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Borat: Management In Football To Make Benefit Glorious Nation Kazakhstan

Started on 19 August 2014 by qwertyman
Latest Reply on 1 September 2014 by qwertyman
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Great story so far, i like ones that make me laugh..

Very Nice!

My wife, she like your story too, i didn't even know she could read... she is not my wife anymore, too dangerous to have a wife who can read!

But she'll always be my sister, you can't choose family but you can certainly divorce them right?!
qwertyman's avatar Group qwertyman
9 yearsEdited

I'm so glad for my old brothers in Soviet times. They beat Italians on penalties.

We now face allies North Korea in 2 months. It will be hard playing them, and it will be hard getting out.

JDM, yes "10 Jewpower". I know that it is a lot.

Ziechael, if you find me woman with brain, I find you horse with wings!
Just read this story, the quality is good, but there is one thing - and I know you're only doing it in character - but the "Jew" thing is a bit overboard, especially since quite a large number of members on this site are Jewish - and that's not including guests of the site.

As I said, I know the Jewish thing is part of the character, but if you could tone it down a bit, that would be great.
Sacha Baron Cohen, the maker and actor of Borat, is Jewish.

Borat is really only to exploit people's indifference towards anti-semitism. Sorry if anyone's been offended, but I haven't recieved and posts or PM's telling me about it.

Just let me know if anybody gets offended, Borat is pretty much an offensive character, not just to Jews, but gypsies, Kazakhs, women, Uzbeks, and Iraq war veterans.

I'll tone down the Jew thing as best as I can.

Defending was hard in this match, all their players look same.

John said keep ball and play slow, and we win 2-0! Very nice! I like!

We now wait 2 months again, then we play Bosnia of Herzegovina. We have no chance. We will have to give them hand relief instead of getting a chance to win.
This story is hilarious! A lot of brilliant ideas, keep it up!
Jegshemesh. We now go to Bosnia of Herzegovina for our first qualifier for the Eurlo 2016. I like this place, because they name club after me.

This says a Borat.

But sadly, nobody thinks we will win.

*Throw football down the well*
*So my country can be free*
*We must make football easy*
*Then we have a big party*

Squirmy, it very nice that you enjoy story. Everybody say keep it up, I will keep up. I don't think my defence will.
It very nice, high five!

Гібралтар - Gibraltar

I here in Gibraltar. We should win tod...

Apparently, Spain don't like Gibraltar. I don't know why. A soldier came up to me.

"Al suelo!" he said.


"Al suelo! Ahora!"

"You have gun. Very scary. Now go away, I need to play football match."


"I need to play match, you don't need to attack this place."

"Usted no puede decirme qué hacer!"

"Go away! Do you have ears of gypsy? Go away!"

"No puedo escucharlo. Tenemos que ir."

And then they went away.

We could do better, but any 3 points is good for us.
Justice, the Bosnia match wasn't very nice, but next time we play, I will make very nice! Very nice!
Lmao i read this from the beginning this is too hilarious
Omfg this is so funny
qwertyman's avatar Group qwertyman
9 yearsEdited

Һолланд - Holland

This land is where gypsy den Otter came from. I will extract his tears, and beat his team.

We play tic tack football today, and we score 2 goals against Holland, which very nice!

Bashy and Champion, you both say same thing. You like story?! Very nice! You make me very happy!


Thank you everybody, I will treasure this moment for rest of my life! I didn't know there were so many people who like me. I like you, as well. I like everyone who view! Thank you, everybody!

Аұтһорс Нотес:
This is the first time that I've reached 1000, I couldn't even manage it on my James Brown story, which I thought was a big success.

Even though there's only been just over 40 replies so far, I've already stopped a Spanish invasion of Gibraltar and I've already encountered a politically correct Scouser. Not that I mind, I'm still sorry if I offended anyone. (I probably have...)

Anyway, thanks again, you wont believe how happy Borat is now.
Nice One!

Check your PM
Congrats man. Very well deserved. Loving the story :D

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