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The Hawks - Dare To Dream

Started on 22 October 2014 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 16 February 2015 by Walter
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Solid, routine wins, extending that new unbeaten run of yours. Keep it up, because it promises to be a furious race for the title!
P-KIDDY: Thanks for the support Paddy!
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
9 yearsEdited

FA Cup has Hawks believing again

As the ball deflected off the hapless Martin Skrtel, the clueless Charles Itandje could only watch and then bow his head in embarrassment while listening to the travelling Havant contingent erupt with noise again.

In the 2007/08 season Havant and Waterlooville enjoyed, undoubtedly, their most memorable moment in the club’s history. Courtesy of the magical cup competition that is the FA Cup, The Hawks went up against mighty Liverpool at Anfield in the 4th round, coming after a sensational 4-2 win over then League One side Swansea City in a 3rd round replay.

But even the opportunity to play Rafa Benitez’s expensively-assembled team of internationals wasn’t enough for the part-time visitors, they twice took the lead in the game, too. Firstly through school caretaker Richard Paquette, and then on loan winger Alfie Potter via a deflection from debutant Skrtel.

Havant might not have won, but for 55 glorious minutes the team six leagues below the five-time European Cup winners, gave Liverpool the fright of their lives. The full time whistle brought about relief in the ground, after an eventual 5-2 victory, but there was still incredible acknowledgement for the efforts of The Hawks’ players – and a lot of respect gained by football fans all across the country.

Now, in the 2015/16 season, Havant and Waterlooville are believing again – anything close to a repeat of the incredible run of yesteryears would be something. The chance of a strong cup run really is a reality however, with Eastbourne Boro and third tier Stevenage already defeated, by the white’s.

Next up, in the 2nd round, is a home tie against Vanarama Conference rivals Barnet. A win is definitely possible here as well, something that was so nearly achieved in the league, earlier on in the season but for an 89th minute equalizer for The Bees. A victory would put Lee Bradbury’s men in with a chance of playing a Premier League side, and another David vs Goliath encounter potentially on the cards.

”We’ve got to stay focused on our game against Barnet, and put our full concentration into beating them.” said the manager when asked about the prospect of a third round clash with one of the ‘big boys’ of English football, but there is no doubt that even he is already dreaming of what lies ahead for his side in this year’s competition.

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Next Update: 'Hellos' Are A Thing Of The Past
Coming full circle. If you beat Barnet, fancy a big team in the third round? Nice link from past to present :)
Nice throwback there, hopefully you can get Skrtel to score an own goal again if you meet the reds :P
P-KIDDY: Thanks bud. Testing ourselves against top opposition would be great, but we need to ensure victory against Barnet, before anything ;)

Neal: It's Skrtel, of course he would score an own goal :P
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
9 yearsEdited

After discovering that Peru holds information regarding the suspicious chairman, Micheal left his newly found home, the pub in Slovenia, for South America. But on his arrival was already faced with the danger of some hostile looking thugs.

'Hellos' Are A Thing Of The Past

The voices clearly weren’t friendly, and nor where the faces that matched them – gruff, with a grimacing look and bloodshot eyes. He didn’t recognize him, and thankfully they hadn’t yet spotted him. The worrying thing? They knew he had just got off this plane, they knew he was heading to Peru; people were onto him.

More gunfire followed, Michael bursting behind the nearest pillar, for cover while all around him people were fleeing the scene. He took a big gasp of breath, but didn’t have the time to take in too much of the situation, hearing the bellows of the thugs again. “There’s no point hiding”, one of them said, accompanied by a sly chuckle. “We’re not here to kill you, oh no..” he continued, chuckling again although this time not so convincingly. “We’re here to help you, yes. We’re here to help, and provide you with the answers you’re looking for.” He was drawing Michael in, toying with him, and Michael duly stepped forward. At this point, he had become desperately intrigued.

“Tell me. I need to know everything.” He spouted, walking right where they wanted him. In a matter of seconds he was surrounded. Five….no six, people swarmed round him like bee’s to honey, with one man stretching out his arm to shake Michael’s hand in an all too appreciative manner.

“So glad you could join us here, in our home, Michael. Peru, it’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?”

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve not got a chance to look just yet.”

By now, the leader had his entire arm wrapped round Michael’s shoulder, as if they were old friends reuniting again, going on a trip down memory lane. “I always admired you as a football player Michael, I love Liverpool, I love football, there’s plenty of passionate Peruvians here. Now just follow me and my friends, and then we can talk plenty more-“

Bullets tore his chest apart as if it was a paper bag. His arms flailed, slipping from Michael’s shoulder, and his legs buckled. Blood sprayed in all directions. The gunfire continued, even though he was obviously dead. If you were there, you could have seen the bewildered expression that ran across his face, before it was wiped away a couple of seconds later by more bullets.

The associates looked around the airport, blinking stupidly, and then a few more seconds passed before them too were struck down, by the lifeless killer. Well, the men he shot down were lifeless anyway. While he truly acted like the cold-blooded murderer he was.

Stunned, Michael just stood there, a corpse to be. Or he imagined it that way. The killer swooped down from the stairs above, and he realized, he had been spared. A burly man approached him, a face like granite. He just stared. Mouth open, still about half a light year behind the action. He had to be dreaming. He’d wake up in a minute and-

The killer slapped him hard in the face. Michael had again thought wrong. “Follow me.” He demanded, without a reply. He asked again, louder this time, not used to repeating himself.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK!?!” Michael finally spoke. The first three words that come to his head. He knew he had no other option to follow this man, though. It was the only way he would get the answers. And so he did follow him, a man who had only just met, and a mere few minutes ago had rifled bullets through another man he had only just met. They say trust is an important thing, Michael was trusting his instincts.

Last Update: FA Cup has Hawks believing again
Next Update: Season Two: December
No Alianza Lima game then? :(
Nice storyline, lots of twists and turns. Don't know what's going to happen next.
Woah, what an update! Loving the gory detail! ;)
Walter: Unfortunately not, thanks for the comment though, Walt!

Josh: Cheers man, I always find it fun writing these storyline updates.
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
9 yearsEdited

Season Two: December

Traditionally the festive period is jam packed with fixtures, and is naturally a critical part to any club’s season. In fact it can even go as far as ‘making or breaking’ a team’s campaign, a succesful run of games could propel a side out of relegation trouble and onto much better things while a more miserable set of results could hamper promotion chances and significantly worsen your team’s league position. But, this time around it seemed as if December wasn’t going to be as busy as anticipated with the poor weather resulting in many postponed matches for lower league sides and subsequently only 4 games to play over the course of the month.


Vanarama Conference Premier
Lincoln City 1 – 1 Havant and Waterlooville

Anthony Malbon, 2’

Adebayo Akinfenwa, 89’

FA Cup 2nd Round
Havant and Waterlooville 2 – 1 Barnet

Adebayo Akinfenwa, 2’

John Akinde, 10’

Alan Connell, 73’

FA Trophy 1st Round
Havant and Waterlooville 2 – 1 Whitehawk

Bradley Bubb, 19’, 70’

Mikhael Jaimez-Ruiz, 54’

Vanarama Conference Premier
Havant and Waterlooville 2 – 1 Kidderminster

Kyle Storer, 38’

JJ Hooper, 42’

Bradley Bubb, 74’

League Table

There is no league table for me to show you this month guys, for which I apologise for, due to my inability to remember to take the screenshot.

Player of the Month

Bradley Bubb collects the ‘Player of the Month’ award for December, as the Grenadian striker again proved what a massive role he plays in our side, and what a hugely important player he is to The Hawks. Bubb scored 3 goals in the 3 games which he featured in, with his ability to turn matches in the favour of his team, an invaluable asset. He hit a brace against Whitehawk to win us that game, and also bagged the winning goal against Kidderminster. Last year’s Player of the Season certainly hasn’t lost his touch even in a higher division and continues to remain a star performer, week in, week out.

Goal of the Month

Adebayo Akinfenwa scored the pick of Havant’s goals this month, winning the ‘Goal of the Month’ award for December, in the process. Rashid Yussuff, winner of the previous two GoTM awards, was again involved and this time picked out a fantastic pass over the top of the opposition defence and in towards Akinfenwa. The 33 year old striker did the rest, letting the ball drop over his shoulder, before striking the ball with immense power to send it past the goalkeeper, and into the back of the net.


The Hawks go marching onwards. 4 more games without defeat, including progression into the FA Cup 3rd round, as well as FA Trophy progression. It seems that succeeding is just second nature to my players at the moment, with an against the odds victory against Barnet, epitomizing the philosophy that has been installed into every single one of the Havant squad members. There was only two league games as you already know, but we dug in and battle hard in both, with the draw something not to be disappointed with – considering it was salvaged by an 89th minute leveler. It’s been a terrific 2015 for Havant & W, and more promising times beckon for the New Year, too.

Last Update: 'Hellos' Are A Thing Of The Past
Next Update: Havant & W to play Southampton
Akinfenwa goal of the month!! Have I even commented about anything other than Adebayo since you signed him? :P
Akinfenwa has quite the right foot.
Another great month, I think the word to describe it is BEAST. ;)
Akinfenwa, the strongest right foot on FM.

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