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Coventry City - Take Us Home!

Started on 31 January 2014 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 9 February 2014 by Toon
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More bad news for Coventry City fans as manager Steven Pressley has announced his resignation as manager of Coventry City.

Coventry haven't had the best of recent years, with financial problems really taking it's toll on the team who were once in the Premier League, and Steven Pressley has announced that the reason he resigned was the lack of funds and the amount of pressure on him to keep the club up.

Many fans have been complaining about the owners 'SISU' and have been protesting about playing their home games at Northampton and hope that the owners either send them back to Coventry or leave.

It is unknown who will take the Coventry job now as many manager are avoiding the job due to the owners and that the club are in administration.
Looks very good, good luck! :)

Robert Di Matteo looks favourite for the job but former Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio and former Bristol City manager Sean O'Driscoll are both apparently interested in the job.
Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU
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"YOU'RE FIRED!" My boss screamed as he pointed to the door, I couldn't believe it.
I grabbed my coat, kicked over the bin next to my desk and slammed the door shut as I left.

I hated my boss, he always picked on me just because I was late one day, and even since he's been threatening me that he'll fire me, which he just has done, Yeah, I may have destroyed his computer, broke his door handle and smashed his chair, but he had it coming, well, back to being unemployed.
I walked towards my car and the door broke off it just as I tried to open it, can this day get any worse?

After the LONG walk back to my flat, I saw a sign on my door saying:

Well, the answer to my question was yes, much worse...
I left my apartment door and headed to the pub, if anything, it'll help me forget today, however just as I headed to the pub, A shadowed man who was against a wall of a shop said:
"Hey you, have you got a coaching badge?" I looked around cautiously "Why...?" I replied, trying to find the man who spoke. "Well, have you?" the man said, slowing raising his voice.

"Yes, Yes I do." I replied, "Now show yourself!" I added. The man stepped out of the shadows and showed me his ID and told me he was a representative of Coventry City.
I was startled, he offered me a chance to become a manager, which I've always dreamed of.
"Yes, I'll come to your interview tomorrow" I told him, shaking his hand and then he got in his car and drove off.
I could not believe it, it looks like I'm going to be the next manager of Coventry City.
Good Luck
2014-01-31 18:31#157861 Tyler69 : Good Luck
Good start and good luck mate :)


Coventry City have announced that newman Josh Slater is their new manager for the foreseeable future, which has come as a shock towards Coventry fans.

Steve Pressley recently resigned as Coventry manager and the board were looking for his successor, and to what has come as a huge surprise, they have hired inexperienced manager Josh Slater to try and bring some stability.

Slater will have no transfer budget this season and will have no ability to sign any players due to Coventry's transfer embargo, so Slater will have his work cut out, will this appointment be one admired by Coventry fans or possibly the worst thing that could have happened to their club, we will see Josh Slater's press conference very soon.
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Here it is, my first ever press conference as a manager... Am I nervous? Of course I am, mostly to the reaction of the fans than the media itself...

JS: Good morning everyone, nice to meet you all.

R: Morning Mr.Slater!

JS: I'd just like to thank you all for attending this press conference today, You may start asking your questions now!

R: Hi Mr.Slater, I have a question, How do you feel about becoming a manager of a club in financial turmoil?

JS: Well, I am very happy to have got the job, we have a solid squad which will hopefully help us progress well this season, and I am aware of not having any funds to strengthen my squad but it's something I'll have to live with, I believe in these lads and their ability and that's what counts.

R: Mr.Slater! How do you think the fans feel about your appointment?

JS: Uh, I'm not sure really, I'd expect some of them to feel quite angered at my appointment as I'm inexperienced, however to those fans I want to show I am a very capable manager and I can turn this club to back how it was many years ago.

R: Josh! What are your targets for this season?

JS: Well, I believe we are very capable of a mid-table finish, however I generally believe we can get into those play-off spots, although we are on minus ten points, I believe we can turn it around and push for the play-offs.

R: Mr.Slater, Will you be urging the board to send you back to your own Stadium when your finances improve?

JS: Of course, The players and fans deserve to go back to their own stadium, so it's something we'll be looking at for sure.

R: Thanks Josh!

JS: No problem! Thanks guys!
Good luck at Coventry, mate, I'm sure it will be a great story! :)
@Jack - Thanks mate!
@Cosmin - Thanks mate! Means a lot! :)
It seems to be your another great career! Good luck :)
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For our pre-season games, I've decided to arrange some tough games for the lads, just to get their fitness levels up and to see how they perform against a top quality side.

Our toughest game this pre-season, and boy, did we outclass West Ham! John Fleck did brilliantly to win a penalty kick which he dispatched in excellent fashion, then our captain and probably our best player Carl Baker scored a close range goal to double our lead. West Ham got very lucky and won a free-kick which Razvan Rat scored.
Overall, A very good performance by the lads!

Again, with the stature of our club, this should be an easy win for Millwall, however just like the West Ham game, we totally out-classed them. Leon Clarke, who will be a vital player for me this season, did what he does best, scoring a goal which a superb close range finish after he went around the goalkeeper. Richard Chaplow then pulled one back for Millwall, with a defensive error from a cross which Chaplow converted from, but, we took the lead again through captain Carl Baker and won the match 2-1!

Very disappointing, we can beat a Premier League side and a Championship side, but not a Skrill South side? Well, to be honest, Tonbridge did excellent to keep us out, hopefully we can recover before the league begins.

A great recovery from the game against Tonbridge, Carl Baker was the centre of attention as he got his first hat-trick this season, he scored two close range goals and got his hat-trick from a 25 yard strike from a very tight angle. Franck Moussa got the final goal of the day with an excellent run and a cool finish. Great win.


Carl Baker

He's had a great pre-season for us, scoring 4 goals in 4 games, he'll be our key player this season and his leadership skills are going to help the teams morale and will help their performances improve.


In this opening day clash we saw Coventry City come to Broadfield to take on Crawley Town, in which the game ended 0-0.
Before the game began, the centre of attention was to new Coventry manager Josh Slater, whose managerial debut was today and saw his side earn a respectable 0-0 against a Crawley side who have been on a rise in these last few years.

The game could of ended 3-1 Coventry, with Callum Wilson squandering many chances and hitting the crossbar twice. Captain Carl Baker was they key man for Coventry as he made a golden chance for Callum Wilson, in which he hit the crossbar.

Crawley had the best chance of the game when Emile Sinclair was through on goal but Coventry keeper Joe Murphy was on his toes and diverted the ball out with a superb save.

In all, the result will help both teams, with Coventry trying to reduce that minus ten points and push up the table into the play-off positions.
Some nice update styles here. Good start :)

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