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Liverpool - Powerful Passion

Started on 9 January 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 5 April 2014 by Zap
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A long term plan

Why are the media always getting at us? Will they or won't they get top four? Will they or won't they sign this player, or that player? I'm sick of it, the reason Liverpool were dried to the bone of silverware is because everyone's always on our backs...putting extremely heavy amounts of pressure on us. Sure, a team like Liverpool should be able to deal with pressure better than anyone but there is a limit. My team haven't the psychological strength to go out there and win big...That's why I need a plan! I...We need to build, and build big. I have my philosophy and my formation, but I don't have the players, I have compiled a shortlist of all my targets and I am sure this season will be a success with or without silverware. I have spoken to Colin Pascoe, and I have decided to let him go. I haven't appointed another Assistant manager, but one will be announced very soon. Part of my plan is to re-vamp my entire backroom staff, but for what I want, We haven't the wages.

The formation I want to use long term, is without a doubt a 4-2-3-1 however I'm not so sure we can go with that game plan for now, especially with Suarez out for the first 6 games. I think a 4-1-4-1 is more realistic...Or maybe a 4-1-2-2-1? Either way, our team will be built around Coutinho and Suarez. A 'new Gerrard' also needs to be found sooner rather than later. Rossiter looks a a likely candidate.

This plan seems easy on paper, but whether this will be as easy as it is just thinking about it, will have to remain unseen for now I guess.

You'll Never Walk Alone.
~ Brendan
Great start and good luck.
BayernAmerica: Cheers mate:)

Transfers Complete.

So, that's that, for this summer. I have completed my signings and there will most likely be no more deals this transfer window. We have many positions that need strengthening, such as in the left back position and on both wings, however, the centre of midfield is where our main weakness' can be found. With a shortlist packed with players like Wesley Sneijder, Axel Witsel, Rafael Van Der Vaart and Sergio Canales, there were clearly many, many options to choose from, but i think I have strengthened my midfield to go up against the likes of Arsenal's and City's no doubt. A positive is that this deal was probably the cheapest in my shortlist for possibly the best player in my shortlist.

25 Year old, Croatian, Central midfielder Ivan Rakitic has joined the club for a fee of 18 million pounds. The attacking minded midfielder looks to be an extremely great signing for Liverpool and will strengthen the heart of the team a lot more, with his great passing abilities, fantastic vision, and technique. It looks like a lot of teams in the Premier League will have a fight on there hands with us looking very dangerous and determined. And believe me, we are. This signing in my opinion will almost guarantee us a top 4 spot.

Now although I think a top 4 spot is guaranteed for us, we will still be nothing if we can't warm to our tactics, and it is of the utmost importance that the team blend with Ivan, otherwise we will have no hope. But every Liverpool team that has ever graced the premier league has never lacked any sort of determination and passion to succeed and I believe we have that, and if we do...Our season will be the best season Liverpool football club have experienced in quite a long while.

You'll Never Walk Alone
~ Brendan
Good Luck!

I wouldn't use the 4-1-4-1 if you want a team built around Coutinho :P

Oh, and by the way - Steven Gerrard = Beast
Great Signing Rakitic is a great signing he will be good for the future
TK69:Cheers mate, who knows...Maybe I am not using a 4-1-4-1? ;)
And Yes, I agree. Beast. :P

SuperToddHD:Cheers mate, very happy with this signing!
Rakitic is a fantastic signing I am sure he you do well with him in the team
I feel responsible for this story ;P Good start btw, and neat signing.
Zapdos: Yeah, he looks the real deal and I hope he shows off his class on the field.

TVD: You should;) And thank you, gunna keep it simple with just the one signing I think:)

Bumpy Preparations.

So with the signing of Ivan Rakitic, I was hoping the team would take a bit of morale boost from the deal, and I think they have! We didn't have the greatest pre-season, but from what I saw on the pitch, every player gave it there all and fought for the ball. They pressed the ball very well, something Liverpool aren't exactly renowned for. So we pressed the ball, we scored plenty of goals and we kept possession very well, which is a vital cog in my philosophy. However, Conceding goals was a problem and I am concerned that our defense may not be ready to go against Crystal palace in our first league game! We haven't the funds to go out and by another player let alone a quality and solid defender, So I think I should have faith in my defense for the first few months, and analyze there performances in January. Only then will I know whether to reach for my targets...Nathaniel Clyne and Balanta are among those targets.

Our Pre-Season Started off with a game against french side Aimens, the final score ended 1-1 with the one and only Luis Suarez scoring our only goal. We played relatively well, our defense was fairly solid, excluding the goal they conceded. Our passing and moving was very good and we looked up for the next game!

Second game came against Scottish side Hamilton, who should really be a bit of a push over and certainly were as we managed to get 3 goals, 2 coming from Iago Aspas and the third from Sturridge. But once again, we conceded and I am disappointed but with youth players such as Flanagan at right back...I am not to bothered, as him and Cissokho were very impressive. Toure and Sakho not so much though.

Third game was against Chamois Niortais, we managed to keep them out and scraped a cleansheet, while inform Aspas and Jordan Henderson were doing the job upfront getting a goal each to win the game 2-0.

We were unbeaten in the first three, but that didn't last long, as Andres Guardado scored an early winner for Valencia as we conceded again. We were knocking on the door all night, but we couldn't quite get the break through.

Next up was Cordoba, an extremely disappointing performance from everyone involved other than Henderson, we conceded three to a team that should be conceding 6 against us, Henderson and Moses did manage to get 2 but believe me, they were undeserved.

And our last game, was against French Giants Paris Saint Germain, who I expected to lose to, so am I upset? Not really, We gave them a very good game and only managed to concede once (Which is surprising given we were up against Ibrahimovic and Cavani) The game was fairly even and we probably could have one, if a rare poor performance from Luis Suarez hadn't taken place.
Loving this story already! Keep up the good work mate and get Liverpool back into the Champions League :)
Great start to the story and really nice signing in Rakitic who will hopefully help you to Champions League football and some silverware!
Hopefully those results will be a teaching tool for the season.

August - A fine start.

So, our season is finally underway now as we made a great start to the 2013-14 season, with three games being played against West Ham, Crystal Palace, and Notts County. I felt that before the season started, we may not have been quite as ready as we'd liked. However, those thoughts have been brushed aside as we one of our finest starts in quite a few years.

Our first game against Crystal Palace, would be played in the home city of Liverpool, at Anfield. Crystal Palace...Probably a side that a team of Liverpool's quality should be beating by quite a margin, and that was certainly he case. We went 1-0 up 35 minutes into the game, with a goal from left back Jose Enrique.

Then the 1-0 margin would be doubled by debuttant Ivan Rakitic, who launched a free kick from the half way line that somehow managed to work its way into the left top corner beating the goal keeper completely.

Our 2-0 lead was then decreased to a 1 goal lead as Elliot Grandin managed to fire home a brilliant header putting himself on the score sheet.

But it was too little too late as our striker Iago Aspas scored with a fine finish, when 1 on 1 with the keeper. The score ended 3-1 and we were sent to the top of the table.

West Ham was the next team we had to face, this time away from home, but that didn't matter as we went 3-0 up in the first half with goals from Sturridge, Aspas and Coutinho...The game looked as if it was over until a 57th minute goal from Maiga and a 84th minute penalty from Noble.

The game was pretty nervy towards the end but captain fantastic Steven Gerrard, scored in the 90th minute to keep us in the top 4 and ensure the three points.

Premier League Table

Our third game in August was against Notts county, we weren't at all great (Althogh the score says different) We did go 1-0 up in the 66th minute, through Sturridge however the scores were made level just 8 minutes later. Which did take us into extra time, where we battered County scoring 3 goals all coming from Sturridge, Alberto and Morgan and we did concede...again. Although we were through and that's what mattered, But we were to play Chelsea, right before we played Chelsea in the league.

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