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Old Friends, New Rivals: An Edinburgh Story

Two old friends find themselves in charge of two fierce rivals, at the heart of Scotland's capital. Who will come out on top in the battle of two foes, between two pals?
Started on 17 February 2014 by Rablador
Latest Reply on 10 March 2014 by Jer
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I nearly signed Fitz Hall for Blackpool on my current save, so I know you have a good player on your hands. Both sets of writing are great, but I'm glad the Hibees got the win!
Wow! You just know times are desperate when you rely on Nuno Gomes to keep your ambitions afloat... So early in the season too :P Great write up, the pair of you :)

Race to Zero: Part 1

After the loss to McDaid and Hibernian, I knew I had to get bear down and get things together, it was going to be a tough race even getting back to zero points.

All in all, it wasn't a bad run of games. We held Partick Thistle to a draw at their ground, 0-0. We got our first league win over Aberdeen 2-1, and dominated Ayr to advance in the Scottish Communities League Cup. However, once again, the last game was rather controversial, as we drew with Inverness 2-2 in a crucial relegation battle. Inverness ran up a 2-1 halftime lead, we took the initial lead on an amazing strike from Scott Robinson, but Inverness' both scores were on highly questionable goals. Callum Paterson conceded what seemed like a phantom penalty foul, and Yaya Sanogo's goal was allowed despite what many fans and pundits believed to be a foul in the buildup. (Inverness must have some relationship with Arsenal, as they have both Emmanuel Frimpong and Yaya Sanogo.) In the second half though, I almost went nuts when a volley off our corner bounced off the crossbar and just short of the goal line, but Danny Wilson tapped it in to preserve a draw.

There were some bright spots in this run, Jamie Walker scored an amazing goal against Ayr from a tight angle, but Danny Wilson has been a revelation, he has been a rock at the heart of our defense and won the SPL Player of the Month for August. Hopefully he can continue to provide those performances.

Still, we had challenges, of course. Dylan McGowan got pissed off at me at our financial state and I had to put him on the transfer list, and Jamie Walker tore his hamstring and will miss 3 months. Deadline day came and passed, but Tapping and McGowan are still here, so they'll have to learn to be happy here. Our next game is against Celtic, who are undefeated, and look invincible right now, with no goals conceded on their part.

Of course, we had no incoming activity on transfer deadline day on our part, due to the embargo. That didn't really stop the media from asking me about transfers in the month prior, what a bunch of wankers.

Matches Played: 5
Points: -9

Mixed Bag

Edinburgh, Scotland. Saturday, August 31 2013. Transfer Deadline Day.
The much anticipated transfer deadline day is here, and 5 fixtures are also taking place in the Scottish Premier League. With minutes to go before the window slams shut, McDaid has made a last ditch attempt to sign Reading's Jordan Obita on loan as a replacement for Paul Cairney, who has just signed for Dundee United for £35,000.

Moments to go, and Obita has signed, without the player even being in the country. Oh, the wonders of modern day football.

Previously, at Hibernian F.C...

With Dave Gordain's Hearts in free-scoring form, Ally McDaid was ready to make an impact. Hibernian have been in consistently poor home form over the past few years, however, and even before McDaid's arrival, fans knew it would take something special to kick the misery.

It wasn't to be this time. Dundee United were in full control, and Ryan Dow's goal, subsequently voted the 3rd best goal of the month, had them ahead very early on.

But if there's one weapon Hibs have, it's the golden oldie, Nuno Gomes. A wonderful ball from Liam Craig sets through Gomes, and he unleashes a thundering shot into the net to level things up. The drama didn't end there for the half, however, as David Goodwillie's penalty is saved by Ben Williams to keep the scores level at the break.

Into the final quarter of the game, and Hibernian are still clinging on, despite being far worse on the night. But, alas, it would take yet another special strike from United to win this, with John Rankin's volley, itself voted the best goal of the month in the league, sweetly finding the top corner to win it.

And, with Hibs attacking in vain, an own goal at the other end sealed their fate. The whistle is blown to a song of booing, and Ally McDaid marches down the tunnel shaking his head.

Later that week, and the press are continuing their hilariously bad conferences and being ripped to shreds by the Edinburgh managers. One very nonsensical journalist, who one does wonder how they ever got any job, let alone this, named Nico Pauker continues to be at the centre of attention.

"Do you agree with Gordain's decision to transfer list Dylan McGowan?" he asks, clearly misplacing the fact that the Jambos are under a transfer embargo currently and that it is totally out of Dave's control.

And the friendly banter between the managers and the press continued, with once again the press playing the role of the victim perfectly.

McDaid leans back in his seat and applauds, sarcastically. "They're under a fucking transfer embargo, you imbecile," he replies. A startled silence ensues, followed closely by one soft chuckle after another, and then fits of laughter at Mr. Pauker. Enough questions for one day.

Back on the pitch, and Hibernian continue their better away form with a late victory against Kilmarnock, themselves in near-turmoil. Substitute James Collins replaces Nuno Gomes, and after two huge chances for the big striker, he finally slots one home with two minutes to play. Final score - 1-0. Relief.

And lastly comes the kind of match, on deadline day, that you would imagine to feature last on the weekly highlights shows. Without spoiling anything, the match against Ross County at home ended goalless. And really, that spoils nothing, as nothing actually happened all match.

Forced to focus on such nonchalant demeanors as the subs bench enjoying an expected yawn, the TV crews weren't the only people who were well and truly bored out of their minds.

And it showed. Clearly, you know a match if of poor quality when fans are leaving with thirty minutes to play and the game still in deadlock, and when even the most hardcore of supporter groups have slowed their singing to but a single line.

Hibernian had 0 shots.
A Nuno Gomes goal, late drama at Rugby Park & a lack of it v Ross County. Life doesn't get much better :P Congrats on your first league win, Eb :)

Like Father, Like Son

Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh. Sunday, 15th September 2013.
It was big news alright. Ally McDaid had reportedly begged his chairman, Rod Petrie, to find him a parent club and it's finally paid off.

St Mirren have Newcastle. Arsenal and Inverness have a link. Everybody knows about Vitesse and Chelsea.

Well, now Tottenham Hotspur are officially the parent club of Hibernian. Get in.

As well as an annual fee which will do more than a world of good to improve the Edinburgh club's finances, the link means McDaid will be able to bring in players on loan free of charge entirely.

McDaid will be hoping this can be the catalyst to spark a run of form after two goalless draws on the trot. The last, away at lowly St Johnstone, certainly had many more chances than the speak-of-it-not drab Ross County game, but once again came up fruitless. At least Dave Gordain's team are providing somewhat of an advert for the SPFL.

By the clicking of my thumbs, something brilliant this way comes.

Hearts Keep Rolling

It was a big week for Hearts, first they are officially out of administration! Douglas Cameron is the new chairman, while Kyle Cooper and Lee Hamill are working under him as directors in the new board. That means we can hire and fire again, although the way things are going and the fact that we're still poor, we won't make too many moves on that front unless it suits us. Although, my first hiring was made, and it was Paul Tosh as a coach.

In addition to that, we had a big game against Celtic, the home game all teams look forward to since it means a big gate and big cash, but it's the home game all managers hate since Celtic are the undisputed kings of the SPL. They were coming off a 1-0 loss to Dundee United and were overtaken for first, but still threatened.

They came out in a 4-4-1-1 formation that seemed rather timid, so I risked it since I wasn't counting on any points anyway, and rolled with my 3-4-3 formation. Surprisingly, we were putting Celtic on the back foot and our pressing worked tremendously, although we struggled to make our chances count and went to halftime 0-0. Ryan Stevenson cleaned up in the box and scored a tap in after a corner kick to put Hearts up 1-0, and I could hear the screams and cheers of the crowd intensify even more, and the songs became louder and happier. I switched out to a 4-3-3 formation to try to preserve the lead, and Scott Robinson doubled the lead with an amazing strike to cap off a great play, and the Hearts fans burst into a ball of emotion as they knew they were going to take a surprise 3 points from Celtic, and as the full time whistle blew, it was pandemonium. The players and coaches were all celebrating, and I was just so surprised with everything, I didn't really react, and I almost had tears in my eyes at how great this victory was. I could hear the fans chanting and singing into the night as I got a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. Still, we're not at 0 yet, but we're two wins away from getting there!

Matches Played: 6
Points: -6
Great writing from both parts. eb is doing well getting out of the negatives while Hibs are getting by :P

Oh, and: Rab 3-0 Pauker :))
GET IN XD! And I didn't say that :P

Race to Zero: Part 2

After the big victory against Celtic, we couldn't let our guard down because we still had plenty of matches to win and plenty of points to gain. We defeated Ross County 2-0 at their uneven pitch, and then faced Kilmarnock in the 3rd round of the Scottish League Cup. Both teams struggled on this rainy day, but it was Kilmarnock who scored first 83 minutes into the match. It looked like Hearts' cup run was over but we intensified our pace and forced the goalkeeper into a bad distribution, and into an easy goal for us to equalize. Both teams were knackered and found it tough to just survive through extra time, but they did, and it was penalties that was the ultimate decider, and thankfully this time in our favor, as we won 5-4 on penalties to advance to the quarterfinals, where we face Celtic again on a home draw. We did it before, we can do it now!

We also had a big match against Dundee United, which if we won would put us on 0 points. Once again, we played very well and defeated Dundee United 3-1 to get back to 0 points. If we hadn't the penalty, we'd be second behind Celtic, who are on 18 points.

I wish I could say Ally McDaid is doing as well, but I can't. I know he's doing his best, but his players are making deadly blunders, and it's wearing thin at his sanity. He needs to do something to get Hibs back on the right track, but I know he can do it. I feel kind of guilty, being on this hot run while McDaid is struggling. Hibernian needs to be tough too, or there isn't a rivalry, and I just want to see him succeed, and most of all, I don't want to see him snap and murder his goalkeeper after one more braindead attempt at a clearance.

Matches Played: 8
Points: 0
Rablador, why is your picture of Brian Limond?
This is a great story guys. As a Hibs fan I will be following this! Great derby win Rab & Well done on getting to 0 points Eb
Great to see you put that -15 to none now :D

Thinking Positive (Points)

After getting back to 0 points, it was time to continue our climb. I won the Manager of the Month award for September, buoyed by not dropping any points and a huge 2-0 victory over Celtic. Meanwhile, Hibernian kept dropping points and it looked like we'd be rivals on the table, too.

Our first match was against St. Mirren, we took the lead in the beginning, but it was slim, and St. Mirren equalized late to snatch a draw. One point. I was angry we couldn't secure the win at home, but 1 is better than 0. Our survival could come down to that point.

We played Motherwell next, and Danny Wilson quickly took the lead for us off a corner kick, but he got sent off soon after and Motherwell scored 2 goals to take the lead. With a man down, and a goal down on the road, how could we recover? Magnificently, it turned out. We scored four goals in the second half! Jamie Hamill scored off a corner and penalty, and Dylan McGowan, who recently won his first cap for Australia, scored on a class free kick that showed why he should get a second cap. Callum Paterson also scored, and we had a massive 5-2 road win after going down a man, putting us on 4 points.

Sadly, the good times couldn't last. We lost 1-0 at Kilmarnock, it was just unlucky. They scored their only shot on goal, while we had 7 shots on goal but none of them went in. I could've been angry, but I knew we were just unlucky, so I told my team that and they responded well. After 9 games unbeaten, it was time for a setback. We just need to get back on the wagon.

Ally McDaid is also in much higher spirits, after his Hibernian team defeated Aberdeen at home 2-1. I'm glad he won, too, because if he kept losing, he'd be down here with me, and I'd hate to have to kick Hibernian out of the league. Wankers.

Matches Played: 11
Points: 4

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