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Red Bull Leipzig - The next Giants!

Started on 19 June 2014 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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January fixtures !

January was one of the toughest month we’ve ever had…beside working a lot for completing those transfers, we also played 3 very hard matches against top teams: HSV, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. With one draw, one defeat and one unexpected win, I am pleased with the outcome!


Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 2 HSV


To be honest, I expected a defeat from this match…they have a very strong squad and obtaining a draw against them it’s a very good result for us!

Stuttgart 0 – 3 Red Bull Leipzig

Daniel Frahn
Daniel Frahn

This is probably my most important win since I started managing this club! Stuttgart, just like HSV is a very strong squad, and I would be pleased with a draw against them…what to say about this win! Incredible! The other thing that pleases me is that Daniel Frahn finally scored after 12 matches without scoring! Our captain is having a very bad season and I may be selling him in the summer…

Red Bull Leipzig 1 – 2 Wolfsburg

Borek Dockal

Our right back, Roberto Hilbert, received a red card in min 27…and from then on I knew that we will have a mission imposible! Despite the defeat, the boys played well..

League Table

Player of the Month

I will name Player of the Month Tiago Illori! The defender loaned from Liverpool had a good season so far and this month was his he deserves this prize!

@ bebero - thanks and no, I am not looking to sign young players, I just want to sign the best players available...
What a win against Stuttgart! :O Keep the good results coming! :D
I think it's time you updated your banner seeing as though you're in the Bundesliga! :D (Great results, too!)
Very nice, you can quali in Europa!

February fixtures – 100 games as a head coach !

February was another pretty good month for us and I am very glad that we are holding our position in the league: 7th place. We played 5 matches in this month from which we managed to win 2, we made 2 draws and we were defeated once.
I’ve also reached a milestone in my career this month as the win against Kaiserslauten was my 100 match as a head coach!

Augsburg 1 – 3 Red Bull Leipzig

Daniel Frahn
Daniel Frahn
Herve Bazile

Augsburg are on 15th place and in a very poor form so it was expected from us to defeat them. I am glad that we managed to do it and we added another 3 points to our stack.

Hannover 0 – 0 Red Bull Leipzig


Roberto Hilbert picked another red card and once again in the first half: min 31. From that point we knew that we have to work very hard to obtain even a point and I am pleased with the way our players played!

Red Bull Leipzig 0 – 2 Braunschweig


This was very unexpected…we were facing the team that stands on 17th place and everybody tought that we will defeat Braunschweig! It looks like the players became complacent and we were defeat… a very heavy defeat for us!

Kaiserslauten 0 – 2 Red Bull Leipzig

De Silvestro
Herve Bazile

An I’ve reached 100 matches as a head coach! Wow! If someone would have come to me 3 years ago and told me this, I would say that he is crazy…but now, here I am! I am very glad that my boys concentrated and won this match!

Red Bull Leipzig 1 – 1 Dortmund

Borek Dockal

It looks like the boys are in a great form and have a very high morale, as they managed to get a draw against mighty Dortmund! I am proud of them, this is a huge result!

League Table

Player of the Month

Joe Lopez, our new signing from this winter transfer window had amazing performances since he joined us! As I predicted, he became a key player for us very quickly!

@ Justice - thanks mate!
@ Walter - if you want to make me a banner, please do it! Else, I'll keep this old one..but please do it! :D
@ Deco de Souza - it would be great, but I don't think it's possible!

March fixtures

Our good form continued through March and we even climbed a place in the league, standing on an amazing 6th place which is an Euorpa League place…but, I don’t think that we will be able to maintain it, it’s just our first season in Bundesliga and I feel like asking for a place in Europa League would be too much!

Leverkusen 2 – 1 Red Bull Leipzig

Yussuf Poulsen

Well…we started the month with a defeat..but a defeat against Leverkusen which is a very strong squad. I can’t blame the players, they played very well, but Leverkusen are much better than us!

Red Bull Leipzig 4 – 1 Gladbach

Yussuf Poulsen
Yussuf Poulsen
De Silvestro
Borek Dockal

It was supposed to be a very equilibrated match between us an Gladbach..or at least that’s what “the experts” said. I must admit, in the terms of performance, this match was probably our best since I took over the team. Gladbach didn’t stand a chance, we played perfectly and they managed to score just in min 88 when we become complacent.

Freiburg 2 – 2 Red Bull Leipzig

Yussuf Poulsen
Herve bazile

This isn’t the ebst Freiburg are standing on 15th place, but we were unlucky! The overall performance was pretty good…

League Table

Player of the Month

I am very happy that Yussuf has finally began to score…he has huge potential and he is my favourite player, I must admit…he deserves this award!

A very good win Gladbach! But a draw, the team is very picky.
Good luck !

April - May fixtures – Unexpected European Qualification!!

You can’t imagine the happiness and joy I am feeling in this moments!! It was our first season in Bundesliga and we had the objective to avoid relegation….now, at the end of the season, we can look back with much pride and say that we have qualified for Europa League! Amazing!

Red Bull Leipzig 0 – 1 Bayern Munich


Once again Bayern dominated the league and won it! I hope that in a few seasons we will be the one that will end Bayern’s reign!

Herta BSC 0 – 0 Red Bull Leipzig


I was very angry after this match, as we played very badly and we were very close to lose! Hertha BSC are a much weaker team and we have to defeat teams like this!

Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 1 Mainz

Yussuf Poulsen

We won against Mainz,,but our mind was elsewhere! We couldn’t wait for the next match, cause if we would have won it, we would qualify in Europa League for the first time in history!

Frankfrurt 1 – 5 Red Bull Leipzig

Yussuf Poulsen
De Silvestro

Wow! I must admit that I never saw may players so motivated! They knew what they are fighting for and they wanted to achieve it with any price! Amazing performance!

Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 1 Hoffenheim

Yussuf Poulsen
Borek Dockal

This match was practically irrelevant, as we can’t loose 6th place anymore and we couldn’t climb to 5th place. Congrats for the players cause they still got focused!

Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 3 Schalke

Yussuf Poulsen
Joe Lopez

We finished 6th place despite this defeat! Amazing season!

League Table

Player of the Month

Quansha was our player of the month and maybe of the season, we will see that later!

@ bebero - thanks!
Congratulations, and good luck in the European campaign!

Season Review

It was our first season in Bundesliga and we exceeded any expectations…I don’t think that there is a person that tought at the beginning of the season that we will qualify for Europa League.
Now, once again I predict a very busy transfer window for us, as I want to strengthen all areas of the team because for the next year I want to qualify in Europa League again…I hope that the board will understand that we need founds to do it and they will give me a decent transfer&wage budget!


For the second season in a row I was named Manager of the Year…but this is different! I won it in Zweite Bundesliga..but to win in Bundesliga this award is absolutely amazing…

Two seasons ago, when I brought Quansah at the culb, I saw quality in him…but I never expected from him to transform in our best player! Last season was amazing, but this season his performances were sensational! In 27 matches played he score 10 goals, provided 5 assists and ended the season with an overall rating of 7.29!

Sadly for us, two players from our best eleven will leave the club as they were just loaned in and we don’t have the money to buy them! I’m talking about Luke Shaw and Tiago Ilori.

Premier League

Serie A



Ligue 1

Liga Zon Zagres

Europa League

Champions League

@bebero - thank you!
Great season! Hopefully you can challenge for a Champions League spot next year.

Pre-Season Preview!

The break was short and here we are, back at work! We’ve already prepared our pre-season friendlies and we decided that we will play 6 matches against: Grosbaspach, Osnabruck, Kiel, Hull, Norwich and Leicester…so we will face weak team and also some clubs of our lever like Hull or Norwich.

I also had a meeting with the board members and we decided that our objective for the next season will be a Top Half Finish, but to be honest, I want Europa League qualification. To be able to achieve this objective, a top half finish, they decided to give me a 19.25 m euro transfer budget and a 34 m euro/year wage budget. I must admit that this is much better than I expected and I think that we will be able to form a very solid squad!

Goodbye Captain!!

No player joined our club yet, but what we had to sell we sold and we also released some players. I want to take a moment to thank our former captain Daniel Frahn for all the great things he has done for our club, in the last 6 seasons he played 173 matches for our club and he has scored a huge number of goals: 105. He is the first player that will be inducted in Club’s Hall Of Fame and he will have a special place in our hearts!

@ ASR-PSV - thank you!
Good luck with the new season :)

Transfer window and Team Presentation – Part 1

First of all, I must say that I am very happy with the transfers we made in this windiw and I firmly believe that now we have a very strong squad! 11 players have joined our club in this transfer window, but all of them are very good! We have also lost a bing number of players: 17, some of them were released, other sold and a few youngsters were loaned out.


Right Defenders

Left Defenders

Central Defenders

@brownymcfc - thank you!
Some very good signings. Especially Left-Back, two players with immense potential!

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