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Started on 5 April 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 3 October 2014 by SteveZR963
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Managers on the touchline, getting sent off by the ref occasionally. Coloured netting specific to teams as in real life, ie Livepool have red nets, Hull have black and amber etc. Ball boys throwing the ball back. There are many things that would make the game more realistic it's just that SI don't want to fire all their bullets at once.
Much better press conferences with new questions, been same sort of questions for years
New matchday sounds
Be able to send players to warm up
Sports science is big in football now, maybe something new to do with that would be good
Also for testimonial games, be able to bring retired legends back
I would like to see more depth to the training. Perhaps even see the players training.
new things to train that are more specific and also to be able to see why my players are content with the training or unhappy with it.

the term unhappy with the high training workload does not tell me why or how i can fix it.

other than that i love the game
I would defo like to see some sort of celebration ceremony when you have eon a cup/league.
Also be able to go and watch your next opponent play so u can think of how to play against them.
When in a press conference, have a pucture of sponsors and the league badge, like they do behind managers.
Its been said before but been able to start as under 21s and try work ur way up and also been able to be a caretaker manager and depending on results your gave a full contract.
I know they have all been said but the nore said the more chance it happening.
And another one is when there is a throw in,they take ages some times,in realality they would be booked for time wasting.
I'd like very much some kind of build in tactic analyser, that would tell me what tactics are the best for my team, and what tactic should I use again specific opponent. Or which players are weak links in my existing tactic. I know that most real fans will hate it, but think to put such analyser in game store. I would definitely bye one like that and many others lazy guys too.
I would like to see the introduction of quick free-kicks and throw-ins in to the game. Almost every single team worth their salt these days utilises quick free-kicks and throw-ins to keep a rhythm and tempo in their play. The days of the long ball free-kicks and throw-ins are almost beyond us. I know that Quick Throw-Ins are already in the game but they are quite simply not quick enough. Perhaps there could be an addition to the team instructions to take quick set-pieces, in the general section. This would be a much welcome to addition to many FMers as we want our teams to play quicker and smoother football.

To add to that, I think that referees are too slow in the game. In real life, referees are practically sprinting to incidents as if their lives depended on it. In my opinion, the game is slowed down too much by slow referees in the match engine. Hopefully they can be sped up.
Doodle's avatar Group Doodle
10 yearsEdited
Graph of value of the player changing over time. I don't see how that has not been included in the game so far. Many of us develop youth to sell and that is immensely important indicator of when to sell and what the progress is like.

I know FM is far superior game to fifa manager when it comes down to detail, but having said that there is a lot of stuff that is more "user-friendly" with fifa manager.
I would like more "off pitch" stuff added...
Players being tired coz of partying, maybe if young players hang out with older to drink and party they get lazy and arrogant or pick up some bad habits(gambling etc) . You as manager can fine them. Or they can get stressed out by getting a baby or something.
Would like to see simplified way to find out opponents team weaknesses to exploit.

Different and more to eye pleasing way to control training, invest into facilities (training ground)-it is visually much nicer in fifa manager.
A way to control merchandise sales, set prices of football shirts, mugs, scarfs, season tickets etc. Maybe assign a player to sign shirts for fans which would boost shirt sales but make him tired etc.

Make transfers with exchange possible or money+player for better player or money+player on loan for better player.

Another thing is moving part of football manager on phones... I understand phones a are not capable of running football manager as we know it on pc. But just imagine if you could save the game on pc on "cloud" and then have app on phone where you could browse through players database at least, make notes in spare time when you are not using pc. That is what phones can do, doesn't require no game animations etc.

Plus other stuff that has been mentioned before. Sponsor deals, fans singing football chants...
clawnfish's avatar Group clawnfish
10 yearsEdited
* More flexibility with the free kicks and corners:
** More set piece instruction sets per tactic.
** Set piece instructions per area on the field.
** More details about how the set piece will be used.
** More flexibility about the player instructions about where they stand, how they react.

At the moment we can only define and train one set of instructions per tactic but in real life you can have much more then 1 (one) set piece instructions. So we should be able to add as much set piece instructions to be trained as we want per tactic. There can be a limit of course , maybe 5-6, even 3 would be much better than what we have now.

Also inside the set piece instructions, there are some which can only be assigned to one player but in reality that is something that can be assigned to more than 1 player at the same time. For example, "lurk outside area", " challenge keeper","attack ball from deep", etc.

For free kicks we should also be able to define different instructions depending on the place from where the free kick is taken. I should be able to say if the free kick is taken from a very tight angle to the goal,say from the left side of the goal, then I may have my left footed player to send a cross inside the area but if it is a more facing position, then I can have my right footed player to send the ball directly to the goal.

Also for both corners and free kicks, if i use short option, then I may be able to give instruction for the player who is standing there for the short option about what to do when he gets the ball.
* More options for player interaction:
i.e.: You promise a player that you will offer a new contract in a certain amount of time/if he plays well, etc. That time comes, you offer a contract, you cannot come to an agreement with the Agent, the player still has at least a few years on his contract so you give up and end the negotiation. The player ,at the moment, reacts as if you did not even try to negotiate a new contract. There must be the possibility in the private chat window to talk about this and saying something like, "Look, I tried but your agent is not realistic.." etc.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
I'd like to see more features as a national manager like talking to the boardroom to improve funding for grassroots to bring through more wonder kids or training facilities to improve the current players like England have done with St Georges Park. Just needs more interaction with the countries FA instead of them just giving targets.
Easier to watch staff progression. We can easily see when the attributes of a player goes up and down. This should be applied for the staff aswell, interesting at least for coaches early in their career.
It was probably mentioned before but I've love to play as an existing manager without having to go into the database and make changes. The game could give you the option to either "Play as an existing manager" or "Create your own manager". I think this would be a great addition to FM15.
Me and LFC have just come up with an idea. Have the chairman of each countries FA in there, so you can make requests like a new stadium or host the next major tournament or invest in grass roots facilities, just as you would in at a club, just at international level
ild like to see being able to talk to other mangers ask for advice talk about players esp the managers that like you....don't see the point in them liking you if you cant do anything about it doent make transfer cheaper....

I would also like some kinda match of the day thing where you go on talk about that weeks games see the goal highlights talk to pundits and press.. but because not everyone would like that the option to turn it down like you can do for the end of transfers day

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