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A.E.K. Athens - Rising from ashes!

My fm 14 story!
Started on 13 December 2013 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 25 April 2014 by Justice
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The pre-season was perfect! We played 4 friendlies and we won them all with very solid performances.I'm looking forward to the first game of the league now.

In the first friendly we faced Novara and, probably, was our toughest friendly of the pre-season. they were the favourites and they dominated us, but we won 1-0 and at the end, this is what counts!

The second friendly was full of goals. We faced AELK and we won with a very strange score: 6-4. The attack worked very well in this game, but the defensive was pretty poor, I will try to change that from the tactics area.

This was a perfect game! We played very well and everything went as planned, maybe even better. It looks like the players got used with the 4-4-2 very quickly and are enjoying it.

In the last friendly the players prooved me that we are ready to start the new season and to dominate the league!

Other things!

Until today, 11.08.2013, we didn;t manage to find any good young player so we didn't made any transfer yet. Sadly, as I expected, Cordero left us to sign with Bournemouth. He was our best player, but we recieved 1 million euros for him, and we really need this money more than anything else.

The big debut!

It was a good month, with very good performances but the game against PAO disapointed me. I think that it was just an accident, because the next game after that we won and dominated again. I hope I am right!

This was my first ever match as a head coach. Of course I was nervous, but the players did very well and we won. Labros, the player I have promoted from teh youth team, maybe our bigest prospect, scored his first goal and I am very pleased for him.

The second match we played was pretty much the same as the first one. We dominated the entire game and we won 3-0, Labros with a hattrick!!

This time things were different..I think it was a case of overconfidance and I will try harder tomotivate the player. The tought that the game was won before the start, and they didn't put the best performance. I hope it was just an accident.Labros scored again...this player reminds me of the young Rivaldo....

I the last match we rotated our team, and some important players like Labros didn't played. We still won the game without any problem.

League Table

My Player of The Month - Labros Thanailakis

At only 17 years old and only from two months with teh first team, Labros really impressed me in this start of teh season. He played in 3 games and scored 5 times...he improved so much in the last two months!

End of transfer period

We didn't signed any player in this summer, but in Europe, a lot of money were spent. The biggest spenders were Bayern, buying Kevin Volland from Hoffenheim for a fee of 36 million euros!

I have also found out that two players will join us on 1.7.2014, two very good young prospects that were signed by the former head coach of the team.

Strong debut ! Nice player, good luck !
@bebero - thanks mate!

The autumn has arrived!

The month of september proved that the defeat against PAO was an accident. Four matches played, 4 wins and great performances. The team it's playing better and better and I like what I am seeing.

In this game, the performance was very good, but we are missing too much! We won this match thanks to a late goal scored by Cirillo, but we had so many chances...we have to work at attacking positioning.

What can I say? just look at statistics...Peristeri had 0 shots this match and only 24% possesion..there isn't much too say...

In the third game we had 61% percent of the time the ball at our feet, shooting 20 times and 13 times hitting the target. As usual we dominated the game and won!

The last game of teh month, was also the hardest one. They scored first, in 18 minute and after that they went defending with all the players. it was very hard for us to score, but thanks to a hattrick by popovic, we won the match.

League Table

My Player of The Month - Zdravko Popovic

This was clearly the month of Zdravko! He scored 6 times in 4 games and made an assist, he was our best man and deserves the award.
Form is looking good! :)
@ sTedDarzZ thanks mate!
Good match !
Good month! Seems like AEK are flying!
although i hate aek as im olympiakos' fan good luck mate.. keep going :)
@bebero - thank you!

@k1rups - no mate, we don't have money to fly...we are using teh bus! :P :))

@Zogra - Thank you! Maybe you hate AEK, but you can't hate Rivaldo! :P

November - First signing!

November was again, a perfect month! We won all our matches and we are on top of the table with 2 points advantage, but overconfidance it's something I am now affraid's very hard to keep my players full motivated because they now they can win every game and sometimes they look to relaxed.

We didn't start very well the first game of the month, in minute 21 Parmaikos took the lead, but just 1 minute later, Popovicscored and we were even. From that point wedominated the game, I think the very quick goal it was a key momment!

We had more possesion and more shots, as we usual do. We are a very strong team and I am happy that players understood the style of play I brought to this club.

The head coach of Mandraikos has gained my respect for how well he can make the players defend, I am sure I can learn from him! We had a lot of shots and goal opportunities, but they defended si well and scored on counter attack. This time we had luck to win the game with Sarvas scoring an own goal in 90+1 minute.

We won the last game of the month, thanks to a goal scored by Popovic, and another perfect month ended.

League Table

My Player of The Month - Dimitris Anakoglou

This month, my award goes to one of our central midfielders, Dimitris. I really loved seeing him play so well this month, being our best midfielder. He did a lot of interceptions and stoped the opposition's attack but he also managed 3 assists!

First signing - Michael De Freitas

One day, I was at trainig grounds, preparing set pieces with the the phone rings, it is Wil Rodrigues, one of our scouts. I answered and this were his words: "Hey boss, I am in Portugal, at a trial match and I think I've got a man for you. He is 21 years old, young as you like, he plays as a left midfielder, he is very a very fast player, has a good tehnique and like ti dribble a lot. Just belive me, he whorts a chance!"
So I agreed with Wil and signed him...He will join us in january.

Nice results ! Go promotion ! No lose !

December - Santa came with a bag of Goals!

As I said, this month we scored a lot! 13 goals in 3 matches, that's a hell of a performance. After another perfect month, mister president decided to give the boys a bonus for very good performances, I am sure that this will motivate them.
The scheudle for the next matches it's very odd, we will play 2 games in january and only one in february...

From this match I want to praise our goalkeeper, he had some great reflexes and saved us!

The young prospect Labros was again in great form this month! in this match he scored 4 times after in the first game of the month he scored twice..what a player we have here!

A perfect performance by the team and by Labros, who scored a hattrick and again, despite the two goals scored by the opposition, our GK made a great match!

League Table

My Player of The Month - Labros Thanailakis

If Labros wouldn't have scored 9 goals in 3 matches, the award would have be won by our goalkeeper, but Labros was brilliant this month.It's not just me saying this, but even the experts are amazed, giving him 9.9 after the performance against Irodotos.

He already started to attract attention from the big names of Europe..but this is the only player that I don't want to sell, I hope I can convince him to stay!

Champions League Groups

This season, Champions League was very odd, some very good teams like Dortmund, last season finalists and Zenit didn't managed to qualify for the next round. But the biggest surprise of the competition was offered by Barcelona, they finished third in their group. As a former Barcelona player and as a supporter, I think the head coach should resign...and by the way, do you know which are my biggest dreams? To manage Barcelona and Brazil's national team!

I love the detail in these updates and i now cant wait to buy fm14 :) keep up the good work

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