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Stockport County - Hattering Heights

Started on 16 May 2014 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 6 July 2014 by Walter
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Stockport hire rookie manager Josh Slater

Stockport County have surprised us all by announcing rookie Josh Slater as their new manager for the 2014/15 season.

Just as you thought it couldn't get any-more stranger with Stockport County, the club have yet again produced another surprise as they have hired Josh Slater, who has never managed a club before, as their new manager in hope to try to consolidate their place in the Skrill Premier.

Not much is known about Slater, however we understand that he's only coached a school football team and other than that he has had no experience at either coaching or managing, which entitles the County fans to question the appointment, as County are favourites to be relegated back to the Skrill North next season.

The club confirmed that Slater will be meeting the media soon to discuss his appointment and the vision of the club, and he will have a lot of questions to answer as we understand that the media room is fully booked and no more media are able to get a place inside Edgeley Park, which makes it the only time in County's history that they have filled up the media room.

We have had no comments from any Stockport County players or staff, but we have heard a number of fans opinions on the appointment when we sent a media crew to the streets of Edgeley shortly after the appointment;

"It's an absolute joke! I will not be supporting our new manager until he shows me that he deserves the chance."

"It's a strange appointment, I must say, but, every manager starts somewhere and I hope Slater can do a good job here for us."

"I'm excited to seeing how Slater does things around the club as he has never managed in his life, but I'll be supporting him throughout the campaign."

Slater, as we mentioned before, will meet the media very soon and it will be interesting to see what he says about the opportunity ahead of him, but judging from fans opinions, County have a very much separated fan base.
Who is he? :P
2014-05-17 14:55#175173 Justice : Who is he? :P
I wonder... ;)
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Josh Slater's First Interview

PO - The interview is about to begin, you may starting asking questions now.

MR - Hi, I'm reporting for BBC Sport, my question is for Ryan, why did you decided to hire Josh when he has no experience? Surely you're taking a huge risk there?

RK - Look, I wouldn't have hired Josh if I didn't think he was good enough. So what if he doesn't have experience? Every manager has to start somewhere and with his enthusiasim and ideas, I believe that Josh can lead our club to a very positive future.

MR - But don't you think that choosing a manager with experience would have been better?

RK - Possibly, we'll have to find out over the course of the season, but currently right now, Josh has my full backing.

MR - Hey Josh, I'm reporting for Sky Sports News, I'd like to know your opinion on being appointed, how do you feel?

JS - I cannot describe how I am exactly feeling, it's surreal. I never would have thought that in my entire life I would ever get to manage a football club, especially not one of my local and favourite clubs, which in my opinion, makes this appointment very special as I'm not only living close to the stadium, but I've been a fan for my entire life, and having the chance to lead County to success is something I have always dreamt about.

MR - Josh, I'm here reporting for The Non-League Paper, do you think you will be able to survive in the Skrill Premier? It'll be a very tough task for you looking at it on paper.

JS - Of course I think we will survive! We have a lot of work to do over the course of the summer but I believe with the right preparation and team-work, we can consolidate our position in the league, and judging by our performance last season, I believe that the squad is capable to succeeding.

MR - But do you think you'll need to add to the squad over the summer?

JS - Yeah I do, however instead of rushing into things and signing players just for the hell of it, I want to take my time and evaluate which positions need strengthening to help us progress over the course of the campaign. I think every club in the game needs to add to their squad in some way each season, and we are one of those clubs for sure.

MR - Hello Josh, I'm here on behalf of Manchester Evening News, some fans are reacting negatively to your appointment and have told us that they are not giving you any support, how does this make you feel?

JS - Well, I'm rather upset with that reaction but I can understand where they are coming from and it is my job to prove to them that I can succeed at Stockport and receive their trust and support whilst doing that.

MR - Hi Ryan, I'm here for Non-League Daily, we'd like to know about Alan Lord's condition in hospital.

RK - Alan is doing fine, he's currently stable but has suffered from multiple broken bones, hence why he decided to resign. It's a shame to see Alan is this position and I'd like to wish him and his family well on behalf of the football club.

PO - Alright, that will be enough questions for today, thank you to everyone who came here today.
Great start, much is expected for this story, don't disappoint!
2014-05-17 18:04#175193 Pauker : Great start, much is expected for this story, don't disappoint!
Thank you very much Pauker :). I'll try not to disappoint... #Exceptations
Great start mate
2014-05-17 20:03#175207 cfcmarkt : Great start mate
Thanks man, means a lot. :)
Damn...lot of car accidents going on in the world of football atm ;) Great start mate, then again, you never do disappoint! Keep up the ace work :)
Dayum that banner is hawt :O
Stockport. The other pride of Merseyside.
@Fmhunter- Haha yeah, Thanks man :)
@Justice- I know, I.. made it... ;)
@510- No, Stockport. The best pride of Manchester. ;)

Slater regime begins as three leave

New manager Josh Slater has started his reign by releasing three regulars from last season to reduce the wage bill, with Kieran Charnock, Iain Howard and Ian Craney all leaving.

Slater has released three players who played their part in Stockport's promotion back up to the Skrill Premier under the management of Alan Lord, however new manager Josh Slater has decided to release them for free to 'free up wages' for new players arriving.

Kieran Charnock, who is now 30 years old, was Stockport County's captain last season however Alan Lord decided that Phil Jevons deserved the role more and demoted Charnock to vice-captain, but the English born centre-half will now be looking for a new club as Slater has relieved him from his duties.

Iain Howard played a huge part in the promotion charge for Stockport, not by scoring lots of goals and getting tons of assists but by scoring the goal to secure Stockport's promotion against Altrincham in a 2-1 win but Howard suggested to Slater that he wants to move on to further his career and Slater has given him his wish and allowed him to leave.

Iain Howard (above) in his interview after the game against Altrincham which secured promotion for the Hatters.

Finally veteran Ian Craney had his contract terminated after Slater told the attacking midfielder that he wasn't going to be part of his plans and advised the 32 year old to move on if he wanted to carry on playing regular first-team football. Craney only played 5 times for Lord last season due to injuries.

With the wages freed up by the departures of Charnock, Howard and Craney it gives Slater more money to bring in some new faces for the start of the 2014/15 season in a hope to consolidate their place in that division and not go straight back down to the Skrill North.

County welcome two new faces to Edgeley

Stockport County have signed two new players on a free transfer for the 2014/15 season, with Hartlepool midfielder Lewis Hawkins and Brackley forward Nat Jarvis joining the Hatters.

Josh Slater has signed his first two players after being appointed as manager at the expense of Alan Lord, who is currently recovering in hospital after a car accident, but County fans can be very happy with these two players as they are magnificent captures.

Lewis Hawkins, who is a young and talented midfielder, has join the Hatters from Hartlepool, where he didn't even get a single start in the first team, hence why he immediately accepted Stockport's contract offer as he knew he would get more first-team football there.

As for Nat Jarvis, County fans will be pleased to know that this young forward scored 20 goals and got 9 assists for Brackley last season but as they didn't get promoted to the Skrill Premier, he decided to join County due to their stature.

Josh Slater has said that he will carry on trying to improve the squad as much as possible, which hangs uncertainty over some players futures at Edgeley Park.

Stockport County transfer round-up

Stockport County are pleased to announce the club's transfer activity for the upcoming season, with both players coming in and departing.

Players IN

Luke Waterfall

This young centre back joins County on a free, his best abilities are his strength, determination and tackling, making him a solid option for Josh Slater at the back.

Danny Hone

Like Waterfall, Hone is another solid centre back who is best at jumping, heading and tackling which again makes for a good option at the back.

Archie Love

This young but talent centre mid has very good technical attributes for this level, possessing great passing ability and he can crack a very good long-shot when given the chance.

Aljaz Cotman

A very promising Slovenian goal-keeper who is more than capable of doing a good job between the sticks for County and has lots of room to improve.

James Marwood

An established winger with very good pace and dribbling skills. His experience in the Skrill Premier with Gateshead will really help Stockport if they entered a rough patch of form.

Danny Lloyd

A young winger with exceptional pace and acceleration and is also capable of putting in good crosses and dribble past his man.

Sean Newton

Stockport bring back former left-back Newton from Lincoln for a fee of £14,000. His experience in the Skrill Premier will lead Stockport to a good finish if he performs to his best.

Luke Watson

A young but defensive minded holding midfielder who is more than capable of starting in the first team and protecting his back four. He also possesses decent pace and acceleration.

Players OUT

Free Transfers:

Nicky Clee, Nathan Stanton, Adam Griffin, Paul Linwood, Ashley Williams, Ian Craney, Kieran Charnock, Iain Howard, Kyle Jacobs, Bobby Lofthouse, Jamar Dobson, Danzelle St. Louis-Hamilton, Neil Yadolahi and Luke Watson(released then re-signed).

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