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Wolfsburg - The New German Superpower

Road to Glory - Wolfsburg
Started on 6 August 2014 by Xander / First Post
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History Of Wolfsburg
Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg e. V or VLF Wolfsburg are a German football team. They play in the Bundesliga in Germany. They are one of the stronger German sides, though they have only managed to win the league once, in 2008/09. The stadium they play in, the Volkswagen Arena ,holds 30000 people. They are currently in the EUROPA League but they have never won any European silverwear. They were founded in September 1945. They are fairly well supported financially and their Executive Director/Chairman is Francisco Javier García Sanz.

Why Choose Wolfsburg?
Wolfsburg have been one of the teams in Germany that always find themselves in the Champions League. They are very consistent but are lacking the fire power that the powers of Dortmund and FC Bayern have. They are always competing with the likes of Schalke and Leverkusen. I believe that with some good young signings and the correct play styles they can become the firepower that won them the league in 2009.

What are my Goals with Wolfsburg?
- Continue to Qualify for champions league
- Win the EUROPA League (if qualify)
- Compete with Bayern and Borussia
- Prove dominance over Schalke and Leverkusen
- Win the Bundesliga
- Win the champions league
- Become an International Manager
- Improve the finances and stadium
- Improve the clubs EUROPEAN recognition

Where will this Save take me?
Hopefully this save will take me as close to the start of FM 15 as possible, if people start to get into this story I will try and continue it into FM 15, though it will not be the first save I do.

How Am I Writing This Story
This story is going to be written in the form of newspaper articles. The pre-season will take up only a few newspaper articles, with all the friendlies and a short breakdown of the game in one article. The matches will be done in a monthly update, with one press conference after that. The update will show the goal scorers and the man of the match, it will show the league table, only respective to where I am sitting in it though.
Great start, looking forward to it. Original team :)
Good luck! :D
Solid start, I will be following!
good luck!
A good start to the story. Good luck for the coming season.
As a German, I can tell you, we do not have super-powers. Although we are pretty awesome.
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(Dieter Hecking just as he leaves the club)


Dieter Hecking has been sacked by the Wolfsburg Chairman Dr Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz. Hecking has been manager of Wolfsburg since only the first of January, but due to a falling out with the board, and most notably the chairman over finances and his transfer budget; it was decided that he was to be let go. The man that has been given the job to replace him, the ex-Bayer Leverkusen player, German-Australian, Alexander Dunlop.

(Hecking is not happy with the club and they way they let him go)

Alexander Dunlop, 43, has lived in Germany most of his life and has established himself as one of the fan favourites in Germany, the flamboyant midfielder played over 100 games for Leverkusen, scoring 21 goals, he was a determined player and earned himself a German citizenship, with his goal to playing for them in the World Cup. His chances were getting worse, just one year out from the 2002 world cup. He tore his ACL and even though he recovered before the World Cup he was overlooked by Rudi Voller, and his place was taken by the 22 year old Miroslav Klose, after he came to realize that he had passed his peak, he decided that he would set out to play with his boyhood club being Manchester United before wanting to return home to Australia and playing for Sydney FC. He expressed his interest in the Wolfsburg position after meeting with the board about the possibility of Dunlop returning as the Manager for the U19's with Dirk Kunert supposedly out of favour with the players and the board.

To Dunlop's surprise, when he received the contract offer from the board it had the role as the manager of the first team, rather than the U19's. Dunlop also took the minimum wage for a manager of £15,000.

The press will get their first chance to grill the new manager on Wednesday 10th July.
great update, should be good to see such an inexperienced manager strut his stuff
Good update, will be looking to hear more about what happens!
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Dunlop's Opening Press Conference

The Press are Waiting for the Arrival of Dunlop

Wednesday 10th July - Alexander Dunlop's Opening Press Conference
The Wolfsburg Football Paper - Lukas Richter
Welcome to the club, what is it like being back in the heart of German football?

German football is great, I guess I can say I missed it, it held my best moments (01'runners up) and some of my worsts (not being chosen for the German side), I am looking forward to getting back into the German season and managing this side.

The Wolfsburg Football Paper - Lukas Richter
While some managers are famous for their hands-on approach, others maintain a more reserved manner with their players. How do you see your management style?

I guess you could say I am the best of both worlds, I like to make sure my players are doing the right thing and playing correctly, but at the same time I feel it is important that the players are still people and that they get their respected time if they need it.

Wolfsburg squad training shortly before the announcement of Hecking leaving.

The German Football Express - Herbert Kuhnert
Do you feel your ambition for the club is matched by the chairman?

I do, yes. Our discussions are often creative and there are a lot of good ideas delivered and these are promising good things for the future. The board are very helpful as well, as I have not taken a venture this large into managing before they are very supportive and pointing out tips for me.

The Wolfsburg Football Paper - Lukas Richter
Do you feel the expectation asked of you this season has been fair and realistic?

If the club is to really progress towards the higher reaches of the game, everybody has to be ambitious and aim high. That is what we are doing at the moment. When the board and I had our initial meetings prior to the official announcement we all had one shared goal, we did not believe that we would be title contenders first season; but a solid position that allows us to qualify for champions league football. We have recognised the powerhouses in the league in Bayern and Dortmund; we aim to be in the next group of powers, if not on our own. We also realized that the only teams that are standing in our way are Schmidt (Leverkusen) and Keller (Schalke).

The Wolfsburg Football Paper - Lukas Richter
It is often said that different managers favour different competitions, will you be concentrating primarily on getting results in the Bundesliga?

Well I would be stupid to say I wouldn’t, I am privileged enough to be taking control of a club that has qualified for the EUROPA league. But saying that I won’t be going all out would be an understatement, that would have to be the centre of the attention for the fans, players and staff; but the EUROPA league will be a chance to establish ourselves world wide as a German powerhouse.

The Wolfsburg Football Paper - Lukas Richter
The club has said that you are a man that loves the club, and has shown that by taking the least amount of money possible, why did you do this?

I did this because I didn't take the job for money, I took it so that I could have the opportunity to manage a great club. I wouldn't want their valuable money be wasted on me, I would rather use it to bring in more people around to improve the club even more.
A great start here! Really in depth writing. Only thing I'd suggest is maybe a tab more graphics? Nope, nevermind. I lied.
Great content, really interesting read leading up to the season.

Dunlop Announces his Firsts Purchases and Sales

Dunlop has today announced signings for his Wolfsburg squad. He has made it clear that he is building a young team and these signings show that he is going to follow that, he has also announced the sale of others players.

Martin Ødegaard
Current Ability
Potential Ability

The first signing that he announced was the 14 year old Norwegian Martin Ødegaard. His current contract with his club Strømsgodset IF was just a youth-contract, meaning that VFL could swoop in and offer him a contract immediately. Dunlop has said that the potential he has shown is immense and that he is going to be one of the stars of the future, also noting that he may get playing time in friendlies and other competitions that do not have age restrictions like the Bundesliga.

Memphis Depay
Current Ability
Potential Ability

Dunlop's second official signing has been announced as the 19-year old Dutch wonderkid, Memphis Depay. The winger and forward has impressed for PSV and has certainly caught the eyes of managers world-round. He was set to leave PSV over the coming days but the real question was who for, with the likes of Manchester United, Tottenham, AC Milan and Barcelona all linked to the teenager, with Louis van Gaal and United the favourite; though he has surprised many by arriving here in Wolfsburg and they will be hoping that he surprises more people when he starts to play. Dunlop saying that the price of £13.75mill is 'an absolute bargain for anyone with his potential'.

Daley Blind
Current Ability
Potential Ability

Another Dutch signing by Dunlop and Wolfsburg, this time it is the slightly more experienced, 23-year old full back from Ajax; Daley Blind. This versatile defender/defensive midfielder has been the heart of defences, being able to play on the left, right and the middle. He was also played by Ajax as a defensive midfielder on occasion. Dunlop has said, just like Depay that he has picked up Daley at a price that is 'one he would pay over and over again'. He will definitely feature in Dunlop's friendly sides.

Angelo Henriquez
Current Ability
Potential Ability

The 19-year old Chilean forward has joined Wolfsburg on loan for the season from Manchester United, many were surprised by this signing, with him being linked to join clubs from Belgium and Spain. But when being approached by the German club he quickly accepted, as he was very much looking forward to playing in the EUROPA league.

Timo Horn
Current Ability
Potential Ability

The 20-year old German wonderkid is another of Wolfsburg's newest players. The Goalkeeper was signed from 1 FC. Koln for his minimum buy out fee of £3.8mill. The youngster is one of Germany's top prospects, though he is in the line behind the likes of Manuel Neuer, Rene Adler and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. Dunlop has said that he will be starting as much as possible, even though he is not the first choice keeper. He was another surprise to the fans though, as he was expected to accept an offer from Real Madrid or Manchester City, yet he said that he was not yet ready to move out of Germany.

Since arriving in 07' Schäfer has been a very solid player for Wolfsburg, the Left Midfielder played 194 games, scoring 11 goals. The club were very happy with the price they sold him for, managing to get £1.7mill for him, made better by the fact that they bought him for £800k

Slobodan Medojevic - OUT
The 22 year-old midfielder joined from the Serbian side Vojvodina for 2 mill in 2011, he has struggled to make the first team, only making 8 appearances unable to find the back of the net. He was sold to Hertha BSC for a price of £2.5mill.

Bjarne Thoelke - OUT (loan)
Bjarne is joining Dresden in the Bundesliga 3. He will be there for the rest of the season.

The 21 year old Ivorian left winger has struggled to stay in the first team for Wolfsburg since joining in 2011/12. This will be his second consecutive season out on loan. He will be at 1. FC Nürnberg.
Great signings, the 14 year old is risky but hopefully you can groom him into a great player

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