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My Grandfather's Legacy - The Other Mourinho Takes on Portugal

Daniel Mourinho's journey back home
Started on 4 May 2014 by CarlosV96
Latest Reply on 22 February 2015 by CarlosV96
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Nice update :D
What an update? Eva Carneiro still takes better care of the 'thigh' injuries Chelsea players have ;)
@FMHunter José is a sly dog indeed!

@Walter Thanks mate :) Keep up the good work at Oriental!

@Pauker Eva is the best...eventually may try and get her onboard at Varzim, but her hands may be arthritic by the time we can afford her xD

Big things coming up in the Promotion Phase update guys! Stay tuned as Daniel Mourinho looks to lead Varzim to the glorious heights of the Portuguese Second Division!
CarlosV96's avatar Group CarlosV96
8 yearsEdited
March 29th, 2015

Back in Charge - The Promotion Phase

A fantastic run of form against opposition 10x better than that which we were used to facing in our NC-B group, we have truly elevated our game. Two very character come-from-behind wins against Boavista (A) and Vizela (H). All in all, it's been a very successful debut for me as a manager in the Promotion Phase!

League Table

Player of the Segment

Summer free transfer Capela has been a dependable player in the middle of the pitch for us. Distributing the ball well, he has averaged a 6.98 match rating while appearing in all seven Promotion Phase matches for Varzim. The 29 year-old has three assists in the seven Promotion Phase matches thus far, leading our team.

Personal Thoughts with Daniel Mourinho

What a whirlwind the past two and a half months have been! Here we sit, despite all that has gone on, a mere two points away from an automatic promotion spot! The lads have played incredibly well, the squad is very tight-knit, and I truly believe we can get it done! The only problem for me personally right now is that prick owner Evangelista- kid's blowing away daddy's money, and quickly at that! What a prick!

I was sad to let assistant manager Magalhaes go, but I was forced to by Evangelista. Apparently they got into a big fight over a girl at some club in Porto, and are no longer friends. Our brilliant owner decided it was in the team's best interests to fire an excellent assistant manager.

He did give me the liberty to replace him with whomever I liked, within a tiny budget of course. I managed to do alright with Manarte, thought changing assistants in the midst of a promotion push was far from ideal...

good luck, hope you can get promotion.
March 30th, 2015

The World is Yours...

I sit next to the bluest pool I've ever seen in my life. Beautiful, scantily-clad waitresses pace back and forth, rushing forward at the slightest raise of a hand to serve our needs.

This is the life, I think to myself. Then I remember this is Miguel Evangelista's house. Directly in front of me, the Varzim S.C. owner takes his seat.

"Eh CARAJO, this is my ****ing house. You better believe it," the young hotshot owner says. Sniffing a line before continuing, he nearly shouts, "Look homie, I know we haven't been on the best of terms. But I really like the (sniff) work you're doing for me. So you know what I'm gonna do about it? I'll give you a ****ing raise man, because I like you!"

"Uh, thanks Miguel," I reply, unsure of what to say in front of my coked-up boss.

"You don't have to thank me man, I'm your boss, I'm your bro, I'm your homie, eh," he rambles before suddenly stopping. "Shit, must've been some bad coke man, I, I...I, feel..."

He passes out.

What. The. Hell. I thought this was supposed to be a meeting about club affairs, not some massive drug orgy!?!

Suddenly, the head of my dad, José Mourinho, pops out from around the corner of the beautiful yellow house. "Daniel- my son! Tudo bem? I promised you I'd help you with with that cokehead owner of yours, so here you are," he grins, motioning to the now-deceased body of Miguel Evangelista with a sick sense of pride. "A little bit of cyanide mixed into his daily shipment of cocaine. Easy peasy, huh," he winks, clapping me on the shoulder.

"Dad, this really wasn't necessary. I'd really prefer if you didn't kill owners that I's, well it's sketchy!"

"Sketchy," he booms reproachfully. "Daniel, this man was holding you back from reaching new heights with Varzim! You are a man, now start acting like it and win promotion," he instructs, waving his hand as he retreats to the gate of the house.

On his way out, he calls over his shoulder, "Hey- you better get promoted this year son. Or else I may have to find you a new job, outside of football...permanently."


May 24th, 2015

One Game for All the Marbles- 2014/15 Season Finale

"Bom dia Portugal! We're here live today from picturesque Sao Joao, for a Saturday afternoon matchup which could decide the promotion fate of today's visitors- Varzim S.C.!

Our promotion-favorite visitors today have hit a rough patch of form in the past two weeks, but they still cling to the first-place automatic promotion spot coming into the final matchday of the 3rd Division today:

Meanwhile today's hosts, SJ Ver, have had a pretty forgettable second half of the season in the Promotion Phase. They simply cannot find any offense whatsoever, and will be hoping to play 'spoiler' to Varzim's promotion hopes by pulling off the upset this afternoon.

Join us after the break for a look at today's starting line-ups, brought to you by TAP Airlines!


Welcome back to our studio in Lisbon, as we'll take a quick look at the other matches involving promotion-candidate clubs in the division today:

  • Boavista host Freamunde, with both teams still withing shouting distance of at least a promotion play-off spot
  • Oliveirense host Vizela, knowing that three points will most likely see them clinch at least a promotion play-off spot.


Here is today's SJ Ver XI, brought to you by Tio Manuel's Churrasco House!

The hosts' Starting XI is very talented on the right side- player-coach Marcio spent over a decade with Feirense in the Second Division, while right winger Pedro Tavares appeared seven times for FC Porto in the Primeira Liga back in 2002-03.

Here is the Starting XI for Daniel Mourinho's visitors, who are three points away from ensuring themselves promotion to the F.P.F. Segunda Liga for next season!

It's a full-strength line-up for Mourinho's lads this afternoon, featuring Promotion Phase leading scorer Onyeka, touted by some as the value-signing of the season. While they've been solid all season, SJ Ver will be looking to exploit the right-side of the Varzim back four, featuring sixteen year-olds Tiago Araujo and Claudio Sousa.

Don't go anywhere, we've got our Saturday Afternoon Third Division Game of the Week, when we return!



1' - Welcome to the Estadio da Sao Jao in the heart of Portugal, as we are ready for kick-off between top-of-table Varzim and out-of-form S.J. Ver! The visitors are wearing their typical black-and-white vertical stripes, while the hosts are sporting red-and-white horizontal stripes. Notably in attendance today are Guimaraes manager Rui Vitoria and Angola boss Manuel José.

7' - There's Pedro Caravana, the veteran who's announced he'll retire at the end of this season, on the left flank, plays a high ball over the top of the SJ Ver defence, it lands for ONYEKA ON THE VOLLEY- And passes harmlessly over the bar!

18' - Casaleiro boots it up the pitch for SJ Ver, Onyeka brings it down calmly, jogs past a defender, PLAYS IT THROUGH TO DINIS...He's in alone! Dinis...charging towards Casaleiro, fakes...PASSES...

21' - There's Diego on the left flank, with the throw-in. He finds Tiago Ronaldo for Varzim, edge of the box, passes it to the top of the box, FINDS PEDRO CARAVANA, THE CHIP-

33' - The game has settled into a lull here, as Varzim have contented themselves with sitting back in a defensive 4-1-4-1. But now SJ Ver with a chance, here comes Santos Guedes, surging up the middle, SHOOTS FROM DISTANCE- But it was always going to be an easy stop for Murta.

41' - Here's Dinis, what an excellent loan signing he's been for Daniel Mourinho's Varzim, plays a long ball up the right flank- Valdinho's latched onto it...cuts to the middle, SHOOTS- But skies it into Row Z! Nowhere near from the Angolan that time!

43' - Here's Tiago Ronaldo in the midfield for Varzim now, controlling possession, sends it through for ONYEKA-
AND HE IS HAULED DOWN BY NARCISO! Narciso is in trouble here, as he was the last man back! He could be sent off here...but he catches a break and gets off with a yellow!

45+3' - Referee Joao Mendes signals the end of the first half- it's been an excellent half thus far for the visitors from Varzim, but there are still forty-five minutes to see off before they can celebrate!

61' - It's been a very slow half, as SJ Ver haven't been able to break through a very defensive Varzim side in the first quarter-hour of the second half.

72' - Dinis stands over the free kick for Varzim. Roughly 25 yards out, he appears as though he'll have a go from distance here. He runs up, SMASHES IT- AND HITS THE CROSSBAR! Nearly a put-away goal there for Mourinho's Boys!

79' - Away come Varzim on the counter- Onyeka, pacing up to center-pitch, now he drops it for Capela, the veteran spins off of his marker, PLAYS IT THROUGH FOR TIAGO RONALDO-

90+1' - And again away come Varzim, constantly organized in the midfield- it's Dinis, across to the right flank for Capela, sends it down the flank for Valdinho, he crosses-

90+4' - It's all over from Sao Joao, as Varzim have booked their place in next year's Segunda Liga with a dominating 4-nil victory on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! They're going bonkers here, as the three hundred or so Varzim traveling fans invade the pitch to celebrate with their club's newest legends!

Don't go anywhere, we'll have post-match interviews right here on Abola!


"Thanks crew, we're here pitchside with today's man-of-the-match, Varzim's Pedro Caravana.
Pedro, you were our MOTM today with a rating of 9.60! How does it feel- the promotion, your individually excellent performance, and of course, your retirement?

"Thanks for the recognition, I appreciate it a lot. All year, I've told people to keep an eye on our little club. All year, we had a group of individuals who came together as a team. Both our assistant, Magalhaes and José Manarte, worked wonders in training with the squad. Our manager, Daniel Mourinho, is a tactical wizard- he had us playing both complex and simple formations in the same games. It's just an awesome feeling right now, man!

"Tell us a little bit about your plans for retirement, Pedro.

"Well as you know, playing in the Portuguese 3rd Division doesn't exactly set you up financially for life after football, but I'm going to continue working for my father's construction business. I also hope to remain in football in some kind of management role- maybe with Varzim, if the opportunity arises!

"You're thirty-six years old, with loads of experience at the level Varzim are moving up to- any chance you may postpone your retirement for another season?

"No, this is it for me as a player. I've bounced through all three divisions of, somewhat, pro football in this great country, and I've loved every minute of it. But now, I'm ready for a new challenge I think.

"Thanks for your time, Pedro, and good luck with all of your future endeavors!

"Thank you. Thanks to all of the fans, in all three divisions, who come out to matches, support their clubs, and represent their towns and cities despite tough economic times. We as players appreciate tremendously all you do for us and ours clubs! From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

"Pedro Caravana, today's man of the match and a regular in Varzim manager Daniel Mourinho's promotion-winning squad. Now joining me is Senhor Mourinho himself. Daniel, as a player you tasted glory in the English lower leagues, how does this compare?

"While you can't compare playing versus managing success, this is an awesome moment. It's been...such a...difficult season for me personally, with the passing of my grandfather, Mourinho Félix, in August of last year. It's been very rough for me personally, but being able to come to work every day and be cheered up by this unbelievable group of players, it's been a special ride. I wish I could keep this exact group and go forward into the Segunda Liga, but we all know that's unfortunately not possible.

"You've just booked yourself a date with powerhouse Braga "B" in the Campeonato Nacional Gran Final, how will your squad prepare for that match?

"Quite honestly, we've achieved our goals this year already and then some. Whatever happens in that game does not matter, because today is the most important day of the season for our club- we've been frickin' promoted!

"A lot of tragedy has surrounded the club this season- as you mentioned, your grandfather, Mourinho Felix, passed away in August. More recently, owner Miguel Evangelista overdosed on cocaine and died in March. How have the players and yourself maintained your excellent form through the death of your owner?

"Well obviously Miguel was just a massive, massive loss for our club...he was such a happy, friendly character. Very generous and eager to help out. Unfortunately, he had a bad drug habit. And overdoses happen. It's unfortunate that Miguel passed away, but I'm sure a club with as attractive a history and squad as us won't have any problems finding a new ownership group!"

"Thanks for your time Daniel- go be with your lads!"

"Thanks, I just want to say one thing- Segunda LIGA- WATCH OUT! We're coming for you baby WOO!"

Varzim manager Daniel Mourinho, obviously ecstatic after his side's 4-nil victory over SJ Ver this afternoon. Varzim S.C. will return to the Second League after a four-season absence.
Great update mate, congrats on the promotion! Hopefully you'll win in the Final!
What happened to this??? :(
please bring this back Carlos!
Sorry lads, this story was sort of put on the shelf while I pursued a real-life opportunity with a pro football club here in Canada!

It should pick up again towards the end of June, once I'm all wrapped up with exams and such.

I promise you, the year in Segunda Liga was a massive adjustment!
:D :D :D
It's so far away! Best of luck in your exams, and congrats on the Canadian pro-club opportunity! Hope this gets back on earlier than said though ;) :P
I am deeply regretful to announce that that a virus (I'm a computer noob) has wiped out every single one of my FM saves.

I'm crushed. I had a good one with Turkey going, this Varzim one which was well-developed.

I lost everything from my FM file. God damn it.

Time to start searching for a new story to write later this month once school's out. Fuck.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'd just read it from start to finish as well lol :(

You have a real talent in story writing bro, I look forward to another story from you :P

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