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Crewe Alexandra - The Savaging Railwaymen

Started on 20 April 2014 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 29 May 2014 by HamoudiLFC
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In what has been called shocking news down in the Football League One of England, Steve Davis has left Crewe Alexandra. A mediocre season last year which saw them finish 13th in League One - one year after getting promoted from League Two - led to the news of today. Steve Davis did answer the media and has explained why he has left the club.

"Well, it's been 3 years. I've talked with John Bowler (the chairman) and our conversation led to an agreement. I know who's coming in next, yes. He's a young man - well, for a manager - and he has been at this club. Many people here, especially Dario Gradi (former Manager of Crewe and current Youth Coach) know him from his years here in the late 90's. I saw that my time here has ended and I hope the new manager does a great job here. In a few days to around a week, all of the Crewe fans will find out. I'm not sure if all of you will be happy but, this manager will take you to the Premier League. Mark my words."

Steve Davis left Crewe fans in shock and also, waiting to find out who their new manager will be. Will the manager actually take them up to the Premier League? Will Crewe's extraordinary youth system finally take them to the top? Tune in tomorrow to hear about the club and their history.


Author's Note

Well, I guess I'm back. I haven't been finding a save to do, I am even currently making Superleagues for Regions in the World like the Caribbean, Central America, Central Europe, etc. That is still in progress but I still need a bit of help. I have goals set for this story, with it being mainly about my youth but I will be able to buy players.

Personal Goals
-Take Crewe to the Premier League
-Become the best manager in England, then the world
-Win 15+ trophies
-Become a Legend for Crewe
-Remain at the club for 24 years (surpassing Dario Gradi)
-Manage a National Team to a Major Trophy

Club Goals
-Win the Football League One
-Win the Football Championship
-Win the Premier League
-Win the FA Cup
-Win the Europa League
-Win the Champions League
-Build a Stadium over 40k (currently 10.1k)
-Win over 10 Premier Leagues
-Win over 7 FA Cups
Oooh good luck, Crewe are a really good team to do a story with a great youth set-up!
A really good choice for a team :D
Good luckkkk! :)
Good luck!

Crewe Alexandra - Information and History

Founded in 1877 and based in Crewe, Cheshire - Crewe Alexandra are a professional club with potential that has not been fulfilled yet. They are nicknamed “The Railwaymen” due to the town's links with the railway industry, and they have one of the better youth systems in England. They play their games at the Alexandra Stadium which boasts a 10,109 all-seater capacity, not bad for a League One team. Besides two Welsh Cup wins in 1936 and 1937, their only trophy was one last season at Wembley with Steve Davis - The Football League Trophy. Their best ever finish was coming 11th in the Football League Championship in 1997/98, under their legendary manager Dario Gradi, who now operates as the Head of Youth Development here at Crewe.

Legends: Dario Gradi (Manager)
Icons: Dean Ashton, Danny Murphy, Nick Powell, Adam Dugdale (Players) Steve Davis (Manager)
Favoured Personnel: Rob Hulse, Nicky Maynard, Neil Lennon, Luke Varney, Madjid Bougherra, Clayton Ince, Lee Bell, Rodney Jack, Steve MacAuley, Luke Murphy, Robbie Savage (Players)

Crewe Alexandra share a historic rivalry with Wrexham, while Shrewsbury Town and Stockport County are minor local rivals with Crewe. There will be a fierce rivalry in the League One this season as local rivals Port Vale will be up against Crewe Alexandra. Although, if Crewe ever make the Premier League, fierce rivals Stoke City should watch out.

Crewe are predicted to be relegated this season, with a media prediction of 23rd and odds of 40-1. They are one of the richest clubs in League One, and they have a Youth Setup of Level 2. Can they avoid relegation with their mystery of a new manager?

Crewe Alexandra: A Background


Robert William Savage, born in Clwyd, Wrexham, Wales has left his post as a pundit on BBC Radio 5 for the show 606 to return here in Cheshire to manage his former club - Crewe Alexandra. Robbie - labelled as one of the dirtiest players in the game (he racked up the second most yellow cards in the history of the Premier League, preceded by Lee Bowyer) - played for Crewe in between 1994-1997 after never playing a professional game for Manchester United as a striker. He then switched into midfield and proved himself as a great young player at Crewe, helping them to reach the second tier of English football before handing in a transfer request to the manager at the time, Dario Gradi.

Savage playing for Crewe.

Robbie Savage has no history of coaching or managing in football, but he has claimed that he has been finishing his coaching licences over the past few years, and finally said he was “lucky enough” to get the Crewe job, as his first. His first professional club as a player (he never played a game at United), is his first professional club as a manager. Let’s find out the reactions from Robbie, Dario Gradi and the fans.

Robbie Savage: “I’m very pleased to be back here. I’m very happy that this is my first job and I hope that I will stay here for a long time. What Steve Davis has said, that is very true. I aim to take you to the Premier League. As a player, in 1997 I was part of the team that went up to the second tier and I hope to do it again in the next 1-3 season. The project will start from now. The youth system here is phenomenal so we do not have to always count on money here, and that’s what I like.”

(on Max Clayton leaving the club next season)“Well, of course I want to keep the boy. He fits in my plans very well. I do not want him to leave for nothing next year, and neither do I want him to leave this year. I have a deal in mind and I hope it works, but for now we will not talk about transfers.

(on tactics)“I’m not going to reveal very much am I? All I know is, to start off something you have to start off with the basics. Let’s see how it goes…”

(on the chairman)“John was fantastic in helping me with my coaching qualifications 2 years ago, and as I said - I am very lucky to be here.”

(on Robbie’s approach to the game - aggressive and dirty like he was?)*laughs* “Well as I said I will not be revealing anything right now, but the managers will look at me in a different way because of my aggressive past. Who cares what these f*ckers think, I’m here to take Crewe to the top!”

A very intriguing press conference by Robbie and lots to find out about, will he be fined for swearing though?

Dario Gradi: “Yeah it’s true, I’m very happy for him to be here. I just can’t imagine how 15 years ago I was his manager, and now he is my boss. *smiles*, I’m very proud of Robbie and I hope he does a great job here with my beloved club, and I hope he doesn’t leave us after 3 years again.” *everybody chuckles*

Crewe Fan #1: “I’m not too sure what to think right now, Robbie is back but can he handle the pressure?”

Crewe Fan #2: “I believe he will do a great job like Steve Davis said, you’ll see. We should give him time too, as this is his first job in Football. We can do this Railwaymen!”

Crewe Fan #3: “Fair enough there is a good atmosphere around the club but has anybody thought about the consequences if Robbie does any of his antics to give our club a bad reputation?”

Crewe Fan #4: “I think with a new manager, at this point of time - we are destined for relegation. Stevie should’ve stayed, but football is a fickle game. I will support Robbie with all my heart though!”

So that is what all the fans think. Dario Gradi is very happy, and the fans have mixed reactions. Where will Crewe finish this season, is the question?

good luck!
Interesting appointment. Hopefully Savage can do a good job at Crewe.

Robbie is Back!

RS - Robbie Savage
DG - Dario Gradi
SQ - Squad

RS - Boys, it’s great to be back here. Many of you will not know me personally besides Dario, but I’m pleased to be working with you boys. A few of you here I will be talking to personally but I want to talk to the squad as a whole at first. How are we feeling? On another note, the staff here are all staying as they are used to working with you.

SQ - How do you think? We’ve just came off the back of a cup win at Wembley, we’re great!

RS - That’s fantastic. Who reckons we can avoid relegation and edge towards the top half gradually over the next 1-3 seasons? I think we can. Avoiding relegation is top priority. We have a good squad with good stability and the bookmakers think we’re gonna get relegated! Are you going to listen to their bullshit lads?!

SQ - Nope, we don’t ever listen to the media. Rule #1 made by Dario Gradi over the years was to avoid media anywhere possible. Don’t stick to the media predictions, we decide where we finish.

RS - That’s the exact same thing the bastard had told me! *laughs everywhere* Any-

DG - Who you callin’ a bastard, bastard? *gives Robbie a hug while laughing*, I’ve missed you mate, it’s been 15 years without ya’. You’ve become a handsome chap haven’t you. You ready to topple me off as the best manager the Railwaymen have ever had?

RS - Would love to do that Dario, but if there was anyone who I owe my career to it would be you, you were my manager when my career started off! Anyways, I need to speak to a couple of individuals - Max Clayton and Thierry Audel. Everyone else can have a good day, training starts at 9 AM sharp tomorrow!

MC - Max Clayton
TA - Thierry Audel

RS - Maxie, how are you? Let’s be honest here. You’re our best player here, and your contract expires next year. Lots of Premiership clubs are in for you, but obviously I want you here. What do you think of our project? I aim for a 4-4-2 base formation, and we have Uche (Ikpeazu) or Vadaine (Oliver) as our target man. The other striker is going to be an Advanced Forward, as if he would play in the hole. AJ (Leitch-Smith) is our backup, you’re the man to make the magic. Do you want to stay, Maxie?

MC - Well if I’m honest, I love Crewe for developing me and all, and I would stay this year but I want to leave by 2014. You have to accept that I need to leave, to a bigger club. I want to fulfill my potential and with Crewe I’m not guaranteed that we will reach the Premier League. You’ll have to tell AJ one of two things - he is the starter, or he will play second fiddle until I leave. All I know is he needs to know he will be starting games this year or the next. If you want to get money off my transfer, why not sell me and keep me on loan for a season?

RS - You’re a bloody genius Maxie. It was good talking to you, you may leave boy. Thierry, come on here!

TA - Yes, sir?

RS - I’m afraid to tell you, that I do not see your name in any of my plans for the season. You can either terminate your contract or find a club, you don’t fit the bill for this squad. I’m sorry mate, but as a manager I have to break it to you.

TA - F*cking bullshit! Why not give me a chance? Surely you have not seen me play yet. I demand a chance. No f*cking around sir, no f*cking around. I demand a chance.

RS - You have pre-season to show me what you have, and if you don’t show me shit - you can f*ck right off. Get out.

As a Crewe fan myself, I'll be following this one.. I haven't yet started a file with them, so I'll be interested to see how this pans out.

Formation and Tactics - The Base

Boys, as a new manager in football, I will have to start off with the basics. 4-4-2. We are in lower league football therefore we will need to adapt to the basics before anything. I have my 1st 11 in mind already after watching you boys in training and pre-season (more on that will be mentioned in future updates), but lads this will take time to get adapted to even though it is a basic 4-4-2.

As you can see, we have our traditional goalkeeper who will be protected by his back 4. The two centre backs will also be normal centre backs, although in the future we will have a Ball Playing Defender, only if someone is worthy enough to play there. I might have a defender who will just be above his partner and tackle the opposition a bit earlier. The full-backs, will support the defence and the attack. These boys, I trust very much to go up top and be back there in time.

In the midfield, we have our centre two. The Advanced Playmaker, who will aid our attack as if he is in the ‘hole’, but will also help with defensive responsibilities. Our other central midfielder will play as if he is a Defensive Midfielder, also spraying passes out to the wings or to the strikers. The wingers - one will attack (our left wing), beating defenders and crossing the ball in, with the ability to cut inside and score goals if needed. While the right wing, his only job will be to beat his defender and put the ball on the striker’s heads.

The strikers. A Target Man and an Advanced Forward. The AF will play as if he is in the hole too, creating but also scoring. While the Target Man will aid the other striker with flick-ons, and use his sheer height and physicality to score some headers.

I may alter the tactics, sooner or later. Although, this tactic will be our basic to start off our quest to avoid relegation. From then on, we’ll see how it goes. We lose 6 games on the trot, we still stay strong - and find what’s wrong. Our main aim is to avoid relegation, no mid-table finishes or play-off finishes to think of. Anyways, it’s time for training. See you lads in a bit.

Loved the team talk :). Great updates!

Max Clayton leaves Crewe as 3 loanees come in

In-demand Crewe Alexandra star Max Clayton has been sold to Southampton for a fee of 2 Million British Pounds. The forward was due to leave the club on a free next June when his contract expired, but Robbie Savage needed the money for strengthening other areas in the club. “We tried to sell him, while getting him back on loan for the season along with Profit from the next sale, but none of that worked. What is most important is that we have helped the club - and no one is bigger than the club. I wish good luck to Maxie, he’s a fantastic lad!”, Robbie Savage said in an interview with Sky Sports.

That was not the only piece of business Crewe Alexandra made over the past few weeks, as the brought in three players on loan. Sean Kavanagh, 19, joins in on a season long (it says until October but I extended it) loan to fill in the void at left-back. He is known for his crossing and his free-kick taking down in the u21’s league.

Next up, Steven Hewitt. The 19-year old has a great eye for passing and does well in the defensive part too. He is only staying until October, can the Burnley man impress in his next 3 months at Crewe?

Finally, Ashley Harris. Also 19, he has real determination and flair to light up defences and can play as a good back-up to AJ Leitch Smith. Brought in from struggling Portsmouth, can he show Championship and Premier League clubs that he has the potential?


vs. Wrexham (A) - 6/7/2013

Lee Molyneux (39), Adam Dugdale (44)

vs. Hoffenheim II (H) - 9/7/2013

Vadaine Oliver (26), Max Clayton (28), AJ Leitch-Smith x2 (71, 89)

vs. Kidderminster Harriers (A) - 13/7/2013


Tough to see Max leave, but for 2 mil, it's a heck of a deal. Keep the updates coming.

Two Sign as the Savage Revolution continues at Crewe

Robbie Savage used the money of Max Clayton’s transfer very wisely as he spent it on two positions that desperately needed strengthening at this club. Sam Slocombe and Joel Byrom join the club for a combined fee of of £570K. Robbie was very pleased to have these players signed and he showed that with his gleaming smile in his most recent press conference.

Slocombe at Scunthorpe United

Sam Slocombe, 25, signed from Scunthorpe United for a fee of £350K. He started off at Bottesford Town, and after not making an appearance for them he left to Scunthorpe United for an undisclosed fee. He lasted 5 years at Scunthorpe before moving to Crewe Alexandra, making 60 league appearances in those years. Sam is a tall goalkeeper who is known for his Reflexes and Concentration during matches.

“Sam is a fantastic goalkeeper and I’m very happy to have him. He is an upgrade from - with all due respect - our own Steven Phillips who is now 35, and Ben Garratt will now be his back-up as he is only 19 years of age, while Steven is starting off his role in Goalkeeping Coaching. Sam is potentially going to win points for us on his own, and if we avoid relegation this season it will almost be solely down to him.” -Robbie Savage

Joel Byrom scoring for Stevenage in an FA Cup Replay vs. Tottenham

Joel Byrom, 26, a bit of a journeyman he is as Crewe is the 9th club that he is playing for! Starting his career off in 2004 as a youngster at Blackburn Rovers, before moving to Hyde, Clitheroe, Southport and Northwich Victoria in the space of 3 years. He seemed to look settled at Stevenage from 2009-2012, making 79 league appearances there, before he left to Preston North End last June and finally, ended up here in Cheshire at Crewe. Joel is known for having a good long shot, and also having good Natural Fitness.

“Joel is going to be a fantastic addition to this club. Lee Molyneux is occupying the left fantastically, and him and Joel will be sharing games and obviously - the more in form they are, the better it is. Lee will miss the first 3 games of the season due to suspension and I’m sure Joel will seize his chance to take that starting spot. Nevertheless, the wings are now occupied with two players on each side and that is fantastic news.” - Robbie Savage


vs. Keele University (H) - 17/7/2013

Sean Kavanagh (66), Callum Saunders (73), George Cooper (81)

vs. Rochdale (H) - 20/7/2013


vs. Chesterfield (H) - 23/7/2013

Nicholas Bignall x2 (20, 44), Liam Cooper o.g. (21)

vs. Nantwich Town (A) - 29/7/2013

Nicholas Bignall (9), Jody Morris (pen 20), Chris Speed (79)

Last Episode: Pre-Season #1
@Pauker: Thanks for reading :D

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