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Tottenham Hotspur: Back To Basics

Started on 6 May 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 27 May 2014 by AdamFinchale
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looks kinda like the group i had with my celtic team and i suffed bayern 5-1 but still didn't step off the bottom of the group
2014-05-26 03:01#176687 AdamFinchale : looks kinda like the group i had with my celtic team and i suffed bayern 5-1 but still didn't step off the bottom of the group

Yeah, i'm that we can get results elsewhere so that Bayern aren't as much of a concern :/

September Results
Chelsea (3-0)
Celtic (3-0)
Man Utd (3-2)
Crystal Palace (0-0, 4-2 pens)
Huddersfield (4-1)

September as a whole was a tough pill to swallow. Two tough league games in quick succession saw us tumble down the table as low as 15th, although our performances in the cups kept us afloat and hopeful. Hugo Lloris has really stepped up recently, and it's making club captain Sandro look like he cares less and less each day. Hugo was certainly our saviour against Palace, making at least 5 almost impossible saves look easy, and saving two penalties to send us through.

Of course, losing to Chelsea is always hard to take, but the way the boys just lay down and took it disgusted me, and I made sure they knew that in the dressing room after the match, as I yelled and ranted, eventually storming out and leaving Ezio to deal with them. Against Celtic, it was like watching a completely different team, as Christian Eriksen created all 3 goals in a 3-0 victory.

Eriksen continued his sublime form in our next game, despite us losing, and he's really pushing to be the first name on the team-sheet in our midfield. He created Soldado's goal, and put us 2-1 up with a sublime freekick, before our defence collapsed completely with 10 minutes to go in a spectacular capitulation.

Against Huddersfield, it felt like the tactic and team finally clicked, as a Soldado hattrick, and a long range effort from Gylfi Sigurdsson gave us a 4-1 victory, although it was overshadowed by an injury which looks set to keep Christian out for about 2 weeks; not ideal as we face Bayern in our next game.

As it stands, we are 9th in the table, 8 points adrift of 1st-placed Newcastle.

In terms of league awards, and my own personal opinions, Roberto Soldado was player of the month, both for me and for the league powers, while Everton's full-back John Stones holds both the admiration of myself and the rest of the decision makers - his performances for Everton have been incredible of late.

Until Next Time

Is Ardilles On His Way Out?!

BT Sport can exclusively confirm rumours of a huge boardroom bustup at White Hart Lane, with manager Ossie Ardilles reportedly furious at the sale of Erik Lamela to league rivals Manchester City, and also with the Boards reluctance to allow him to consequently get rid of his Director of Football.

Of course, Daniel Levy has a track record of managers not lasting longer than a season, and it does seem like Ardilles may well be the latest in a string of managers heading for the exit, but he's not going without a fight, or so it would seem:

I'm determined to stay. I have turned this side into league Champions in only one season, and we have so much more to achieve together. If I go, Levy will regret it."

More on this breaking news as and when we get it.
Interesting, Ardiles has done a lot for Spurs and it would be stupid to get rid...
2014-05-26 13:48#176764 Jack : Interesting, Ardiles has done a lot for Spurs and it would be stupid to get rid...

Indeed, but the board are doing their nut after just two months...

Ossie: I'm Not Ready To Leave

Under-pressure Spurs manager has laid down the gauntlet to both his players and the board today, saying he's not ready to leave yet, and the club need to start performing if he's going to keep his job.

As the first-team warm up for a Champions League 6-pointer against Bayern Munich in Germany, Ardilles took time to speak to the massed media who are following his every move right now, as his title-winning side languish in 9th place.

I understand that Daniel is angry, but it is important to understand the reasons behind our slow start - teams are wary of us, they sit deep and defend, and hit us on the break. We have had a tough start this season, and we're all confident of turning this around if the lads can pick themselves up from last month and push on. We have a talented bunch of players here, and each one of them is a star.

Levy, however, is not in agreement with Ardilles' optimistic view:
I brought him here to win trophies - and yes, he accomplished that last season, but we are in no position to be doing so this season on the evidence displayed thus far. I understand that Ossie is upset at the sale of Erik, but business is business, and he was quick enough to spend the cash from that deal on Ross Barkley and James Ward-Prowse, neither of whom have impressed so far. Perhaps Ossie should consider his own position before openly criticising mine.
I love this last update you have really surpassed yourself this time, your writing is getting so impressive now good update
Redknapp finishes fourth, they sack him.

AVB finishes fifth, eventually gets the boot.

Sherwood finishes sixth and gets kicked out as well.

Ardilles finishes 1st and still gets the sack? :P

Sounds like Levy just wants to fire someone every year.

October 6th, 2014: The Game-Changer

Two matches, two very different results. The game against Bayern was an incredible performance; a 2-1 victory over one of the best sides in the world right now...Newcastle, shocking. As I pored over the recordings of both games, featuring the same players, and the same tactic, I struggled with my game of spot the difference.

I was very aware of the silence in the training ground's video room. There was a steady drip coming from a tap in the next room, and the wind howled outside. I was sure I was the only one in the building, except the all-night security guard, but at this time of night, he'd be out checking the pitches for stragglers or kids who thought they could jump the fence.

I sighed and stretched before returning to my analysis, considering that maybe it was time to follow Everton's lead and appoint someone to do this job - but i've just revamped my backroom, and asking Levy for more money to hire someone else would be like battering my head off a brick wall.

Three Hours Later: 00:13am

I was jerked awake by a crash. Not a distant crash. A crash right in my ear, and as I jerked upright, out of my seat, I was pushed back downwards with incredible force, and a gruff voice in my ear was speaking
"Do Not Move. Do not speak. Just relax.
What on earth was going on?! Where was security? The Police? Who was this man?

I felt a sharp pain in my right arm, and I slid into darkness.

November 4th: The Journey

I awoke slowly, aware of burning pain in my shoulders, and unbearable pain in my back, as if I was being stretched and had been for several weeks. My first thought was of the club. If i'm here, who's in charge there?! What's happening to my boys? Are they in the same boat? Do they know whats happened? Do they think i've abandoned them!?

What is that prick Levy telling them?

A gruff voice...the same gruff voice which was the last thing i'd heard, so long ago. Since then, i've been in and out of conciousness, bundled into the back of cars, left by roadsides, in basements, and now, seemingly, in an abandoned car park. I pushed one foot in front of the other and stumbled in the indicated direction. As we moved, the lights slowly flickered on...perhaps this carpark wasn't as abandoned as it seemed.

From out of the shadows stepped a tall, thin figure, suited and booted, and with a stony, cold face, and a sneer which would cut diamonds.
Nice of you to join us, Mr Ardilles
I nodded, unable to form words. Why the fuck was I here, and who is this Joker?
I sense your confusion, dear fellow. Let me introduce myself; My name is Carlo Perez, and I represent some very wealthy business men within the football world, holding power in various top-level clubs.

We want your help.

What?! My mind was reeling - this guy was telling me he had the backing of trillions and billions of pounds, and yet he'd dragged me to an abandoned car park, tied me up, and ripped me away from my club?

Of course, I must apologise for the manner in which you have arrived with us - we had to make sure the media thought this was a legitimate abduction; it's not...I mean, you're not free to leave, but there's no duress. A cruel smile crossed his chiselled features, and the bear behind me grunted. I shook my head, still trying to figure out why I was here

Alexi, would you please?

I stiffened as the bear moved towards me, but all he did was take the crude handcuffs from my wrists and toss them aside, and we all moved as one, towards a newly opened door.

Of course, we are still in Britain just now, but if you're amicable, that could all change.
Everybody has an evil villain plot now :P Wonder where this goes O.o
Just needs the JAWS theme tune now and we have a proper twist! Awesome and I can not wait to see where this goes

December 19th: Watching From Afar

It has now been almost 3 months since I last saw my players, but i'm not being treated poorly. Far from it; i've been ferried around the world in yachts, limousines and private jets, but there have been no journalists, no contact with anybody, apart from Carlo and his bear-like enforcer...I'm still not clear on what's going on, but what I do know, is that my boys are sitting 11th in the league, and i'm watching the Champions League knockout draw on a gigantic screen in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the sticks of a European country...A knockout draw in which my Spurs are seeded 1st, having beaten Bayern twice in the group stages to qualify in first place.

I don't know who's been running the club in my absence, but if it's Ezio, I need to remember to give him both a bollocking and a payrise; it's been hit and miss but there's still a chance at real glory

Hello, and Welcome to the draw for the First knockout round of the Champions League. The main talking point this evening is surely the fate of London club Tottenham Hotspur; seemingly managerless for the last 3 months, the side have been struggling to find a consistent run of form in the league, but progressed easily through one of the tougher groups, qualifying 1st ahead of Bayern Munich, beating them 4-1 in the final group match...

My stomach was churning. Hearing those words "managerless for 3 months" broke me. I've been following the team from afar, and just watched them hammer Fulham in the Capital One Cup, with Brazilian youngster Tata scoring another professional goal to add to his goal against Bayern Munich in the Champions League - he's really doing well and he's certainly one to watch, and one i'm very proud of our youth system for producing.

Added to that tension, I have to consider that our Capital One Cup semi-final opponents would be Southampton - a notoriously difficult side to overcome....I can only pray that i'm back in the dugout soon to lead my boys once more.

And now, the first balls are emerging from the pot, and the first name is....Liverpool! And they'll be playing...Atletico!...That'll be a good match...

The second match iiiis....Bayern v Juventus, two real European heavyweights, and that's now 3 big names that Tottenham have avoided so far.

Chelsea will play Bestikas, and Olympiakos play PSV...And there's Tottenham's Card...and their opponents are....Napoli!


It could be worse I suppose, we avoided Lyon, Barcelona, Porto, Real Madrid et al, but it's not the easiest game...Napoli are second in Serie A, and boast players like Veratti and Rafinha...not simple at all...

There was a footstep behind me, and a gruff voice
Unlucky. Time to Go, Ardilles

December 26th: Boxing Day

All I know is cold. The snow lies thick on the ground in Berlin, as i'm marched through back streets and alleyways to a meeting with the mysterious man from the car park. I've barely had a moment to myself, as his bear constantly follows me, pushes me, prods me, and makes sure nobody sees me.

As we took a left, A door opened, and I was grabbed from, apparently, the wrong side; The Bear roared in anger, but by the time he could turn, the door was closed, locked, and I was ushered gently down a passageway which was, until moments ago, invisible. I was sick do death

A good hour later, we emerged near a small airport, where a helicopter was already waiting. I was moved across the runway, and helped into the back of the Copter, where my eyes rested on the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She gave a coy smile, and explained everything....

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