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Poll: La Masia in Charge

Started on 6 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 20 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
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Can Puyol lead Barca to La Liga title? (26 votes)
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La Masia student takes over as Manager

As FC Barcelona announced today, Tata Martino won't be Barcelona Manager from now on and they revealed a former Barcelona player as the new Manager.

The Barcelona President Bartomeu stated that Martino offerd his resign, due to the uninspired performances under his control.
Also Bartomeu said to the reporters that Barcelona will try to get back on track with a new Manager who has "the needed desire and love for this club, someone who had given everything he had for this club and catalunya!"

After he said this words, the new Manager stepped into the press-conference room.

Puyol now in Charge

Puyol signed a one-year Contract as the new manager!

Charles Puyol is the new Manager, but he also added to the press, that he will "be a player, as long as it doesn't effects his managerial tasks.
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Will we see some mayor changes?

With Carles Puyol in charge the speculations start, which Barcelona player might have to leave and which players could Puyol bring into Camp Nou.

Rumors say, that Arsene Wenger will try to bring Alexis Sanchez into the Emirates.
Wenger would offer up to 40mio € for the right winger.
Also Wenger might be interested in bringen back Cesc Fabregas back to Arsenal, as Arsenal have an contracted option to buy him back for 45mio €.

Juventus aim for spanish winger

Italian Champions Juventus Turin rumordly will come up with an offer for Pedro.
But it is still unknown which plans Barcelonas new Manager Carles Puyol has in mind for this season.

As the rumors say, Juventus might offer Barcelona 30mio € for the spanish international and will try to keep him for 4 years.
Maybe Barcelona might try to aim for a player exchange with the french wonderboy Paul Pogba, as it might be possible that Xavi needs to step down a little bit in terms of playing time due to his age and fitness.

Meeting the Board

After beeing unveiled last night, as the new Barcelona Manager, the Board wants to know how i want to achieve my plans.
The Plan to get the best out of the La Masia talents in order to involve them into the first team squad!
This is a long term goal, which can't be achieved in the first season or two.
I said in the contract negotiations that i need time to evolve them and to reign a era, like Cruyffs' dreamteam or Guardiolas 6-title-side, will be a hard task, but i will give everything i have for the team, like i do for almost two decades now.

The Meeting

Puyol:Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to manage this team.
Bartomeu:It was your plan, that convinced us to give you this oppotunitiy. That leads me to the point of this meeting. How are you trying to achieve your goals?
Well i surely will talk to Victor, as i really see him as a major part of this team. His goalkeeping is a massive factor for our defense to stand that high and that is the reason, we can hassle the opponent as we do.
Zubizarreta:But if you can't talk him into staying, what will you do?
I'm confident to convinve him, but if it isn't possible then our goalkeeping coach and you, Zubi, will surely find some contenders which can fulfill Victors footsteps.
How to you intend to keep the offensive players in mood, espacially Ney and Lio.
Well we will be more unpredictable for other teams, in comperison to last season, as we have Neymar as a new option. A option that will bring the Cules a lot of joy and happiness, that i'll promise you.
And Lio has hugh love for the game. As long as he is able to play he will never cause any kinds of problems for the club.
Well i hope your right with your thoughts.
Which players do you want to sell and which players do you want to buy? That's a topic you left unmentioned 'til know.

Sell players? I really don't want to sell anyone! Everyone has the chance to show me that he has the right to be a Barcelona player and i will surely wait, at least until the preseason has finished, to make up my mind about the team. And if we might sell some players, i don't think i am trying to waste money for players, i rather give some talents the playing time, as they need as much of it as possible.
That is a strong statement. Are you sure about that?
Yes, 100%. That is the reason why i'm sitting here with the both of you and maybe we already have the player material to head to a bright future, so why should i spent money, we need for other things?
Thats the reason we gave you the spot as the Manager, you surely know what this club is all about and that is what the Cules want!
That was a good meeting, we hope to build a good working relationship and that we aim to a succesful season to come.
I hope that too and that's why i'm heading to the training court now, except you have any more questions or things to speak about.
No, go out there and make it happen!
Good start, and nice use of the bbcodes! Good luck!
Good luck mate! Payola is definitely a good manager choice
@ASR-PSV thanks, i needed a couple of attempts to find my writing style

@fzemdegs thanks mate...couldn't thought of anyone better!

Sanchez and Xavi out with injuries in the pre-season

New Barcelona manager Carles Puyol is already facing some serious injury problems, as it seems that two first eleven players might not be fit in time for La Liga kick-off.

Alexis Sanchez will be out for about 2-3 months, after he torned his knee ligaments in training.
The Injury came up as he stucked with his shoes in the grass on the training ground, reported the Barcelona medical department.

Xavi Hernandez will at least be out for at least 2 weeks, after he substained a damaged elbow in a pre-season friendly match.

Pre-Season Update

The Pre-Season was all about gaining match fitness and focus on the tactics!

The team was able to do what i wanted them to do, but I wasn't that pleased that it didn't showed up in the results.
We wasted our chances in almost every game and need to increase our efficency in front of the goal, luckily it was only the Pre-Season.
Unfortunatly Xavi and Alexis will be sidelinded in the first games.
Xavi might make it to the Supercopa, but that could be a risk for his health and Alexis will aim his return for the games in October.

It was a joy to see, that our under 19 player really showed some effort in training on our Asia-Tour, maybe some of them could make it into the B-Team this season.

Supercopa Update

The Supercopa was held between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to determin the Champion of the Champions.
The two legs were really breathtaking and both teams relied only on there offensive strenght and the winner of this battle was...

Barcelonas Manager Carles Puyol also played in the second leg and scored the first goal with a fine header and is the first Manager to score in a professional spanish cup or league, while he was managing a team.

Puyol in dreamland!

After winning his first Cup as Barcelona Manager, Carles Puyol answered a couple of our Reporters questions.

Marca: How does it feel to be a succesful Manager?
Puyol: It's unreal. I didn't realise it, even now, after i sleept over it. The team was magnificant.
And you yourself scored a goal how did that feel? And why did you pick yourself in the first team and not Mascherano, who started in every single match 'til then?
I had a talk with Masche before i revealed the starting line-up. It was only due to tactical reasons why he wasn't in the starting eleven and i made it perfectly clear to him and he said that i don't have to worry about what the media will come up to.
That think shows how much he is a man with an amazing character and how important he is to the team.
That i scored the opening goal was such a good feeling, as i always did everything for this club and it is a good feeling that i also seem to get the best out of myself with the pressure to be a playing manager.
So it seems that you will continue with both tasks?
For now surely, but don't expect me to be in the starting eleven that often, because Masche and Gerard are an outstanding defending couple and with Marc we have a talent which will get as much playtime as possible.

August Update

We won the Supercopa!
It was a joy to see our team winning this trophy, this could really be the kickstart to our season.
After we had a not so good Pre-Season, a few people were worried about our team and what they could bring on the pitch.

Scoring 11 Goals in 4 Matches shows that we really have an strong offense.
The draw in the Supercopa first leg showed, that we really need to score the first goal in order to play our game. It was a heavy task to play against a 9-man-defense.
It was good to see that Sergi Roberto was able to dictate the game, while Xavi was out injured.
And Neymar really fit in the squad and is able to work alongside Lionel, this is a good sign for a succesful Season.
Great results! Great to see how well you're doing offensively, but of course, Messi and Neymar must've been working wonders ;)

Also great to see you're playing Roberto, he always replaces Xavi and does brilliantly for me in my saves as Barca manager.

Suprise visit in my office...

On the last day of the transfer window surprisingly Pedro went in my office and asked me about his future under my reign.
After revealing that he thinks that he don't have a future at the club.

Pedro didn't had the best six months recently and only is in the Starting eleven, because of the long term injury from Alexis Sanchez.

Puyol: Who is it?
Pedro opens the door
Pedro: Do you have a minute or two?
Of course, what's on your mind?
I have that feeling that i don't fit in your plans and want to discuss that with you.
My Agent told me that Paris and Chelsea are aiming for a last minute transfer and if i sit on the bench i will at least listen to their offers and plans.

I'm sad to hear that.
Your training performances were good and i have plans with you.
But i need to be fair with you and tell you the truth, as it is.
So, let's hear it.
Alexis' performances last year were amazing and you seem to stuck on your playing performance level for the last 6 months, so Alexis deserves to be in the starting eleven.
His Pre-Season performances were on the highest level and his injury brought you in the starting eleven.
I appreciate your honesty and if you allow it, i want to hear what Mourinho and Blanc will have to say.
I'm in the best age now and need to be a member of a starting line-up.

I can imagine that you need to play, but i really want you to stay here as you will get enough playing time, because we have a hugh amount of games and everyone needs a break sometimes.
I will tell you my decision as soon as i made up my mind. You're the first person i will talk to.
Pedro storms out...
@pokarioboy thanks, had a good start in august, let's hope the team can stuck with the performances...
Roberto can play a decend pass, i hope he improvse a little bit in defence, than he will be a hugh star for my side...

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