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FMScout's Got Talent v3.0

Started on 12 November 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 19 November 2013 by Akash
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Hello and welcome to FMScout's Got Talent v3.0 Over the next 20 years you'll be added to the game as a 16 year old kid waiting for that big break to one day become the best footballer in the world, some of you will make it and some of you won't. You will make rivalries on your path to fame, who will be the best player on FMScout in version 3.0? Your player could be stuck at a mid table club in the top league for the rest of your playing days why others will be winning Champions Leagues and World Cups. Let the game commence.

Welcome to FMScout's Got Talent v3.0.
When it's time to party we will party hard!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be awesome, Vamos Teemu!!
Cant wait for this!! :D
I guess I should say something like "Really looking forward to this" , so I will

Really looking forward to this.
Words can't describe how excited I am for this.
Yay. See the enthusiasm!
Oh my god. Yay!
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Update 1: Your Player

Nicolas Adams - Nic

Gianluigi Bardi - Pauker

Heinz Beans - Justice

Iamyor Bic - Rablador

Dean Byrne - DeanByrne1995

Lee Chatters - Lee The Bee

Jason Connolly - jason_connolly1987

Lucas Crosbie - Lucas

Tobias Danny - 9thcodebreaker

Andreas Esbech - a_esbech

Niko Gavran - Nick

Ruben Gomez - kazza121

Aaron Hardy - AaronHJFT96

Slo Hegre - Slogh

Joshua Hull - pompeyblue

Jason Hunt - The Madridista

Edward James - Akash

Jamie King - MrJK

Mark Kolatowicz - MarkKolatowicz

Stefan Kuiper - Arvind

Niklas Lafrenz - Toon

Sam Magarry - TheFMBeast

Bradley Hiscock McCracken - Shanked

Liam McGovern - LFC

Aamu Miskanen - edu1878

Hamoudi Mkrtchyan - HamoudiLFC

Xavier Moreno - Couragesand

Teemu Niemi - BayernAmerica

Nikolaus Ohme - Louis O.

Jesus Santi Rey Alvadaro - Kane

Raphael Scott - AlexSonwild

Danny Shade - dan4rmnaija

Josh Sleightholm - TCO

Cosmin Marian Stanilla - Tellak

Adam Stubbs - WeAreFev

Harry Styles - Glenn T

Naveed Tahir - NVDTahir

Turin Tarambar - Neal

Lars Weiner - Jozef

Bob Writer - TVDLC123

Yavuz Solak - AlexTHFC
Ohme FTW :P
Not bad.
Why is Justice allowed Heinz Beans and I wasn't allowed Homer Simpson in the last one? I need answers here.
Deleted's avatar Deleted

Update 2: Your Fellow Countrymen! Hamoudi Mkrtchyan - ST Iamyor Bic - DC Niko Gavran - DR Andreas Esbech - DM Turin Tarambar - ST Edward James - DL Joshua Hall - MR Adam Stubbs - GK Harry Styles - AMC Naveed Tahir - ST Lee Chatters - DC Jamie King - ST Aaron Hardy - AMC Sam Magarry - ST Lucas Crosbie - AMC Josh Sleightholm - GK Tobias Danny - DL Ruben Gomez - AMC Jesus Santi Rey Alvadaro - ML Teemu Niemi - GK Aamu Miskanen - ST Raphael Scott - DM Lars Weiner - ST Niklas Lafrenz - ST Jason Hunt - AMC Heinz Beans - DL Bob Writer - AMC Nikoluas Ohme - ST Bradley Hiscock McCracken - DC Dean Byrne - DC Gianluigi Bardi - GK Nicolas Adams - GK Stefan Kuiper - ST Jason Connolly - MC Slo Hegre - DC Danny Shade - ST Cosmin Marian Stanila - MC Mark Kolatowicz - ST Liam McGovern - MC Xavier Moreno - ST Yavuz Solak - AMC

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