gb 17 posts joined Jan 14, 2012
dunno if this has been covered tho its something i like to do and i'm sure it can be carried over to fm 14 here goes for those of us who dont have the greatest of pc,s and dont like the long time it takes to load up a new game with a database of around 40k players with multiple leagues what i do is once i have loaded up the database with most of the main leagues england france germany holland spain etc i save the game as (base game) i always load this save file up when i want to start a new game just make sure each time you new game as something different so you dont have to start a new game from scratch

hope this helps :)
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for some reason this says that im from bolton when ive never even been then lol i live in n,ireland

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