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Manchester United - Post-Ferguson

Started on 28 October 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 27 January 2014 by kdavva
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FA Community Shield:

Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic

RS: "Hello and welcome to ESPN, I'm Ray Stubbs, and with me, I have Liverpool legend John Barnes, and special guests as well as football maestros, Joshua Hull, and Aaron Hardy. So lads, predictions?"

AH: "Got to be a solid 3-0 to United. The last couple of Pre-Season games will of been the ones that have prepared them for this, and I think they have, so yes, 3-0."

JH: "Really? Wigan won the FA Cup. You can't just write them off like that. Beating Manchester City must certainly give them a massive boost in confidence, so I'm going to say a late goal by Wigan will make it 2-1 to them."

RS:" Interesting thoughts, John?"

JB: "Umm, I'm just going to be boring and say it's a stalemate, penalties will decide this one."

RS: "Well somebodies got to be right and will find out after the confirmed team line ups."

Manchester United

AH: "Still disagree now Joshua? United have put out, what I think, their strongest possible team, don't see Wigan having a chance at all."

JH: "So are you suggesting all the other teams that Wigan faced put in a weaker team?"

AH: "Yes. I am. They're not a terrible side, clearly, they took advantage of the 'weaker' teams they faced, but United have seen through that."

JB: "Seen through that they may have, but putting up their strongest side can only leave them tired for the Manchester Derby?"

JH: "Well yes but United do have a deeper enough squad to still swap players about and have the best still on the field. Januzaj can step up, and is more than capable, as is Welbeck, and Cleverley."

RS: "Don't you think United manager Josh Sleightholm would hold back from using Adnan? Piling pressure on an 18 year old can't be a good thing."

JH: "As I said Ray, I think he's good enough to handle that, so it'll be interesting to see his performances."

JB: "So onto Wigan who are looking to put up a fight of the same standard of United..."

Wigan Athletic

AH: "Solid line-up, Beausejour will definitely cause problems for United; Rafael in particular, with his speed down that side of the pitch."

RS: "No Grant Holt wither, Keogh starts, in front of United youngster Nick Powell, who will certainly cause controversy if he has anything to do with any goals here today."

JH: "Personally I'd have Keogh up there, but I won't take anything away from Grant, they are both quality strikers.

RS: "Solid defense as well to by Wigan."

JH: "Definitely yeah, which is why I think Wigan will scrape that win over United, disallowing any chances they have."

JB: "Anyway we're going onto the match now with commentators, Michael Owen, and Clive Tyldesley."

Match Report


CT: "Thanks John, so here we are at the annual event where winners, meet winners, the FA Community Shield! FA Cup champions Wigan, meet Premier League Manchester United. Over to the match now."

0' Wigan kick off

4' De Gea with a free kick inside his area, launches it into Wigans half, met by Robin van Persie half way into Wigans half, he has Valencia in support, but he hits it? GOOAALL! Robin van Persie spotted Scott Carson off his line, and chipped him from abut 30 yards out, what a goal.

5' Wigan restart the game.

10' Rafael with a throw in on the right, quick one to Carrick, returned back, short one into Valencia, dispossesed, met by Carrick again though, plays it to Fellaini, now Rooney has it, turns the defender who is square on, through ball the van Persie!? GOOAALL! dinked over the keepers waving arms and it's 2-0 to United.

14' Rafael will the ball on the right, neat ball up to Valencia, controlled well, under pressure from Crainey, but he's easily beaten, Valencia now attacking the green grass in front of him, whips in a ball first time, met by the head of van Persie!? GOOAALL! It's in! bounced over the arms of Scott Carson, this is brilliant from United, three attacks, three goals, extraordinary.

35' Throw in for Wigan, its in a dangerous area if Shotton throws it long, which he does, straight to Keogh who goes to head it! Cleared! By the head of Vidic. Corner to Wigan who are piling on the pressure. Whipped in by Beausejour, Shotton free header!? Well intercepted by the head of Fellaini, superb defending.

45' Half Time

45' United kick off

52' Shinji Kagawa with the ball, plays a quick one-two with van Persie, Kagawa sprints past James Perch who can't catch up, Ben Watson closes him down, oh lovely piece of skill by Kagawa, sending Watson the other way, but Kagawa paces towards the box nonetheless, he spots Evra, plays it in front of him, first time shot!? GOOAALL! Right footed shot by the left back Evra rips the net apart, superb finish, United look well and truly done for today.

62' Maloney controls the ball well, turns to face the United half, he storms down the right hand side of the pitch, met by a wonderful sliding challenge by Evra, but the ball spins off into the space ahead and Maloney latches onto it, he cuts inside, surely it's a goal!? Saved! Outstanding save by De Gea from 6 yards out, that was destined for goal, what a game the Spaniard is having.

66' Evra and Rooney leave the scene and are replaced by Rodriguez, and Januzaj.

68' Manchester United free-kick, van Persie has it from about 40 yards out, he chooses to go wide to substitute Ricardo Rodriguez, who plays a weak ball back to van Persie who had moved, and now Holt has the ball, charging forward with Maloney his only support, Maloney receives it, paces into towards De Gea, the keeper comes out to block, but Maloney plays it to McArthur at the edge of the box, De Gea's out of position, McArthur hits it!? Saved! De Gea manages to get a finger tip to it but it's dropped to Beausejour with a tap in? GOOAALL! Wigan have got one back, things could get interesting now.

70' Crainey receives the ball, and is quickly dispossessed of it by Rafael, that'll have to be a yellow card? And it is, free kick to Wigan on the half way line.

74' Ferdinand has earned himself a substitution, and is replaced by Chris Smalling

75' United have got a corner. Valencia whips it in to Vidic on the back post!? Wide! Hits the side of Scott Carson's goal, so close there.

81' Powell with the ball on the edge of Uniteds box, he backs off a little trying to find a way through, he sees a gap for Maloney, Maloney see it too!? GOOAALL! Maloney meets Powells through ball, and slots it into the bottom corner, 4-2! Wigan are still going at it.

90' Full Time

Post Match Analysis


RS: "Well certainly a thrilling match, but one cleary dominated by United, a fantastic display from them."

JH: "Yes, they were the dominant team and have proved me wrong, I did think that Wigan might challenge them a bit more, but I guess not. Aaron? Your thoughts?"

AH: "I think they did show why they were champions of England, but there are a few things here and there to work on."

RS: "So United have their first bit of silverware under their belt for the season, thanks for being with us, see you next time."
Great story so far. Look forward to more :D
Storrie: Cheers man! :)
Joshua Hull and Aaron Hardy, now where have I heard those names? ;)
Loving the story so far TCO!
Pundit of the year please? :P good result:P
TK69: Don't know, but they don't sound nice at all;) Thank you!;D

Aaron: Pundit of the year comes at the end of the season, will have to see who it is;) & Cheers :)
Brilliant update, and good result :)
joethequin: Why thank you :P
Excellent update TCO and good result :)
I like that Joshua Hull guy :P
pompeyblue: Cheers mate, & I have no idea who he is ;)
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10 yearsEdited

Jonny Evans' £20M Move

Sold: United defender Jonny Evans makes his switch to London.

There had been speculation in the news that this move was to be done, and it has. Northern Ireland defender Jonny Evans, has moved to Arsenal for a fee of what is believed to be at the £20M mark. Fans are truly shocked at the matter, and can't quite believe it has happened, however most think it was the best way to go.

Arsene Wenger had spoke out about the transfer he has just acquired. "He is a talented player, and I see the price on him a fair amount. It is more than I originally planned to pay, but the fact we stuck through and still met the demands of United can only motivate Jonny to play at his best." He was then further questioned and was quoted: "Jonny, as I said before will is talented, so of course, he will start every game he can."

Jonny Evans has made exactly 100 appearances for the Red Devils since he was brought back into the first team in 2008. Arsenal will be Jonny 4th ever club he has played for, the others being Manchester United, Antwerp, and Sunderland respectively.

The 25 year old center-half also had something to say on the matter. "I am happy with this move, I don't think I really was in Sleightholms first team plans, and er, yeah so it seems like every team has come out with benefits from this. I was thanked for my time at club by Sleightholm, so yeah everything work out great."

This is Uniteds first bit of transfer market action when it comes to moving players out the club, however with the signing of Ricardo Rodríguez, Alexander Büttner could be making a swift exit back to his old club Vitesse.
Get that money!
£ :P
ebEliminator: I've got it;)

joethequin: I know, was shocked tbh
Great deal on your part

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