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Newcastle United FC - The Toon Crusade

Started on 1 April 2014 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 11 April 2014 by AlexTHFC
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Today, a whole bunch of rumours surrounding who Newcastle United, lead by rookie Alex Heardman, will sign to strengthen their squad, most of which supporting his earlier quotes saying he would sign as many youth players as possible. The rumours include French defender Samuel Umtiti, Argentinian striker Luciano Vietto, English goalkeeper and midfielder Jack Butland and George Thorne, German goalkeeper Bernd Leno and many more. Today, we will go through the deals we think are the best ten out there, including the other teams interested and the likelihood the deal will happen.

#5: Daniele Rugani (CB)

Daniele Rugani, previously at Juventus and Empoli due to co-ownership, is an Italian 19 year old centre back who has been rated as one of the best young centre backs in the world. With great determination, tackling and fitness, if Newcastle were to sign him, he could be the club's secret weapon. However, the Magpies aren't the only club interested in Rugani's signature. Rugani is also being chased by Manchester United, Juventus, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain amongst many others. If Newcastle were to offer the right contract, however, we think Rugani could play in black and white this season.

#4: Jack Butland (GK)

Jack Butland, previously at Birmingham City and Stoke City, is a 20 year old goalkeeper who is possibly one of the best young goalkeepers at the moment. At just 20 years old, we feel that Butland's agility, determination and reflexes would be enough to get him into the first team frequently at Newcastle and could be the key in their defense. However, like with Rugani, many clubs are chasing Butland - including Norwich City, Chelsea, Stoke City and Paris Saint-Germain again. We feel that, out of those five clubs, Butland would probably choose Newcastle as his club for the season, but offers from Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain would admittedly be hard to turn down.

#3: Rodrigo Gomez (AMR)

Rodrigo Gomez, previously at just one club in Argentinos, is a 20 year old attacking midfielder who we think is very underrated in the footballing world, and you have no idea how pleased we were when we heard that Newcastle were interested in the Argentinian. His acceleration, dribbling, determination and work rate would see him slip right into the Magpies' first team, but it's all about if they're actually interested. The only other club looking into signing Gomez are Argentinos, and if Newcastle offer him the right contract, he'll come running - and Heardman won't regret it.

#2: Kurt Zouma (DC)

Kurt Zouma, previously at Chelsea and AS Saint-Etienne, is a 19 year old centre back who not only is a great defender at his age, but we feel has the potential to be a great goalscorer for whatever club he decides to go to. His strength and heading is admirable, and his teamwork and bravery is something to look out for. But, once again, there are teams interested in Zouma that may persuade him to go there instead of St James' Park. Some of the more persuasive teams interested are Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Monaco, Arsenal and Real Madrid. Sadly, we think it's unlikely that Zouma will make the move to Newcastle this season, although we wouldn't put it out of the picture.

#1: Julian Draxler (AML)

Julian Draxler, previously at Schalke 04, is one of Europe's most exciting wingers at the moment, and the thought of him in the Premier League is mouthwatering. His ability to score from range, his technique, his dribbling and his first touch are just four of many appealing attributes about the 20 year old German. Sadly, we doubt he'll end up at Newastle due to the huge amount of interest in him from clubs like Bayern Munchen, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Manchester United and other huge, illustrious clubs. He may go to Newcastle for the first team football, but we don't think it'll happen.

So, there's our opinion on the top 5 Newcastle transfer rumours, but what do you think? Say so below if you have an opinion, or if you don't, tell us what you think we should do a top 5 of next! We're open to any ideas about Newcastle!

@Josh_MU: Thanks, I won't say how it's going right now, but let's just say I haven't quit yet :P
@pompeyblue: Thanks, I won't lie, my squad is amazing :P
Good to see a South American transfer target other than Vietto, Doria, Vitinho and Balanta ;)
Some very good players up there, it'd be amazing if you were able to get Draxler!
Kurt Zouma sounds good but Draxler would be amazing! Good luck but I hope you don't do too well with Newcastle ;)
Rugani and Zouma would make a beast CB combo! Draxler would be some signing as well! looking forward to the next update :)


Newcastle United have announced their squad for the season after every player was released from their clubs, meaning everybody was up for grabs. There are many surprises in the squad, such as the inclusions of German winger Julian Draxler and French defender Kurt Zouma. However, the most shocking player in the Magpies' squad is arguably Belgian striker Christian Benteke, who Alex Heardman has managed to get from no competition at all. Here is their squad in full.


Bernd Leno | Germany | 21 years old | 3.7M value | 65K p/w wages
Sergio Romero | Argentina | 26 years old | 6.75M value | 33.5K p/w wages
Jeronimo Rulli | Argentina | 21 years old | 0.6M value | 11K p/w wages
Keepers Bernd Leno and Sergio Romero were both rumoured with moves to the club, although a move for the former looked unlikely with interest from Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich. Sergio Romero, on the other hand, was a goalkeeper with no competition for him at all - Newcastle picked him up rather easily in what some could say is a bargain deal for the club. Meanwhile, Jeronimo Rulli, aged 21, is a wonderkid goalkeeper who is set to be one of the best goalkeepers in the league within a few years. Overall, a great set of goalkeepers for Newcastle, and a great start to their squad.

Left Backs

Natxo Monreal | Spain | 27 years old | 8.5M value | 45K p/w wages
Alex Grimaldo | Spain | 18 years old | 0.625M value | 10.25K p/w wages
The two Spanish left backs hadn't been rumoured with a move to Newcastle at all - with Monreal heavily tipped to move back to Arsenal and Grimaldo rumoured with a move to Juventus. However, both have been picked up on what could be great bargain deals for the Magpies, but with neither to really prove themselves in the Premier League, could they be backfires? We believe that the possibility of both backfiring is unlikely, and that these signings are great deals in the transfer market by Heardman.

Centre Backs

Nicolas Nkoulou | Cameroon | 23 years old | 9.5M value | 26.5K p/w wages
Daniele Rugani | Italy | 19 years old | 1M value | 5.25K p/w wages
Samuel Umtiti | France | 20 years old | 5.25M value | 15.25K p/w wages
Kurt Zouma | France | 19 years old | 4.8M value | 16K p/w wages
Only Rugani and Zouma had been linked with moves to St James' Park, and the possibility of the pair coming to Newcastle was looking unlikely. However, Rugani was picked up on the bargain wages of £5,250 per week, while Zouma was picked up on a very lowly 16,000 per week wage. Umtiti and Nkoulou were both linked to move to Chelsea, but they rejected a move to The Blues and came to Newcastle in a search for more first team football - although with Rugani and Zouma to compete with, we feel that's going to be hard.

Right Backs

Mayke | Brazil | 21 years old | 2.4M value | 13.25K p/w wages
Sam Byram | England | 20 years old | 1.5M value | 18.25K p/w wages
At right back, the Magpies managed to capture Brazilian wonderkid Mayke and English wonderkid Sam Byram both under £20,000 per week wages. Byram was only linked to moves to Bournemouth, Leeds United and Wigan Athletic, so a move to Newcastle wasn't exactly a big surprise - while Mayke was rumoured to be joining Galatasaray within the next few days, so we can't say that Heardman is lacking in the shock factor. With these two right backs to compete for first team spaces, we believe that the fullback positions are sorted at St James' Park.

Defensive Midfielders

Lucas Silva | Brazil | 20 years old | 2.8M value | 15.25K p/w wages
George Thorne | England | 20 years old | 1.6M value | 22K p/w wages
Although Heardman has revealed that his formation doesn't involve defensive midfielders, he went and signed two gems of players - Lucas Silva and George Thorne. Silva was linked with all sorts of moves, including a move to Real Madrid, and is believed to be up to changing to a central midfielder in the future, while Thorne was linked with a move to Fulham. It is believed that Thorne will be let out on loan to a Championship club such as Watford or Nottingham Forest within the coming months.

Centre Midfielders

Gaston Gil Romero | Argentina | 20 years old | 1.7M value | 8.25K p/w wages
Lucas Romero | Argentina | 19 years old | 7.25M value | 53K p/w wages
Leonardo Capezzi | Italy | 18 years old | 450K value | 0.6K p/w wages
Ruben Pardo | Spain | 21 years old | 4.3M value | 69K p/w wages
In the centre of the midfield, Newcastle have four great prospects for the future. Gaston Gil Romero, the first of two Argentinian centre midfielders in the team, is 20 years old and has been snapped up for a bargain wage deal, in our opinion. He's a great midfielder now, so we can only imagine how he's going to be in the future. Lucas Romero, the third Romero in the squad, is 19 years old with a very bright future - we think he'll fit right into the first team, which we'll post at the end. Meanwhile, Ruben Pardo is 21 years old and believed to be the vice-captain, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Finally, Leonardo Capezzi is 18 years old and a deal to send him on loan to Watford is almost finalised. We believe that, in midfield, Newcastle have pure class.

Left Wingers

Andre Ayew | Ghana | 23 years old | 7.5M value | 27K p/w wages
Julian Draxler | Germany | 20 years old | 13.5M value | 57K p/w wages
On the left wing, Newcastle have two unbelievable players. Julian Draxler, 20 years old, is one of the most exciting prospects in current world football, and will without a doubt be starting in the Magpies' first game of the season providing injuries don't get in the way. Andre Ayew, 23 years old, will have to step aside for Draxler, as, while he's full of talent, Draxler has been hailed by Heardman as the "star of the squad" in private, according to the Daily Mail and Marca. The left wing is very much sorted for Newcastle, and is set to wreck havoc in the Premier League.

Attacking Midfielders

Angel Correa | Argentina | 18 years old | 2.1M value | 13.25K p/w wages
Alen Halilovic | Croatia | 17 years old | 2.2M value | 17.75K p/w wages
Ross Barkley | England | 19 years old | 9.25M value | 125K p/w wages
Gabriel Iancu | Romania | 19 years old | 1.1M value | 10K p/w wages
In the attacking midfield, we believe that Heardman may have gone a little overboard with the amount of players he signed - but with the amount of great young attacking midfielders up for grabs, we don't blame him. 17 year old Alen Halilovic was linked with a move to either Tottenham Hotspur or Barcelona, but decided to move to Newcastle instead. Angel Correa, 18 years old, was linked with a move to Cardiff City, but also decided to move to the Magpies. Ross Barkley, English 19 year old wonder, was about to make a move to Arsenal, but rejected the Gunners for obvious reasons to move to Newcastle. Gabriel Iancu was fairly easy for Newcastle to sign, with nobody going for the Romanian 19 year old. The Newcastle attack is already looking superb.

Right Wingers

Agustin Allione | Argentina | 19 years old | 1.9M value | 9.5K p/w wages
Rodrigo Gomez | Argentina | 20 years old | 1.1M value | 7.75K p/w wages
The right winger position at Newcastle is apparently the position of the underdogs. Agustin Allione and Rodrigo Gomez are the two Argentinian right wingers who are set to destroy the Premier League despite their small reputation in world football. Nobody was interested in signing either player, so we were delighted when Newcastle swooped in for the pair - it just means that Heardman has an eye for the underdogs, which we feel is appropriate for the new manager of Newcastle United.


Mario Mandzukic | Croatia | 27 years old | 13M value | 250K p/w wages
Luciano Vietto | Argentina | 19 years old | 2.3M value | 11.25K p/w wages
Christian Benteke | Belgium | 22 years old | 8M value | 78K p/w wages
Kevin Volland | Germany | 21 years old | 18.75M value | 34K p/w wages
Donis Avdijaj | Germany | 17 years old | 2.5M value | 11.5K p/w wages
In the attack, there are many great names that it'll be hard for everybody to fight for the first team places. Mario Mandzukic is the oldest striker in the squad, at 27 years old, but we think he'll be a starter with his experience. Luciano Vietto, at 19 years old, is a star in the making - and we can tell that he'll be one of the secret weapons for Newcastle in seasons to come. The decision to sign Christian Benteke was a surprising one, but we'll take it as a good decision, even if he is only played in cup games. Another shock buy was German 21 year old Kevin Volland, who has shown absolute class in how he's played his football so far for previous clubs - and we expect him to be no different at Newcastle. Finally, 17 year old Donis Avdijaj was clearly a look into the future, and we think he could turn out to be the club's star player in the future.

Well, you've seen the squad, let's see what we think will be the first team and sub bench with all injuries forgotten.
Bernd Leno
Natxo Monreal - Daniele Rugani - Kurt Zouma - Mayke
Lucas Romero
Julian Draxler - Ross Barkley - Rodrigo Gomez
Mario Mandzukic - Kevin Volland
But what do you think the squad will be? Post below, and we'll find out soon!

@Walter: 10 South Americans in that squad, hope you're happy with that ;)
@Josh_MU: Thanks, I'm shocked I got Draxler, Zouma and Rugani, honestly. :)
@ZapdosTheGreat: Thanks, I'm surprised I got them both. And Newcastle will always be better than Middlesborough ;)
Giancarlo9: Thanks, I'm pleased with my team, Rugani and Zouma will be great together. Also, I notice that's your first post. I'm honoured to have your first post, and hope there are many more to come :)
Ayew and Draxler! YES! It'll be interesting to see how the team gels! :)
Come on Sunderland!!!
What a great squad!


Today, Nicolas Nkoulou has been named as the Newcastle United captain by manager Alex Heardman, with 20 year old striker Kevin Volland being named as vice-captain. This move isn't surprising, bearing in mind the amount of under 21 players in their squad, which may help or hinder the Magpies...

New skipper... Nicolas Nkoulou has been named as the new captain of Newcastle United due to the amount of young players in the squad.

The 23 year old Cameroonian signed for the club in the official squad release last week, and with the pre-season looming, manager Alex Heardman had to name a new captain - and it turned out to be Nkoulou. This comes as a surprise to some fans, who found Kurt Zouma and Daniele Rugani to be better defenders and Ruben Pardo, Mario Mandzukic and Lucas Romero to be better candidates for captain, but overall, people are happy with the appointment of him as captain.

Nkoulou himself said in an interview with ESPN, "The last few weeks have been a complete rollercoaster. First, I got released from my club with little or no hope of rejoining, but then Newcastle came along. I signed for them immediately and now I'm club captain! My career has definitely taken a turn for the better with this new twist FIFA have put into action."

"I never thought I'd play in the Premier League at this age, and it looks like I'm one of the older ones! But that just means I have a little more experience than everyone else, and I'm not going to go bossing everyone around just because I'm captain - I won't let it get to me, or my career will pay. I owe all my good fortune in these last few weeks to Alex Heardman and Mike Ashley. People doubt Heardman, but I know he'll succeed."

Meanwhile, 20 year old Kevin Volland has been named as vice-captain of the club, which comes as more of a surprise than Nkoulou, with fans expecting that Ruben Pardo or Mario Mandzukic would take the spot. However, as with Nkoulou, the fans are not at all disappointed with the German becoming vice-captain, hoping it'll raise his morale and confidence, logically making him play better football to take Newcastle to great heights.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Volland said, "To have been released from Hoffenheim, joined Newcastle and been named as vice-captain within a week or two is... a lot to take in, to say the least. At just 20 years old, who knows what else my career will give me, but being the vice-captain at a strong Premier League club has given me hope for the future, and I'm hoping my future can be at Newcastle, but who knows?"

"I would like to thank manager Alex Heardman, he's a real underdog in the football society. I feel that he represents Newcastle as a club, honestly. We're huge underdogs in the league, and I like it that way. I do want to do well with Newcastle, but I'm happy to just be vice-captain of the club - who cares how we do this season?"

Heardman, 26, joined the Magpies about two weeks ago after Alan Pardew left the club due to the shock decision by FIFA to release every footballer in the world. Heardman was up to the challenge and persuaded chairman Mike Ashley to hire him, and since, Heardman has constructed a squad of under 21 players, meaning the team will last a very long time. However, he has made it clear that he's signing more in January - but with the other players inevitably ageing within the next few seasons, surely he'll have to sell to make those deals possible?

@Giancarlo9: Thanks, you'll see how the team gels within the next few updates. :)
@The 510 Series: I assume that was autocorrect? ;)
@Josh_MU: I did say it was amazing ;) Thanks for reviewing :)
Very detailed update there mate. Risky naming a player of Volland's age to be the vice-captain but it could work out!
Some more really good updates Alex and what a squad you have!


Since 26 year old rookie Alex Heardman took over at Newcastle and named his ambitions for what he planned to do with the new twist FIFA put in action, the expectations for the Magpies to succeed have been somewhat high considering the Englishman's minute reputation in football at all. However, in a mixed pre-season, there were definitely some signs that the squad Heardman built up could be a threat in the Premier League, with the team already beginning to gel.

The beginning of this mixed pre-season for Newcastle was in Ukraine, where the Magpies faced strong Ukrainian side Metalist Kharkiv. The first eight of thirty two signings played in this game - although one came on at half time. Ruben Pardo, Kevin Volland and Leonardo Capezzi all had disappointing games for Newcastle, while Andre Ayew, Alen Halilovic and Gaston Gil Romero played averagely in the fixture. Kurt Zouma played a good game for the Magpies, but it was Donis Avdijaj who picked up the man of the match for both Newcastle and the entire game.
The scoring was opened by Metalist's Vitaliy Targanchuk - the Ukrainian winger grabbing a goal early in the second half as the ball sailed into the back of the net via a half volley. However, the lead only lasted 9 minues as German striker Donis Avdijaj levelled the scoring for Newcastle in the 60th minute of action. No more goals were scored, although Newcastle got close on many occasions. The final score in Ukraine was Metalist 1 - 1 Newcastle.

The next friendly match for Newcastle was a trip to Carlisle to play League 1 side Carlisle United at Brunton Park. The whole squad was full of new signings, including previously unannounced through no fault of my own Gabriel Barbosa and Guido Vadala. Luciano Vietto, Daniele Rugani and Gabriel Barbosa all played averagely at Brunton Park, while Kurt Zouma, Lucas Silva and Bernd Leno were slightly better. Mayke, Andre Ayew and Ross Barkley all helped Newcastle to their eventual result, while Nicolas Nkoulou, Julian Draxler, Natxo Monreal and Samuel Umtiti played excellent football in the game. Mario Mandzukic was the eventual man of the match, but it could've gone to him or Draxler.
In the 33rd minute, Cameroonian defender and captain Nicolas Nkoulou opened the scoring for Newcastle, and deservedly so. 3 minutes later, Croatian 27 year old striker Mario Mandzukic doubled the Magpies' lead to make the score 2-0. Despite various chances for Newcastle, the Toon never got another goal in the match, meaning the final score was Carlisle 0 - 2 Newcastle.

The next game for Newcastle was probably the hardest of the pre-season on paper, although, in reality, it wasn't so hard. Every player in the squad played average games, with Angel Correa, Gabriel Iancu and Rodrigo Gomez making their debuts and Kurt Zouma standing out in particular. Mayke, Nicolas Nkoulou and Alen Halilovic also played good games, but it was Zouma who picked up the man of the match award.
In what was an eventless game, Alen Halilovic was the only player to get a goal in the 6th minute to give Newcastle the lead, which they managed to hold on to throughout the match. The final score was Newcastle 1 - 0 PSG.

One of the more disappointing games of Newcastle's pre-season came in Spain, where the Magpies took on Liga BBVA side Celta Vigo. Agustin Allione and Sergio Romero made average starts to their Newcastle careers. Ross Barkley, Julian Draxler, Samuel Umtiti and Daniele Rugani all had games they hope to forget quickly, as did Angel Correa. Mayke, Kevin Volland, Natxo Monreal, Andre Ayew, Kurt Zouma, Bernd Leno and Lucas Silva also played average games, while Nicolas Knoulou, Mario Mandzukic, Rodrigo Gomez and Gabriel Iancu played good games for the club.
The game started quickly as Gorka scored his first for Celta to put the Spanish side ahead, but Mario Mandzukic equalised for Newcastle just a minute later. Gorka then pulled Celta ahead again just before half time, but, once again, Newcastle had an answer - this time through Rodrigo Gomez in the 73rd minute. Finally, Gorka sealed the win and his thrid goal in injury time to make Celta victorious. Celta 3 - 2 Newcastle.

Newcastle bounced back from their Celta defeat well with this game against Gangwon in China. No debuts were made at the Gangnueng Stadium, but some players upped their games. Andre Ayew, Donis Avdijaj, Luciano Vietto and Ruben Pardo played poorly in the game and were all subbed, but that couldn't be said for Sergio Romero, Mayke, Kurt Zouma, Samuel Umtiti, Natxo Monreal, Gaston Gil Romero, Alen Halilovic, Bernd Leno, Nicolas Nkoulou, Ross Barkley, Gabriel Barbosa, Daniele Rugani, Kevin Volland, Lucas Silva, Gabriel Iancu and Mario Mandzukic, who all played fantastic games.
In the first half, Newcastle dominated the game but failed to score at all. However, with a few changes to the team at half time to strengthen the attack, the team improved drastically. The chances were closer to actual goals, and Mario Mandzukic put Newcastle in the lead with a 76th minute goal. Gabriel Iancu completed ther rout for the Magpies in injury time to bring Newcastle to victory. Gangwon 0 - 2 Newcastle.

In what was the most disappointing game of Newcastle's pre-season by far, the Magpies travelled to Busan. Agustin Allione had a game he would most likely want to forget, as did Natxo Monreal and Nicolas Nkoulou, who had miserable games. Kevin Volland, Mayke and Angel Correa weren't much better - although Bernd Leno, Lucas Romero, Mario Mandzukic, Daniele Rugani, Luciano Vietto, Rodrigo Gomez, Samuel Umtiti and Gabriel Iancu played average games. Kurt Zouma and Julian Draxler were the only good signs, with Draxler picking up the Newcastle player of the match award.
Busan's Kwon Dong-Chul opened the scoring 22 minutes into the game, and that was it for the first half. Two quick goals for the Chinese club came from Yoo Ki-Je and Dong-Chul just into the second half, and Newcastle were most definitely doomed for the game. Julian Draxler provided the Magpies with a consolation, but that was all it was in the 80th minute. Busan 3 - 1 Newcastle.

Another bounceback game for Newcastle came at the Changwon Football Center, where the Magpies played Gyeongnam. Gabriel Barbosa and Andre Ayew both played poorly, but it was more than made up for in the other performances. While Samuel Umtiti, Ruben Pardo, Donis Avdijaj, Sergio Romero, Ross Barkley, Agustin Allione and Luciano Vietto had mediocre games, it was Mayke, Nicolas Nkoulou, Natxo Monreal and Rodrigo Gomez who made the difference - with the latter becoming man of the match.
It was a game where one thing happened and the rest of the game was even and slightly dull, because Rodrigo Gomez put Newcastle ahead 7 minutes into the game to finish the scoring and pretty much the match. Nothing else happened that is worth noting. Gyeongnam 0 - 1 Newcastle.

In an average game between two tired sides, Mallorca hosted Newcastle in the penultimate game of their pre-season. Kurt Zouma and Lucas Silva had uncharacteristically poor games, while most of the team had average games - with Mario Mandzukic standing out above everybody else to become man of the match for the game.
In the first half, Mallorca dominated, with Jesús opening the scoring halfway through the first 45 minutes. Captain Fran Oltra then doubled Mallorca's lead ten minutes later, leaving Newcastle demotivated going into the second half. However, Heardman must've given his side a heroic team talk, as Alen Halilovic stunned the Spanish side by scoring almost as soon as the game restarted, with Mario Mandzukic pulling the game level. Mallorca 2 - 2 Newcastle.

The final game of Newcastle's pre-season was hosting Spanish giants Barcelona in a game to see if Alex Heardman's side were truly good enough to beat the best of the best. However, the entire squad had a terrible game, with George Thorne's debut being the only highlight of the entire match.
Adrian Alonso got the two goals for Barcelona in quick succession before half time to finish the game off before it was even halfway through. Newcastle had played abysmally throughout and the defeat was no surprise. Newcastle 0 - 2 Barcleona.

Does that final defeat show that Newcastle's squad isn't good enough to take on the Premier League yet? We will soon find out, with the start of the season getting ever closer...

@Josh_MU: Thanks, I thought it'd help the morale of one of the key players at his age, I think I can count on him to do well for us.
@pompeyblue: Thanks! I'm very happy with my squad :)
Very detailed update, little suggestion, maybe make your results a little more visual? Apart from that another great update!
Alex, loving the dynamism of the squad, being so young! However, the first season is unlikely to go fantastically so hopefully the board share the same vision as you! :) Some great detailed updates.

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