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England FC - The way forward?

Can the England international team improve in time for the World Cup 2014?
Started on 11 September 2014 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 27 October 2014 by Ziechael
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2014-09-24 14:32#194901 Icarus : The notebook idea is great, graphics work out really well so far! This story is definetly going well! :) keep em' coming.

Thanks mate, I'm trying to find new ways of doing my updates to add a bit of interest... but it can be pretty time consuming making the graphics sometimes (see my next update for example lol). Now hurry up and update your story #004 FTW!
I love the notebook update and it makes me wonder what can i do to make my anderlecht story better. The content is awesome and this will surely be a sotm nominee in time
Cheers mate, i'm trying to compete with some major players, hopefully interest will increase as i get into the season a bit :)

Terry Lashes Out At Shearer

John Terry has added fuel to the flames that are already eating away at the FA's latest scheme, England FC. When manager Alan Shearer picked Wayne Rooney for the captaincy over Terry he went straight to twitter to convey his disappointment, describing the decision as 'discrimination' due to his recent injury in training.

In the tweets JT makes the alarming claim that his feud with the England manager isn't over after suggesting that the newly appointed captain, Rooney, isn't ready to take the lead yet. Despite the England camp warning Terry to show some discretion it looks as if the former skipper wants to carry on this very public debate.

We spoke to Alan Shearer to get the clubs official view on the matter:
Alan Shearer:
Naturally John was my first choice for captain. His experience is second to none and he has proven time and time again, over a number of years, that he is capable of leading a team in any circumstances. However, that all said, we did need to look elsewhere as we simply couldn't afford to have an injured captain at the start of the season at such a critical time in the clubs formative months. It was, therefore, my decision to appoint Rooney as the captain and hope that John would be professional enough to accept the vice-captaincy in place of his prior role. Frankly I'm disappointed that it has come to this, we have discussed this with him and he seemed at peace with the decision but apparently that was just a short-lived acceptance. It is my sincere hope that he can let go of his anger and concentrate on his rehabilitation because there is still a very important place for him at this club.

There has yet to be any further word from the Terry camp but one thing is certain; a rift has developed in the England FC camp already and there hasn't even been a competitive ball kicked. Does this bode ill for the scheme the FA hoped would save English football or is this just the first bump on the road to success?
John Terry needs to stick his head back up his a**e
#HashtagOverusage #EverythingIsBlue #WtfamIsaying

Lovely update, you make these look really realistic with these fake tweet accounts :P (That's gotta be illegal if you can make people say anything like that...)
Feliks - has he ever really taken it out? Probably tweeted blind!

Icarus/Con/Whoever you are! - #thanksmate i like to put effort into the dressing for my stories... just hope the content/coming results can match up to it all lol, if any legal backlash were to happen i'd claim you did it ;)
Drama in the England camp, yet again! Good going so far Ziechael, been a good story
Justice - Thanks mate, hoping to really take this off over the next month ready for FM15... this weekend has slowed me down but i'm back now :)
Not a bad month to begin with hopefully form picks up and the younger players develop well for you
Cappy13 - Thanks mate, by then end of the month I think I finally nailed the tactics, the rest of the season should be more in line with expectations... i hope!

this story is amazing and the comments and views are picking up gooo ziecheal
Awful start domestically, but performances will pick up for sure!

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