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What do you want to see in FM15?

Write down your feature requests for Football Manager 2015. Share your FM2015 wishlist with us!
Started on 5 April 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 3 October 2014 by SteveZR963
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I'd want the option to fund affiliated teams' facilities, I always get recommended teams with bad training facilities.
After all it is an affiliation, its supposed to be a joint venture.
how about doing something with the stadium, like increase/decrease tickets prices, putting on charity matches to make profits or adding food and drink stalls to get that little extra out of fans to help make profits to develop the stadium, the players and give fans something back like stadium tours or discounts of big matches to increases attendances.
Apologies if this has been brought up before......

I would like to see at a minimum; possibly at first go a R click system integrated in to the "TACTICS - SET PIECES" wizardry section within the game.

Keep the default for attack and defenders for sure even add to them.

But give us the ability to making players runs at these pieces, for the really keen who agree ...

Maybe down to the degree of which members of your squad can man mark a particular opposition player at these occurrences of events.

Thx 4 having me FMS.........

just a thought anyways
Apologies again if mentioned prior

I would also like to have my own proper inbox where I can create and name folders for storage of emails containing info. or documents I'd like to keep as immediate action or reading might not have to be immediate.

I'd like teams to be set some stadium names in the editor. So for example Liverpool would be set "Stanley Park" and they would name it that instead of "Dalglish Stadium" or "Gerrard Arena".
Or you could choose to name your stadium yourself. Thankfully, with the aid of FMEL, you can change your stadium name from "New Anfield" to whatever you want, such as "The Rainham Steel Stadium". :P
I would quite like to be given attributes as a manager like there are for the other managers in the game. It would be good to see these develop depending on how well you do.
- Probably already been mentioned, but the ability to go and see any match you like e.g the World Cup final or just an ordinary league game to take a look at a player you're interested in (like other managers do). It would be very nice to just drop in and take charge of the Under 21's every now and then without having to sack the manager and take responsibility for yourself.

- I'd also like to see much more varied goals in the match engine, so that no two goals look the same... okay maybe a little bit ambitious but I'm sure you catch my drift!

- Better regen faces. 'Nuff said.

- More varied press conferences. I can't remember the last time I attended one myself as opposed to just sending my very media-friendly Assistant. This is because I'm sick and tired of being asked the same questions EVERY SINGLE TIME.

- Make it easier to buy world-class players. I should not be having bids of £40m for Phil Jones rejected by Man United!!!
I apologise if this has already been mentioned before:

Because it's really hard to sign certain players I think it would be great it you could hold talks with agents and try to convince them to join you ie. Vidal is a very hard player to sign on FM14, with this feature say you could discuss the contract you would offer him so he may at least enter negotiations with you should a bid be accepted.
To me, there are a few things that can be improved. Firstly, trying to sign some players is a nightmare if you're a club with a high stature, yet they will sell to other clubs for a lower fee as they aren't a direct rival - the negotiations need to improve.

I also think there should be more of a corporate aspect to the game. Most clubs go on tour every year, and a few play in prestigious pre-season tournaments. The fonancial gains of participating should be increased, as should the role of sponsors. I'd like to see an aspect where the board draws up a list of interested sponsors and their demands, and you make recommendations in the same way you do with feeder clubs.
To be able to train other teams, like U21 or reserve team. It is more naturally and realistic if you work hard on younger teams and get promoted to first squad then just choosing the dream team.

Also include board positions. If you become a training legend in the club to be able to be signed in the management position (or chairman).

To be able to direct contact the player when transferring, and include the dirty part of the job. (player wanting to leave the club, not training for the club...

One of the most things I'd like to be changed is the opportunity to repay the bank loan when you have the amount you owe.

More realistic support and marketing income (if you sign a player from china or india it should have a bigger influence)

TABS ! Football Manager really need tabs, like Google Chrome or Firefox Tabs !
In FM, you always have to play as yourself, and when you start a new save, you are always starting from scratch. Zero managerial experience.

I'd like to see either:

A much more editable managerial profile when starting a new save. Create a history of clubs managed, trophies won, win percentage etc, if you want to enter the game as a highly decorated, experienced elite manager, or even just to set up a basic level of managerial experience, rather than just a completely clean slate.

Or, it would be great to take control of an existing manager in the game. So, if you were to select Jose Mourinho, you would start the game as the Chelsea manager. You would take control of him with his pre-existing level of experience, his relationships with clubs, players, other managers and his current reputation.

And press conferences. It's been the same questions for years. Some questions, you often get 5 possible answers which are the exact same answer, just worded differently. They need to be revamped.
They should add a "Social Life" feature when you can buy a house and a car and whatnot or they should remove the "Career Earnings" feature because it's completely redundant.

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