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FMScout's Got Talent v3.0

Started on 12 November 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 19 November 2013 by Akash
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Got Bologna, which is kinda good. Hopefully I'll be able to play as 1st team, and get a move somewhere else :P
kazza121's avatar Group kazza121
10 yearsEdited
Norwich! Start in the PL! And my player looks decent! I am hoping for some playing time or atleast loan so I can end up at my dream club - Liverpool!

West Brom in the BPL.
Hopefully, I get some playing time!
Oh Lord, Nybergsund. Ill never go anywhere from there! :P I guess the judges will hit the three X'es pretty fast!
Gotta be exited though, four clubs wanted me!
I can't even pronounce my teams name let alone ever even heard of it.

Nah awesome, can't wait for this to unfold.

+ HamoudiLFC and I are set to dominate being on the same team!
Woo! I've always liked Hoffenheim :P Btw Shanked, look up your team's full name. Erzgebirge Aue :P
Leggo Hyde :D
Me and Arvind in the same team :D We are going to dominate Eredivise! COME ON VVV!!!
damnit! I have to wait. I hope TpS are good.
The Green Machine! COME ON YOU VFF!
Electrico...uhh...never heard of them before but...
Cool name...and 5 clubs wanted, I've got a real bright future!!!
7 AM wakin up in the mornin......
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Update 4: Top 10 Wage Earners

1st - Gianluigi Bardi - £220 p/w

2nd - Niko Gavran - £190 p/w

3rd - Turin Tarambar - £150 p/w

4th - Mark Kolatowicz - £110 p/w

5th - Stefan Kuiper - £95 p/w

6th - Raphael Scott - £95 p/w

7th - Josh Sleightholm - £80 p/w

8th - Sam Magarry - £80 p/w

9th - Tobias Danny - £80 p/w

10th - Jesus Santi Rey Alvadaro - £80 p/w

Gimmie dat money!

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