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Chelsea: Champions Of Europe

A young criminal released from prison is given the opportunity of a lifetime.
Started on 15 June 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 7 July 2014 by basham97
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The Clink | 19th July 2013

No matter what prison you are in, the environment is going to be an unpleasant one.

The dark, dingy, lonesome cells are nowhere near a comfortable living space and they are mostly all very small. As you walk through the narrow halls, the musty smells, boring looks, repetitive days over and over again.

Living your live with limited freedom in a grey, unattractive box for years on end, can make you go crazy. There is nothing to do except eat, sleep and lift weights with the other sweaty, dirty inmates.

The solid coloured uniforms, clanging and banging on the metal gates and doors opening and closing, the grunts and cries from the prisoners all around you. Being alone with your thoughts all day, the guilt, the regret, and everything you may be feeling locked away in your cell.

Everyday, you think about what you did to get in this awful hell they call prison and you wait for the day you may be free once again.

"Abramovich, your uncle is here to see you..." the guard voiced.
Excited to see how this goes.
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Uncle Abramovich | 19th July 2013

I gave the prisoner-guard a cold-shoulder. I didn't acknowledge the instruction. He advanced towards me with a fierce strut. I gazed up as he stood over my already broken body.

He put his hands on my shoulders and jolted me onto my feet, pushing me out of the door in a rush. This was normal everyday prison life. We strolled down the dirty dank corridor. The steel railings were rusting making it unsafe for us prisoners to walk upon. They didn't care.

He sat me down on a chair in the meeting room and he walked off as I glared at the individual sitting on the other side of the brown table. A long and dramatic pause occurs as he finally noticed me.

"How have you been?" my uncle queried. I stared at him, deep into his brown unprotected eyes.

"I've been fine, Roman" I finally responded emotionless. Uncle looked at the table with a tear in his eye. "My sister or, your mother, she passed away 4 days ago Gerald..." He began to sober and wailed quietly so the guards couldn't hear him.

My face remained the same, emotionless.
"Why are you here, Roman?" I looked at him as he raised his head. He wiped his eyes and stuttered with words.

"I promised your mum, I wou- would he- help you for when you're released in July next year..", I still couldn't care for what he had prepared.

"I have a job for you, for when you're released" he continued. I folded my arms and lent back on my chair. I looked contempt with him however, my feelings towards this new opportunity were mixed. I didn't even know what it was.

He placed a book on the brown dirty dusty table. He pushed it towards me. It read
"Managing Professional Teams 101". I picked up the book and flicked through, it was interesting to me.

"I promised your passed mother that I would have a better life for you Gerald. I want you to study this book, know it within a year, then you will work for me. Right now, we have this Jose fella. He will be gone by next season, you will take his place. You will be the new manager of Chelsea football club next season..."
A very fantastic story will be folowing please update it more often .:D
2014-06-15 16:51#180017 Albanian4ever1 : A very fantastic story will be folowing please update it more often .:D

Thanks I'll try :)
Nice start. Good luck. :-)
Nice start, come on my beloved Blues!!!
2014-06-15 18:28#180028 tallery1164 : Nice start, come on my beloved Blues!!!

Hopefully I do well with Chelsea.. :)
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Released | 25th April 2014

I am finally released from the depth of hell. As I walked down the lonesome road, I quickly noticed that Russia has changed since I've been rotting for the last 6 years.

The sight of abandoned buildings and residential areas made me sick. The smell of dead animals like cat or dog was distasteful. The cold silence was oddly loud in my head, I heard the cries and I heard the screams.

After a long and deep walk. I saw a limousine, waiting for me at the end of the lonesome road.

I was greeted by my Uncle inside of his limousine by rolling down the window, ordering me to get into the inside. There was no talking, we just drove, I was driven to somewhere unknown. Somewhere I had never been before.

The last time I saw Roman was the time he gave me this book, this guide, this bible. I read it countless times while locked up in the dark, dingy cell. I knew everything about managing a professional team. Roman just didn't know it yet...
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Curious to see if Abramovich and Abramovich can become a good duo at the helm of Chelsea's management :p
Also, love your writing style man... Update it soon..
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Jose Mourinho | 1st June 2014

After staying in luxury for nearly a whole week. I was hurried out of my bed and into the limousine by my uncle.

This 'job' this crazed man wanted me to have sounded more insane then the place I just got out from. I got given a ticket with the destination of London, United Kingdom. I'd never gone abroad before.

Even though after being released from the clink, the memories still haunt my mind. The memories of being beaten and attacked in the yard by other dirty inmates, being left helpless on the ground, another broken body.

While, good ol' Uncle Roman was drinking martini's and cheating on his wife with prostitutes in penthouses, I was fighting for my life. Where was he? We will see where his true heart lies when I get the opportunity, as I glanced at him.

After arriving at the airport of Gatwick, we took a very long and extensive drive to Stanford Bridge, we were greeted by two men wearing black suits who escorted only me to the head office, while Roman went to greet a man in the tunnel.

Sitting in this office was dreadful, very timid. The lighting was just from the windows, where the sun grazes through. On the desk was a telephone, a report entitled - "Squad" and a laptop. 8 minutes went by after waiting for Roman, I decided to leave the room and goto the tunnel.

As I got to the first floor, I immediately saw Roman leave the tunnel, ignore me and goto the elevator. He was followed by a grey haired, good looking man who had a tear in his eye. He glanced, then walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"I wish you all the best as the manager of Chelsea" he said while quietly sobbing to himself.

"And you are?" I enquired to the upset and sobbing man.

"Jose, Jose Mourinho" he replied looking up at me. I embraced him and clutched him as he embraced as well. He let go, wiped his tears and left the building...
Mourinho.. I really hope you bring success...

The Board Meeting | 1st June 2014

I push the up button and patiently waited. The elevator door promptly opens and I get in. Exiting the elevator, I was greeted by a man who introduced himself as Bruce Buck, reluctantly shook my hand and walked me into the silent board meeting.

I was very out of placed to these men with posh business suits while I'm in casual wear. They discussed finances and I didn't know what any of the vocabulary they were using. It felt like a foreign language to me.

Uncle Roman looked up at me and said
"Gerald, do you have anything to add?", I nodded my head and requested a team report. Within a minute, a young man dropped a folder entitled "Team Report".

While the big important businessmen discussed stocks and crap, I focused on how to manage my team through my knowledge of the book that Roman gifted me while I was in prison. This job was looking to be quite difficult due to the unwanted talent and low ability of players.

I now know I need a lot of money or 'transfer budget' that the book called it, to do well. I instantly interrupted the board meeting.

"I got something I wanna add", everybody turned there heads and looked at me with discomfort. "This squad you've given me, is lacking in certain positions and I'm afraid that 35 million will not be enough for me to fulfil these roles". I continued assertively.

"Well, what do you suggest, Gerald?" an ignorant businessman replied with a smug smile on his face.

"I want a 200 million transfer budget" I said without no hesitation. Everyone in the board-room went ballistic, while everyone exclaimed to Roman. I sat there with my feet on the table smiling at Roman, while he stared at me angrily...
Great update! Good start so far!
2014-06-17 16:15#180362 tallery1164 : Great update! Good start so far!

Thanks for the support :)

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