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The Chance To Become World Beaters

Started on 10 September 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 6 October 2014 by Ziechael
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great signings :)

The Chance To Become World Beaters

New Signings A Plenty: PART 3

Allessandro Del Piero gathered the media today to unveil the next four transfers and there four very big transfers.


Neymar joins on a five year, £140,000 a week deal that see's Anderlecht really put the cat amongst the pigeons. The Brazilian superstar turned down 5 alternatives including 2 Icelandic sides and a Irish side. Estou muito , muito feliz por ter assinado pelo Anderlecht . eles são um time que tem a capacidade de ganhar tudo quando você olha para quem que já adquiriu . Ele era o gerente , Allessandro Del Piero no entanto, que me convenceu de que meu futuro pertencia na Bélgica e estou ansioso para passar muitos anos no clube.
(I am so, so happy to have signed for Anderlecht. they are a side that have the ability to win everything when you look at who that have already aquired. It was the manager, Allessandro Del Piero though that convinced me that my future belonged in Belgium and I am looking forward to spending many years at the club.)

Christian Eriksen

The former Spurs midfielder comes in on a five year, £100,000 a week deal to give the midfield that already energetic look to it. The 21 year old, sitting next to Neymar was in awe of the side that Del Piero has already put together. This is an amazing opportunity for me and depending on the formation the manager plays, I expect to get atleast 18 games this season. The Belgian league is a tough league and it has two stages so we will see what happens.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Only the signing of either Neymar or Messi could overshadow the masterstroke in getting Ibrahimovic to sign for Anderlecht. The 31 year old seems to have bucked the trend for manager Del Piero but he explained why he signed a over 30. We need experiance, it is that simple, you can not buy great youngsters without a great experienced player to help them on there way.

Zlatan also spoke about his move. There was alot of sides in for me and I did not consider Belgium until Anderlecht came for me. I was on the verge of signing for Dynamo Kyiv but I was offered more money to come here and that is what it all came down too.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema is the last man to be announced in this update. The twenty-five year old flamboyant striker has joined Anderlecht on a five year contract worth £140,000 a week. The Frenchman will be looking to put a couple of poor season behind him and help shoot Anderlecht to European and domestic league glory.

That is 12 of the 19 signings now revealed, in the next update there will be a veteran English midfielder, a couple of awesome wingers and a ex premier league striker.
what a team your putting together
No1VillaFan's avatar Group No1VillaFan
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The Chance To Become World Beaters

New Signings A Plenty: PART 4

After twelve transfers, Allessandro Del Piero gathered the media once more to announce transfers 13-16 of 22 transfers. They are big transfers too.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Allessandro Del Piero decided to replace the failed bid for Lionel Messi by signing global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a great alternative to Lionel Messi and Ronaldo did not seem bothered he might have been the second choice. It does not bother me at all because this is going to be a great club and we are going to win a lot more than Messi will ever win.

Shinji Kagawa

Joining Ronaldo at Anderlecht is Japanese star Shinji Kagawa. The former Manchester United player has the potential to become Ronaldo's awesome sidekick. He will be at Anderlecht for five years on £100,000 a week. I can not wait to play in Belgium and espeicially for Del Piero.

Oliver Giroud

In what looks like a shock signing, Oliver Giroud has signed for five years on £71,000 a week. The ex-arsenal striker is seen as a great cover option but thinks he will fight for a starting spot. I have not came here to be a bench warmer and I will show this by eventually getting my spot I deserve.

Will Hughes

Del Piero spent his first bit of money in the region of £10,000,000 to land the unbelievable talent of Will Hughes. The Derby youngster was wanted by FC Porto and Ludogarets but has decided to go for it at the Belgian Champions and Del Piero says he will start. He will be in for the first game of the season and I can not wait for him to play for us!

There are just 5 more transfers to announce and two of them are keepers so stay tuned.
WOW That Squad! :D
Great signings. Kagawa is Japanese BTW ;)
I can't see the point of this story as you will surely just win everything. Good luck all the same.
2014-09-12 22:53#193966 Jamesg237 : I can't see the point of this story as you will surely just win everything. Good luck all the same.

I wont because I did a test save of this and that did not happen at all

The Chance To Become World Beaters

New Signings A Plenty: PART 5

Allessandro Del Piero named his last five transfers today infront of a packed media. It is thought that these will be the final piece in the jigsaw to propel Anderlecht as one of the all time greatest clubs in time.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard comes in to do for the midfield, what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to do for the attack. Lampard, who chose Anderlecht over clubs in Belarus, Greece, Turkey and Ukriane has been installed as Vice Captain straight away. This is going to be a great time for the club and I will help them in anyway I can. I just can not wait.

Matej Delac

Delac comes in as number 2 keeper and is surely going to be an amazing back up. The 20 year old comes in on a five year contract worth £56,000 a week. The young Croatian can not wait to get started. I am here to challenge for the number 1 jersey and I will do my best to take it.

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois comes in as the number 1 keeper and has a big point to prove. Thibaut is going to be the number 1 goalkeeper. I am ecstatic that he has signed his 5 year deal for us and I for one know he is young but will be an amazing player in the future.

Daniel Alves & Kevin Volland

Daniel Alves and Kevin Volland join Anderlecht as the last two players for Del Piero's men. Volland will add fire power and Alves will add his experience and will really work hard. I am going to play my best and really work hard to bring the best for the club. Said Alves.
What database are you using?
2014-09-14 21:38#194125 lmckimm17 : What database are you using?

I created one myself :D

The Chance To Become World Beaters

Pre-Season and Belgian Super Cup Report

Allessandro Del Piero's Andrlecht side had a iffy Pre-Season. There first match against TP Mazembe resulted in a 1-0 loss. This was a wake up call for the team of stars that the manager put together. Anderlecht then played Dutch side sc Heerenveen and finally got there first win in Pre-Season. Luka Modric and Antoine Griezmann got the goals in a 3-0 victory. Luka played very well today but Anthony (Vanden Borre) was the star man for me. He put himself around the pitch well.

Anderlecht then drew with Willam II 0-0 in Holland and Paars-wit were back to playing poor football again. It is going to take a bit of time to adjust, we just need to gel a bit more and then we will be fine. I am enjoying playing in Belgium and there are a lot of good Belgian players here. Said Lampard after the match.

Then New England and Fenerbahce became victims of the ever improving Anderlecht side with New England losing 3-1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar and Sanchez were the three on the score-sheet. They played really well and really tested us but our defence was absolutely brilliant today from Courtois and Vanden Borre again played out of there skins. The Fenerbahce game was a great 1-0 victory and I think we are ready for the season now said Del Piero.

Player Of Pre-Season

Anthony Vanden Borre gets the nod because he has been a rock at the heart of the defence and shown the manager that he should also look at players that were already at the club rather than buying all the superstars.

Belgian Super Cup

So the line-ups were named and Vanden Borre harshly missed out on the starting XI with a shock upfront as Ibrahimovic missed out on the squad altogether with Oliver Giroud taking his spot.

First Half

Anderlecht were the best team in the first half but Genk had there chances. Alexis Sanchez and Neymar went close in the first twenty minutes. Sanchez got a ball off Will Hughes and drilled it straight at Koteles. Neymar received a cross from Modric but his header hit the bar and went over. On the twenty-ninth minute however Anderlecht's pressure paid off when Ronaldo ran at Genk and smashed the ball at the post but it took a deflection and went for a corner in which the cross from Ronaldo resulted in Pique heading into the net to make it 1-0.

Second Half

Genk must have had a bollocking at half time because they were a different side. First Buffel, then Gorius and Vossen all went close until in the 63rd minute Julien Gorius won a free kick in which he took himself and made it 1-1! Anderlecht were not in the game at all and Vossen could have doubled his telly but for a weak shot on the 71st minute. Jordi Albe and Vanden Borre could not improve the Belgian champions fortunes and Genk looked the more likely to score but to extra time we went.

Extra Time

This was a thrilling 30 minutes of football. End to End and one goal disallowed each. The first one was for Genk when Sandy Walsh combined with Fabien Camus to score but Camus had JUST strayed offside. Anderlecht then went up the other end of the pitch through a fantastic run by Vanden Borre to feed other sub Alba who crossed onto the head on Neymar and in the net but he had also strayed offside. On the 119th minute Anderlecht thought they had won it when the ball dropped to Will Hughes 30 yards out and he hit a screamer in which Koteles did not move and it hit the inside of the post and flew out for a throw in so it went to penalties!


Gorius struck the first penalty high into the right corner. Then Sanchez stepped up for Anderlecht and hit it straight down the middle but the keeper stood there and saved it. Hamalainen hit the second in for Genk and Pique, who had already scored made it 2-1, Hyland then went straight down the middle to make it 3-1. Luka Modric then missed by blazing it over and Mboyo made it 4-1, which meant Genk won the Super cup.
Yikes... going down on pens to Genk with that team must've hurt mate?!
You created a world class team .. Just go out and beat everyone :P

The Chance To Become World Beaters

Bellotelli Signs For Hungarian Side

In what could be classed as one of the shock moves of the season so far, Italian badboy Mario Bellotelli has chosen to go to Hungary to ply his trade for Diosgyor. The striker who was released from new club Liverpool is looking forward to playing in Miskolc for the team that finished 5th last season.

They are currently bottom of the table though so the big Italian striker has a big task on his hands and he needs to make sure he does not get sent off. I am going to be a model professional and hopefully push my new team up to the top of the table even though we are bottom of the table.

On top of Bellotelli moving to Hungary he will be joined by Samir Nasri who has moved to Debrecen. Things are definitely being shaken up in this new era of Football.

Next season it should get even more interesting in the Champions League as Ukraine, Turkey and Belgium get 4 Champions League spots.

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