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Eintracht Braunschweig - Alles Oder Nichts

My FM14 story.
Started on 2 November 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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TV: Don't have a word limit, or that much spare time :P

Lucas: I do indeed write a lot.

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Lieberknecht leaves Braunschweig

Fans of TSV Eintracht Braunschweig will be saddened to hear that miracle working coach Torsten Lieberknecht has finally agreed a deal with VfB Stuttgart. The contract will see him replace Bruno Labbadia as manager of Stuttgart, taking control on a 3 year deal.

Lieberknecht fought off other candidates such as Franco Foda and Paolo Di Canio to get the job. Stuttgart’s general manager Bernd Wahler had previously specified which kind of coach he wanted, saying to football site kicker:

” Bruno Labbadia has done good work at VfB over the past three years but we want to provide fresh impetus with this change. We want to find a top manager and Labbadia is not that, he did not match the club's expectations last year and he had to go. We can find a younger, better manager, and we can become bigger and better than everyone, even FC Bayern.”

Lieberknecht took his first managerial job at Braunschweig with the club in the Regionalliga after taking over from Benno Möhlmann. He recovered from a poor start that almost led the club to miss out on qualification for the new 3.Liga but fortunately they improved in the 3.Liga and the club was soon promoted to the 2. Bundesliga. They spent 2 years as the favourites for relegation yet surprised everyone by finishing 2nd and gaining promotion.

Many Braunschweig fans and players are upset that Lieberknecht has finally left the club after ten years under contract at Braunschweig and 5 years as manager. “Eintracht Stadion has been Torsten’s home for years, we love him here and we hope they do over at Stuttgart.” said one fan of Lieberknecht’s. The 40 year old from Bad Durkheim is considered a Braunschweig legend, as he took them from the brink of the 4th division – where they have never been before - and now they are in the Bundesliga amongst the two UEFA Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München, who won it, and they will also finally meet up with Lower Saxony rivals VfL Wolfsburg.

Lieberknecht has been amongst the favourites to replace Bruno Labbadia for some time after the popular coach’s sacking but he has also had fierce competition from a number of other managers. Hamburger SV’s manager Thorsten Fink was recently sacked but was looking to get back in to the game as soon as possible by applying for the Stuttgart job. Former Kaiserslautern and Sturm Graz manager Franco Foda was also interested, but the fans dismissed him as too cocky and not a great manager whilst also criticising his playing ability, as Foda had made 69 appearances for Stuttgart in his playing career; he scored no goals for Die Roten. Lieberknecht’s biggest competitor for the job was Stuttgart’s former player and current youth team head coach Thomas Schneider. He took charge of some of the side’s pre-season matches in which they beat lower league sides Groβaspach and Reutlingen. Many of Stuttgart’s youth team players were calling for him to be made the manager after Labbadia’s departure, as were the first teamers who came through the club’s youth academy system, such as captain Christian Gentner. Many fans were also clamouring for Schneider to be put in charge of Die Schwaben.

Rumours doing the rounds on the internet suggest that Schneider is furious with the board for appointing Lieberknecht, whilst others have suggested that the ex Braunschweig boss is keen to get rid of Schneider as soon as possible. Schneider has already spoken to to insist that the rumours are not true.

”People said I was I didn’t expect the job to be honest, especially after only winning narrowly in the pre season games I took charge of. Some players did want me but there was others who didn’t really care. Maybe, in a few years time, Lieberknecht will have left and the board may consider me or appoint me, but why look to the future when the present is bright, haha! I suppose as youth coach I have to, but in general we have a task to do now and we need to focus on that. People said Lieberknecht was angry at me? No. He’s a gentleman, he really is. He called me up as soon as he got the job to tell me, that he wants me in his plans and told me that he was sorry if I was upset on missing out on the job.”

The search is now on to find the new manager of Eintracht Braunschweig.
Nice last update,looking forward to this story. Good luck,I will be following :)

Frankfurt coach spotted

2. Bundesliga side FSV Frankfurt’s coach Benno Möhlmann has been seen at Eintracht Stadion, the home of Eintracht Braunschweig, according to Sky Sources. The coach has managed Braunschweig twice before and is poised to take over from Torsten Lieberknecht who has left for VfB Stuttgart.

Möhlmann, 59, was seen entering the stadium from the car park outside reserved for staff only. Rumour has it that Möhlmann was meeting Sebastian Eder, chairman of Eintracht Braunschweiger TSV, to discuss a return to the now Bundesliga club. The club are yet to release a statement yet fans have sighted the coach and pictures are now going round on Twitter and on Braunschweig and Frankfurt fan sites.

Möhlmann is thought to be a good coach amongst Braunschweig fans, many of them believing him to be one of the best coaches available. One fan named Horst Coryn said to reporters that with a vast knowledge of the club he may have a positive effect on the players. Frankfurt fans seem to equally like him as a coach, with one anonymous fan saying that ‘he deserves to go back to the Bundesliga’. Former Kaiserslautern boss Franco Foda, who missed out on the VfB Stuttgart job, has also allegedly been spotted, yet there is no photographs of the man from Mainz at the Eintracht Stadion. Another man reported to be interested is captain Dennis Kruppke who has, according to rumours, asked the board for a player manager role. The player himself has denied the claims.

” I’m still young enough, I think anyway, to be playing, so that’s what I’ll be doing, no matter who the new coach will be. It won’t be me though, but I know that the board will take their time to make sure that they appoint the right person. People have been reportedly seen, entering contract negotiations, but I don’t know. I’m not a member of the board and I’m not responsible for who the new coach is. All I am here to do is play football and hope that whoever we appoint, they will let me do that and keep us in the Bundesliga.”

FSV Frankfurt have released a club statement concerning Möhlmann already, stating that if he was to leave then they ‘wish him the best’.

“FSV Frankfurt are aware of the speculation surrounding head coach Benno Möhlmann. The club can not confirm nor deny the rumours that Möhlmann is about to leave. However, the club wishes him the best for the future – be it at FSV Frankfurt or TSV Eintracht Braunschweig.”

Hamburger SV and SV Werder Bremen icon Möhlmann was born in Lohne and began his playing career in 1972 as a midfielder for his local side Blau-Weiss Lohne. In 1974 he joined Preuβen Munster and stayed at the Die Adler until 1978. He scored 27 times for Munster in the 2. Bundesliga, making 150 appearances, before leaving for SV Werder Bremen. It was here that Möhlmann would be most fondly remembered. He joined in 1978 and made 267 appearances for the Die Grun-Weissen. He also scored 46 goals for the club, from his midfield position. In October 1987, Möhlmann moved to Hamburger SV, where he played just 25 times.

Möhlmann is more well known for his managerial career, which has lasted an astonishing 24 years so far. It began where his playing career finished, at HSV, as an assistant manager to Josip Skoblar. In 1992 he became the head coach, but after 3 years in charge he was sacked and took charge at Eintracht Braunschweig for the first time, with the club in the Regionaliga. He led the team out for 56 games before leaving for SpVgg Greuther Fürth. He spent almost 3 years at Fürth, before joining Arminia Bielefeld. He managed Bielefeld until 2004, for 4 years. Afterwards he returned to Greuther Fürth, and not for the last time either. His second stint was just as long. He lasted 3 years in the Fürth hot seat, leaving in 2007 to return to Eintracht Braunschweig. After a defeat to Oberhausen that left the side in deep relegation trouble, he announced that he was to resign from his post, and was replaced by now Stuttgart manager Torsten Lieberknecht. Möhlmann had planned to retire, but he received an offer to replace Bruno Labbadia at Greuther Fürth, his 3rd spell at the Cloverleaves. He brought the club to 5th in his first season but after dropping to 15th the next year he left the club during the winter break. He then spent a year at FC Ingolstadt in the 2. Bundesliga, but was replaced by his assistant Sven Kmetsch. He joined FSV Frankfurt, his current club, in 2011.
Some great updates recently mate. I will enjoy this :D
Solid update, you write a lot but you write it well, nice to read. Keep it up :)
Radders: Thanks Radders, I hope you do :)

Wellsy: Sorry to see you're leaving :(

Neal: Thanks Neal :)
I know mostly everything

I think
This is confusing >.<.. Anyways, some nice piece of writing, and very detailed, much to my delight :). Keep it up, and TELL US THE DAMN CLUB ALREADY!

Möhlmann joins Braunschweig can confirm that FSV Frankfurt coach Benno Möhlmann has agreed to join Eintracht Braunschweig for the 3rd time in his career. The 59 year old takes over from Torsten Lieberknecht who has replaced Bruno Labbadia at VfB Stuttgart.

Möhlmann has managed Braunschweig twice before. He first took charge 18 years ago, in 1995, with the club in the Regionalliga Nord, then the 3rd division, finishing 6th. The next two seasons both resulted in 2nd place finishes for the club. They failed to win the Lower Saxony Cup in both of these years and they also did not gain promotion. The boss then left for SpVgg Greuther Fürth where he spent 3 years, and then joined Arminia Bielefeld in 2000. In 2004 he left for Fürth again, and in 2007 re joined Braunschweig. The club were in the 2. Bundesliga but rapidly falling towards the relegation zone and Möhlmann failed to stop the rot. Failing in the Regionalliga Nord, the club almost missed out on the new 3. Liga to go into the 4th division for the first time ever. Fortunately, Braunschweig survived after Torsten Lieberknecht took over.

Möhlmann had been spotted by Sky Deutschland in front of the Eintracht Stadion gates and rumours went around that he was set to become the new manager. However, ex Kaiserslautern boss Franco Foda was also interested, and he was allegedly seen outside the stadium too, though the pictures have not been shown to the public and the reports viewed with scepticism. Foda was also interested in the VfB Stuttgart job that went to Torsten Lieberknecht. Fans claimed that he was too cocky and may ruin the club, and Stuttgart chairman Bernd Wahler clearly listened to the fans, who telling him to appoint Lieberknecht.

Möhlmann, speaking to, was excited to have been given the prestigious Braunschweig job with the club in the Bundesliga. He said that he hopes the club can survive the season but also that he places ‘great trust’ in his players.

”I am obviously delighted to be joining Braunschweig again, as I do truly love the club. I’ve been here twice before but this time I know I’m going to be successful here. We may be in the Bundesliga and be tipped by everyone to go down but I’m adamant that we won’t. The players know we won’t. They need to play to the best of their ability for every game and I need to pick the best play
ers in the best systems to make sure they can do this. I have to have trust in my players, great trust. It’s important, imperative, that we hit the ground running and manage to survive this season.

I am obviously happy to be joining Eintracht again, but it’s not always easy. It’s like that all the time you move clubs, you just don’t want to leave your current team behind but you just have to and all you can then do is hope that they respect your decisions. That’s how it is in football but you have to move on.”

Fortunately for the new Braunschweig boss Möhlmann, his former side FSV Frankfurt have been happy with his contributions to the club, thanking him in an official club statement.

FSV Frankfurt would like to thank our coach Benno Möhlmann for his management of the side, and we wish him luck for the future. Searches for a replacement are already underway.

Not Eintracht Braunschweig, Benno Möhlmann nor the chairman Sebastian Eden have released official statements or spoken to any sources other than the team’s official site. The club have announced that Möhlmann will be attending a press conference at the Eintracht Stadion on Wednesday.

Eintracht fans have already taken to the main club fansites to discuss the appointment of Möhlmann. Most fans have been pleased to see a man who knows the club well back in charge of the club, one fan named Walter_Schmidt_67 has gone as far as saying that Möhlmann ‘the best manager the club was likely to get’ and that he hopes that the new boss does well. Others however, are sceptical, saying that after taking the club down from the 2. Bundesliga before he shouldn’t be allowed to take charge of the club now that they’re in the Bundesliga.

Keep tuned for the press conference to see more information, as it is revealed.
I wonder if the third time is the charm?
Good to see the manager finally revealed ;) Nice update, too.
I agree with Walt. ^^

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