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Red Bull Leipzig - The next Giants!

Started on 19 June 2014 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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2 Germans join RB Leipzig!

As I said at the end of the season, 6 players were already on pre-contract with us, and we covered almost all the positions where we needed backup. But, I’ve also said that we need a very good central defender, one that will be a star in Bundesliga...and we’ve found that player in FC Bayern’s Niklas Süle!

The other signing is a right back , as we had Roberto Hilbert as a backup, and I am looking to sell him, as he can’t perform anymore at this level! I decided that the player which should replace Hilbert will be Andreas Beck, Hoffenheim’s defender.

Now we have a very solid squad and we won’t need to buy a lot of players in every summer transfer window like we did until now, and that it’s very pleasing! I’ve decided to sign two Germans as I felt that we are losing our National Identity with all those mixed nations we have in the squad...from now on, when we will need a player, I will look to sign a German!

Niklas Süle

Niklas was formed at Hoffenheim’s yputh academy, and there is also where he made his professional debute, but he played there just a season, as he was a very promising young player and attracted the giants attention! In 2014 he was bought by Guardiola at FC Bayern for a fee of 19.5 m euro.

He is a player of high value, and this players are usually very expensive..but this wasn’t the case! To be honest, I don’t know the reaseon why, but he was transfer listed by Bayern. He played in the last three season at least 20 matches every season for them and never had an average rating lower than 7.06...this was great for us! We signed an amazing player for a fee of just 10 m euro and I am sure that he will lead our club towards glory!

Andreas Beck

I think that pretty much everyone has heard of Andreas Beck...He was once seen as the future right back of the German national squad, I player with a lot of qualities! But, sadly for him, some injuries kept him away of fulfilling his potential..

Now, he is already 30 years old and he is pretty close to the end of his career...but he is still a very good player, and now with a lot of experience behind him!

@ MCox93 - thanks mate!
You had a very good season! Congratulations!
Successful transfers already see good players brought!

Team Presentation

And here we are, once again, at the begining of a new season...and this time I have big expectations from it! Despite our official objective being to qualify for Europa League, I am aiming to a top 3 place! I feel that now we have a stronger team than we ever had...we have a numerous squad, so we will be able to fight on all the fronts and we also have a lot of quallity in the team!

But, first of all, I want to talk about the players that left the club this summer...13 players left the club, some of them were sold and other, young prospects, were loaned out so they could get some first team experience.
First, I wanna thank to the players that really did something for this club: Alberto Brignoli, Jesus Rubio, Savvas Gentsoglu and Loris Bacchetti! All of them were very important at some point for us and, for sure, we wouldn’t be here today whithout their help! We appreciate what they have done for our club and they will always have a special place if they want to come and watch a match!
Then, I must say that I feel sorry about theese two defenders that were sold: Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Rodrigo Gonzalez. If the last one didn’t even manage to make his debute for us, as he was loaned aout two seasons in a row..I must say that I am totally disapointed about Kyriakos! Schalke sold him because of his poor performances, but I tought that we can transform him back in that very good player that he once was...but we failed! Anyway, I wish all of them luck with their careers!

There were also some changes in our staff department, as some of the former staff members were released from their contracts because they didn’t fullfiled my expectations! But, we brought in some staff with amazing playing experience behind them and I am sure that we made the right choices! The new members of our staff are:

Under 19’s Head Coach -John Terry
Under 19’s Assistant Coach - Ronaldinho Gaucho
Head Of Youth Department - Bruno Conti
U19’s Gk Coach - Mark Schwarzer
Coach - Frank Ribery
Coach - Filippo Inzaghi
U19’s Coach - Antonio Di natale
U19’s Coach - Francesco Totti
U19’s Coach - David Trezeguet
Scout – Serginho

And It’s finally time to talk about the new signings and the squad! I must say that I am very pleased with what we were able to sign in this summer, and as I said earlier, we have a very strong team here! We’ve signed some very good players like Agboh, Brunetti and Fetfatzidis...but the most important player that joined us is Niklas Sule! He impressed me from his first training session with us and he keeps it like this, he will become the best central defender in the world! Here is the list of the players that joined us this summer:

Pacato – A Central Midfielder that joined us for free from PSV
Mohammed Agboh – Another Central Midfielder that joined us for free, but this time from Lyon
Martino Brunetti – An Attacking Midfielder that joined us for free from Inter
Joel Veltman – A central defender that joined our club for free from Ajax
Ioannis Fetfazidis – A winger that joined for free from Genoa
Lisandro Magallan – A central defender that joined us for free from Godoy Cruz
Andreas Beck – A right back that joined our club from Hoffenheim for a fee of 2.5 m euro
Niklas Sule – A central defender that joined our club from Bayern for a fee of 10 m euro

Full Squad


Full Backs

Central Defenders

Central Midfielders

Attacking Midfielders



@bebero - thanks!

Pre – season fixtures and results!

I must say that we had a very long pre-season...the longest since I arrived at the club! We’ve played 8 friendly matches and I know that maybe it’s a little to much, but I really wanted to make sure that we are very well prepared for the coming season!

From those8 matches played, we managed to win 7 of them and we were defeated just once, in our second friendly by the Scottish club St. Gallen. Beside that defeat, it was a very pleasing pre-season and I think that we are ready to impress! We’ve played some friendlies against weaker teams like Monterrey, Caen or Kiel..but we’ve also faced some solid club, teams that are qualified in the European competitions like PSV, Rennes and Newcastle and we managed to defeat all of them!

The new signings are already playing well and got acomodated very quickly which is very pleasing! In terms of transfers, we won’thave anymore activity on the field players, but we still need a goalkeeper... the problem is that we are pretty much out of money!

Player Of The Pre-Season!

It was pretty hard to choose the winner, as both, Neal Maupay and Yussuf Pulsen had a very good pre-season, with Yussuf scoring 4 times and providing 2 assists while Neal scored just 3 times, but privided 3 assists. The thing that made me choose Neal as player of the pre-season is the fac that he had better Pass completion ratio of 76% while Yussuf had just 70%!

Excellent preseason!

August fixtures and results!

The 2017 – 2018 season has finally began, and after that great formed we’ve showed in the pre-season I expected some good results, which indeed they come! We’ve played 3 matches in Bundesliga this month and we managed to winn all of them scoring 8 times and managing to allow just 2!

The DFB – Pokal 2017 -2018 edition also has it’s start and we faced Onsabruk in the first round, managing to get a clear 3 – 0 win.

I am very pleased that we have such a big squad this season, formed from 28 players, and this thing gives me a lot of ritation options and I can rest important players...things that I couldn’t do in the former seasons, as I had a squad of 22-23 players at my dispossal!

Player Of The Month!

Sonce I’ve bought Anthony Lozano at the club, I saw in him a great talent and I wasn’t wrong at all! Sadly for both of us, he doesn’t get to play very often...because we have Poulsen and Maupay, so he is pretty much our third option...but when he gets playing time he always does it very well! This month he scored 2 times and also provided an assits, that’s the reason why he deserves to be named Player Of The Month!

League Table

We are on second place...but it’s very early to talk about who will win the league or who will relegate...A thing that’s sure is that Bundesliga’s giants, Bayern and Dortmund had a pretty bad start of the season,as they managed to gather just 5 points from 3 matches played!

@ Walter - thanks mate!
What a team you got there! Must be a head-ache to choose the line-up xD
Slid3Tackle's avatar Group Slid3Tackle
9 yearsEdited

A new keeper for RB Leipzig!

We’ve finally managed to sign a goalkeeper! We searched all the transfer window for a good keeper, that will be able to challange Areola’s pplace in the first team and we had big troubles finding one...until a few hours before the end of the transfer period.

We started the day knowing that this will be our last chance to find a keeper, and we were amazed to hear the news: Maxym Koval, Dynamo Kiev’s goalkeeper got transfer listed because he refused to extend his contract with the club and they didn’t want to lose him for free! As soon as I heard this news, I knew that we have to act quickly cause Koval is a very good keeper, and a lot of team will try to sign we have ofered 5 m euro to Dynamo for him and they accepted!

So, I am very pleased to announce that Koval have signed a 4 years deal with us and now we have to very good keepers in our squad....that’s why I’ve decided that Areola will be used in Champions League and DFB – Pokal’s matches while Koval will be used in Bundesliga!

Champions League draw!

As you know, we've finished 3rd last season in Bundesliga and that means that we are qualified in Champions League Groups, so that moment come when we were waiting with big emotions for the draw!

I must say that I am not pleased with the draw, as we are part of Group F, together with Juventus, Tittenham and Anderlecht! Against Anderlecht I expect two wins, but against Tottenham and Juventus we have little chances...but for sure it could have been much worse!

@Pauker - thanks mate! yeah, it's not easy to chose the line-up, but I am glad that I have so many good players so I can rotate the squad and compete in all competitions!
Not the worst CL group to get! And what a squad you've got now! Looking strong

September fixtures and results!

In the month of September we’ve played 6 matches and our amazing form continued! In Bundesliga we’ve played 4 macthes, from which we managed to win 2, made one draw and sadly we’ve lost one match...the draw against FC Bayern was a very special result for us, as we faced one of the best teams in the World and we proevd that we can be equal to them! The defeat was again Schalke, but I can’t blame the players...we played pretty well, we’ve just got unlucky!

In the Champions League group we also played one match and I am very pleased with our performance! We’ve defeated Anderlecht with 4 - 1 and Maupay pun in a great performance!

We’ve also played a match in DFB – Pokal, defeating 1860 Munchen with 3 – 0 and qualifying in the third round where we will face Stuttgart.

Player of the Month!

Neal Maupay in one of the most in form players in Bundesliga this season! This month he scored 5 goals and provided one assist!


Champions League Group F

@ k1rups - thanks mate!

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