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Arsenal FC: A Bould Move

Started on 31 October 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 5 December 2013 by k1rups
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Goonerkev1986: I suppose that's one positive from the month, but I'd rather win every game! :P

captainbrickarms: Thanks :) Glad you're liking the game!

k1rups: I feel the job may be on the edge if I have another month like this!

patrick1: :O

NVDTahir: Thank you. The budget make me wet myself with excitement.. (Kidding!)

joethequin: Thanks :)

Lucas: It was abysmal in all fairness ;)

Lewis Holtby In Come And Get Me Plea To Bould

Lewis Holtby is yet to play for Tottenham Hotspur this season.

Attacking midfielder Lewis Holtby has called out to Arsenal manager Steve Bould with a come and get me plea. The 23-year-old signed for Tottenham Hotspur at the start of the 2012 season for a fee of £1.5 million, which many considered to be a bargain. In his first season the German managed to feature 11 times, but failed to score a single goal.

Andre Villas-Boas hasn't taken to Holtby keenly this season as a result, with the midfielder currently rotting in the reserve side, yet to play a single game for the senior side. As a result, both the player and the club have mutually agreed to place the 3 time internationally capped player on both the transfer and loan list.

Currently valued at £5.75 million, Lewis is earning an estimated £60k per week at Tottenham, but has confirmed he would take a pay cut if he meant regular first team football. The star also publicly announced his interest in joining North London rivals Arsenal, liking the philosophy and style of football played.

"Ever since I moved to London I have loved the way Arsenal play. Under both Arsene and Steve they have this component no other team possesses. Something unique can be found at that club, and no where else. I would love to play for The Gunners one day, I just hope Bould has recognised me as a good player and would be interested in taking me on.

With an asking price of £4 million, the signing could be a steal for many clubs, and with a £50 million budget ready to be spent next month, Steve Bould may well be investing to sign the superstar.

However, Arsenal do own a lot of central midfielders already, being the key position within the squad. Therefore, Lewis would have to fight for a place, which may also see others leave if Holtby is welcomed to the Emirates Stadium.
If you pick him up....better yet just do it just to piss off Spurs lol.
Would be a pretty good signing :)
That won't go down too well ;)
Holtby could bring something new to the table, and you have ageing CM's in Arteta, Diaby and others
BayernAmerica: Very tempting to do it purely for the Spurs fans on here! :P

pompeyblue: I agree, but unsure whether he's worth it in comparison to others.

Louis O.: #BouldIsARebel

Pauker: I'd rather he bought something new to the pitch rather than the table ;)
Just buy him for the sake of it but don't use him much :P
Kane's avatar Group Kane
8 yearsEdited

Wenger Comments On Bould In Autobiography

Arsene: The Invincible is the latest saga in the life of Arsene Wenger.

Following Frenchman Arsene Wenger stepping down from his long term spell at Arsenal FC, it seems the move was planned for some time, with his autobiography having been released, looking back on his time with AS Nancy Lorraine, AS Monaco, Grampus and most notably Arsenal. The recently announced SSC Napoli manager has commented on Bould multiple times in his new book with mixed feelings.

Page 74: Steve was a man who certainly knew his stuff. He knew how to handle any issue that came up, and he knew what tactics were needed at any time in the game. However, he had some brutal arrogance that annoyed everyone. He wanted control, and if he didn't get it, would do anything possible to make life harder for everyone else. I didn't like having to regularly work with him.

Page 140: There was one time I tried to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the summer of 2001. Zlatan was awful. Not at football. At football he had the potential to be a god. But as a person, I couldn't think of anyone worse. Steve had played for me two years ago, and mentioned Zlatan three or four years ago. When he found out Zlatan 'rejected the club as he doesn't do auditions' he ran me immediately and gloated.

Page 145: When I first started working with Steve last season, there was definitely this awkwardness. It was harder to cut the air with a knife than it was to cut the finest cheese in all of Switzerland. We didn't get on, but couldn't let that affect our team. It was awful.

Page 183: I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep. Then I tried to listen to Steve. I also fell asleep. He's as boring as Scott Parker was at times. I have no time for things like that.

Page 222: Sometimes I see it [a foul by an Arsenal player], but I say that I didn’t see it to protect the players and because I could not find any rational explanation for that they did. We would then get back in the dressing room, and Steve would shout at every single player for their mistake.

Page 282: Tomas Rosicky scored a hattrick. Steve Bould told him to f*** off when he asked why Theo was named Man of the Match. What a f*****.

Page 369: In truth, I now despise Steve Bould.

The news of Arsene and Steve disliking each other has shocked many fans, but the majority Arsenal fans are ignoring that fact, with the past being the past and Wenger having now moved on, with Steve Bould becoming Arsenal manager, while Arsene takes over from Rafa Benitez at SSC Napoli in Italy.

Arsene: The Invincible by Arsene Wenger is now available at Waterstones for £18.99 RRP
Of course other retailers are available apart from Waterstones! :) another great couple of updates. I do wish I had time to put this much effort into mine. I do thinking writing as someone else does help with including detail.
Jamesg237: Actually, they aren't. As Wenger only shops in the most expensive of shops, only Waterstones sell them! ;) Thank you :)
Brilliant unique update :)
Really like the addition of the book.
I'm gunner be bould and find another Arsenal pun to make. Anyway, buy Holtby. Just to anger spurs. DO IT!
Pompeyblue: Thank you! After browsing for football books to watch out for over christmas, I felt I'd add Wengers. Half the things he said in the update were comments made in real life, but twisted to be about Bould.

BayernAmerica: Thanks :D

TheMS99: I'm gunner have to laugh to be honest ;)

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