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Newcastle United FC - The Toon Crusade

Started on 1 April 2014 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 11 April 2014 by AlexTHFC
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Newcastle United FC - The Toon Crusade

Hello, everybody, and welcome to my next Football Manager 2014 story. Let me just start by explaining what has happened with my last few stories and saves. For United, I took somebody's advice for starting stories and it didn't work out for me. Then, with Margate, the save corrupted due to me being impatient. Then, you'd think I would've learnt to be a bit more patient for the two experiments? Wrong. I was in a hurry to do something while closing FM both times and both saves corrupted. I do have rolling saves, but that doesn't work for something I update game by game.

Overall, since I joined in June, I've had a lot of fun with stories, but the ones I've enjoyed the most are where there's something different - for example, my Santos one on FMH. That was a completely different continent to where I'd ever been before and it was great to play in. Then there was my Margate save on FM14, which I enjoyed as it was on my English Mega Leagues custom database. This one isn't a custom league or a different continent, however. This is a completely different database which can make the save either harder or easier depending on your attitude towards it.

So, ages ago, I downloaded this free agent database off of some website I can't remember, and it is only now that I've decided to start a save with it, thinking it could be a fun save to play. And right I was. I decided to take Premier League club Newcastle United and sign as many under 21 players as I could. And that turned out well as, at this moment in time, I only have 7 over 21 players in my entire squad. And I'm in November.

My goals for this save and story are the following:
- Qualify for Champions League
- Win the Premier League
- Win the Champions League
- Win the Club World Championship
And a few FA Cups and Capital One Cups won't hurt along the way!

If I do achieve all of these targets, I will start looking for another club to join and do the exact same thing, although it'll probably be a lot, lot harder to do with a team without a squad, because that has happened with a team in the Premier League and it was very easy to beat them.

This story will be writing and graphics based. Some updates will include writing (for example: the monthly updates and the transfer updates), but others will include graphics (for example: the squad overview). Some will include both, expect some surprises in what the updates are!

The manager for this story will simply be myself - because I know myself and it's easier to write for myself in interviews and stuff. Also, I can't think of an original Newcastle manager, so I decided to just use myself for a change to make the writing easier for myself.

As I'm in November, I can't update with the league tables, but I will make up for that (hopefully) in the detail of the updates. The result updates will be monthly, with each game being described in detail. The rest will be a surprise to you.

Newcastle United

Good start buddy! hoping this one doesnt corrupt for you; good luck!
Good luck bud! I'll be following, and I know that you can make this story last and succeed :)
Good start Alex and good luck :)
Good luck Alex!:)
Good luck from me, because I have the best luck you'll get alot of luck! :)


Today, FIFA has surprised the world with their new announcement set to change the world of football forever. Every single footballer in the world has been released from their clubs, leaving millions if not billions of free players up for grabs for every single football club. This means that, within the next few months, a team like Crystal Palace, Elche or Sassuolo could be one of the world leaders.

In an official statement from FIFA, these words were said, "In a move that we think will separate the cats from the pigeons, we have terminated the contracts of every single player in the world, letting everybody run free and decide which clubs they'd like to go to. We feel this is an interesting move that will turn everything upside down. Players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale may have to cope with lower wages if they are to get a club before the transfer window closes, or they may get lucky.

"While we know there are many inconveniences in this decision, we feel this move will take modern football forward. After this season, we will let the squads gel and bond without anymore hassle. We just thought it'd do football an improvement if this twist was put into action this season. The chairmen and managers can remain the same, although we do understand if some wish to quit their jobs and move on to something else. This is not for everyone, we understand. Although it is for those with brave hearts and are ready to try something new."

Not happy... The Barcelona chairman has filed a complaint about the decision to release every footballer in the world.

However, this is not how the fans or players are thinking. Fans of clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City are complaining that the change is unfair to the chairmen who have put money into signing these players, money that will all be for nothing. The chairman of Barcelona, who had players such as Lionel Messi, Pedro and Alexis Sanchez, has officially complained about the move, saying that it'll affect everybody, but do good to "rubbish teams".

Barcelona aren't the only team to take action against the decision. A large group of Southampton fans have started a petition online to get all of the players back into their clubs, but FIFA have said that their decision is final. The reason Southampton fans have protested could be because of their young players including Luke Shaw and James Ward-Prowse, or for their slightly older key players such as Morgan Schneiderlin and Adam Lallana.

On the other side of the scale, Olympique Lyonnais manager Remi Garde has praised the idea, saying it's a good chance for the smaller clubs and leagues to catch up with the bigger clubs and leagues. Garde, 47, also said that he will do his best to make the greatest squad possible for Lyon. Tomas Paclik, chairman of Viktoria Plzen, has also backed the idea to release all the players, repeating Garde's words by saying it's a good chance for teams and leagues to improve.

The players aren't the only people leaving their clubs, as some managers hate the idea so much that they've decided to resign from their clubs immediately until the teams are in some sort of shape. Notable managers from notable leagues are Alan Pardew from Newcastle United, Brendan Rodgers from Liverpool, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from Cardiff City, Uwe Rosler from Wigan Athletic and Laurent Blanc from Paris Saint-Germain.

Managers rumoured to replace these outgoing gaffers are Roberto Di Matteo, Glenn Hoddle, Malky Mackay, Guus Hiddink, Michael Laudrup, Co Adriaanse and Frank Rijkaard.

TodayAtTomorrow: Thanks, I'm really hoping it doesn't either :)
Neal: Thank you, I hope it does become a success, means a lot from you :)
pompeyblue: Thank you mate :)
Denzy: Thanks!
Viaza: Thanks, you'll see if that's helped at all ;)
Very good start mate! :D
Good luck, try and get Messi just to troll Barcelona
This sounds like a good idea :D
Good luck :D
Good start! Will be following this!
I hear Bareth Gale and Mionel Lessi is quite good! ;)
AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC
8 yearsEdited


At Newcastle United, chairman Mike Ashley has hired a replacement for resigning manager Alan Pardew, who left the club after being outraged at the decision by FIFA to release every footballer in the world - leaving every player to run free and join new clubs. This new replacement is not who was previously rumoured, however. No, it wasn't someone like Guus Hiddink, Malky Mackay, Michael Laudrup or Roberto Di Matteo. Instead, they have hired 26 year-old English rookie Alex Heardman, a nobody in the world of football.

Understandably, the Newcastle fans are in outrage over this decision, believing that someone like Mackay or Di Matteo were perfect for the job and that they've missed an opportunity. However, Ashley revealed that he thought English Heardman was a better suit to the job, saying the following in an interview with Sky Sports News, "While there were arguably better managers up for grabs like Michael Laudrup and Frank Rijkaard, I feel like Alex Heardman is a better suit for the job than the others. Managers like Rijkaard and Laudrup get too big for their boots, in my opinion, and they're worse than they say they are. But with Heardman, he has nothing to compare this to, and he has a clear target in mind."

"We understand that this is a huge risk for us to take at such an opportunity, but what Heardman has said to me in the job interview persuaded me to hire him as manager. He's on a 1 year contract, so if he messes up, he's out. But I have confidence in him and I know he won't let us down this season. Onwards and upwards for Newcastle United, I say, and Alex Heardman is the man to do it."

Heardman also spoke to Sky Sports News after Ashley introduced him to St James' Park, where he said this, "First of all, I would like to thank Mike Ashley for giving me this opportunity - I am sure it'll never come again for me, so I'm absolutely over the moon about this. It doesn't even feel real, believe me. Now to the Newcastle fans, I am as shocked as you are about this move, and I can assure you that I know what the fans want, and I am going to give every single breath I have into making this club great."

"I will aim to get as many youth players as possible - I already have a potential hopeful squad in my head with a squad full of reserves in mind. Three deals are pretty much done already, which is surprising to me and the club. I do want to make this club as good as I can, and I will not breathe until this club is breathing the flames of success."

There are rumours going around about the three players Newcastle have almost signed - some saying French defender Samuel Umtiti and Argentinian striker Luciano Vietto have been seen at St James' Park, with others saying English goalkeeper Jack Butland and midfielder George Thorne have signed for the Magpies. Until an official announcement for the entire squad is made, however, we can't be sure of what wonderkids Heardman will bring into the club.

@Josh_MU: Thanks mate :)
@sedsosedso: Thanks, I may or may not have got Messi. I may or may not have nearly got Messi then rejected him ;)
@AS4: Thanks, I'm enjoying the save at the moment :)
@BaggiesJames: Thank you! Good to know :)
@Nick: Meh, they're alright. I've just checked them out, never heard of them before ;)
I wish you luck managing the Toon.
Nice updates Alex, should be interesting to see which players you sign!

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