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Paul McGrath: Building a Villan Legacy!

Started on 22 October 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by No1VillaFan
Tomtheone Haha yeah they did

Jamesg Yeah he is being very quiet atm

Sky Sports Hit Back At Birmingham Police

When the police came out and said that scheduling the Birmingham Derby in mid afternoon would be almost catastrophic, Sky Sports Sports spokesperson Rory Rigney issued a statement about the decision to have the game moved to a 4pm slot on a Sunday.

We, at sky sports take all scheduling very carefully. This is a match that people would want to see and is undoubtedly the match of the round. I actually did consult with Birmingham Police first because ultimately they have the final say so for them to come out and tell the media that we were stupid to screen the match at 4pm on a Sunday it just makes a mockery of themselves because we would have screened it earlier if they had told us there concerns.

There is going to be around 5,000 policemen and woman on Sunday outside the ground and over 100 stewards and it is already a sell out but there has been things on social media sites saying that Birmingham City and Aston Villa fans are going to be fighting and we are fully expecting crowd trouble. One thing for certain is that it is going to be just as fiery off the pitch as on the pitch.
whooo a 4pm kick off is gonna be interesting, if it's not on the field, then certainly around the field ^^ , but lets hope Agbonlahor's words be reinforced with a nice display !

Crowd Trouble, Goals Galore & A Stabbing!

I cant hold these back any longer! There going to get through us and we are going to see a riot tell the club to open the fucking gates so people can start getting into the ground!

(The turn-styles open)

Thank fuck for that! We have avoided the violence for now

Hello and welcome to today's coverage of the F.A Cup third round match, and it is the second city derby between Aston Villa and Birmingham City. Aston Villa are doing well in the Barclays Premier League and Birmingham are having a iffy season in the Championship.

We understand there has been 82 arrests already for drunken behaviour but at the moment there has been no violence at all, so who is in the starting line ups?

Aston Villa

Aston Villa line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation and make a couple of changes from there last match. Jordan Graham has to make do with a place on the bench as Gabby Agbonlahor comes in for him and Charles N'Zogbia plays in AMC as Castaignos loses out with the change of formation. Cissoko also replaces Enda Stevens at left back.

Birmingham are unchanged for the 3rd time in a row, playing a 4-5-1 formation and Johnathon Spector is the player to watch on the right hand side of midfield.

While the teams were warming up it seemed like some Birmingham fans had got into the Holte End and before any problems the security had got them and chucked them out.

This is going to be a wonderful occasion and although you would think we are the favourites, but in Second City Derbies they all go out the window and it is whoever wants it more. Sure we have the strongest team but we will just wait and see what happens today said Paul McGrath in the tunnel just before the match.

The Match Report

In what was actually a great game of football, it was marred by crowd trouble fueled by alcohol and there was unfortunately a stabbing too.

So lets talk about the match first and it was a efficient performance by Aston Villa, in which they came away with a 3-0 victory over a distinctly lacklustre Birmingham City side. A brace from Christian Benteke helped The Villans to victory.

Aston Villa captain Ron Vlaar got Villa off to a flier by scoring a 26 yard free kick in the 6th minute. Benteke then was able to score from the spot after Richardson was bought down by Reilly. Christian Benteke then completed the rout on the 41st minute with an effort from long range.

Unfortunately though the headlines have been stolen from a cracking match when a Birmingham City fan got stabbed by an Aston Villa fan. The City supporter had ran on the pitch and gave the slip to the Steward and then ran at the Villa fans where one jumped over and stabbed him. There was then a 25 minute delay and the game was able to be finished.

The F.A, governing body of England and the F.A. Cup are going to investigate and it could mean that Villa are thrown out of the F.A. Cup. There was shock and disbelief with the other Villa fans that one of there own had stabbed someone. Rivalry is one thing but it had never happened before so after the match the away fans were kept at Villa Park for 1 whole hour and there was a Police line for the Villa fans to walk down but some of the Villa fans cars got vandilised and there was a lot of trouble and violence resulting in a further 240 people being arrested.

Aston Villa issued a public apology to Birmingham City when it was found out that the stabbed man was a dad of four but had unfortunately passed away, repercussions will be soon we are sure in a day when a fantastic football match turned very ugly!
Well.. maybe Sky Sports will listen to the police' advise now, certainly now somebody got killed. But the perpetrator should never gain acces to the stadium with such a weapon in the first place.

I guess the next few weeks less Bengal fire will be seen and fans will be stricter controlled.

Hopefully your team wont be punished by this aimless action, and punish the Villa fan instead. (I bet your club will do that anyway with the use of camera footage)

Anyway good result, and nice to see Benteke on the score sheet.
2014-11-03 22:18#198262 Red Devil : Well.. maybe Sky Sports will listen to the police' advise now, certainly now somebody got killed. But the perpetrator should never gain acces to the stadium with such a weapon in the first place.

I guess the next few weeks less Bengal fire will be seen and fans will be stricter controlled.

Hopefully your team wont be punished by this aimless action, and punish the Villa fan instead. (I bet your club will do that anyway with the use of camera footage)

Anyway good result, and nice to see Benteke on the score sheet.

yeah things are going to get serious now

The Football Association To Launch Probe
Greg Dyke to launch probe into F.A Cup Match

The English F.A have today announced that Aston Villa's match against Birmingham will be investigated on a whole load of levels. The main one is how the Villa Stewards and security let a man in with a knife but also they are to investigate Sky's role in all of this too.

The first issue is the fan with the knife said Greg Dyke, the Football Association Chairman. How the security we have nowadays at Premiership grounds missed this means it has to be investigated, there are serious consequences here because we found out today that the poor guy has lost his life so now this is a manslaughter investigation at one of our football grounds and that should now be addressed.

The things that could happen to Aston Villa for this are to play a certain amount of games behind closed doors, to have the 3-0 win took off them and Birmingham City be allowed into the F.A Cup 4th round or a very big fine. Now as much as it was Villa's fault it was also Birmingham City's fault too because they have also had fights too so they are by no means innocent but the biggest blame goes onto Sky.

We have had many years of partnership with BSkyB but we will now be considering if they take safety seriously at all and that at the moment with immediate effect we are stripping BSkyB of the Capital One Cup, F.A. Cup and Premier League matches with BT Sport getting them temporarily. This is because we do not think that Sky are taking there responsibilities seriously at all. There will be no questions and thanks for attending.

We will now await the response by Aston Villa, Birmingham City and BSkyB. This looks like it will be a never ending saga.
well, let's wait what the decision will be...

but in the meantime the head of security with trembling knees... ^^
Holy f*ck! Things just go from bad to worse, to good, to better to freaking hideous!!

On a plus note, Keane wasn't the one doing the stabbing...

Maybe next time ;)
Lol what an update, FA always looking to screw us over!! sheesh
100th I think unless someone replied just about me, which is likely. Anyway good story
You should consider becoming a tabloid newspaper writer, I feel like I'm reading the Daily Mirror every time I read your story ;) (which is a good thing)
Red Devil You will find out soon

Ziechael For once it was 100% not keane who stabbed mr. bloggs

Icarus Obviously we have heard the last of this

ImDonkey Cheers dude u was my 100th comment

Walter Thanks :D haha it gets better soon

BSkyB: See You In Court!

After all of the commotion of the Second City Derby, Sky Sports have come under increasing suspicion that they wanted the crowd violence so that they could attract more viewers and the Football Association then amazingly pulled the plug on BSkyB corporation showing anymore English Top Flight Football this season.

BSkyB though however are going to fight this all the way and have appealed against the decision to remove the English Football from there platform, effectively meaning that 300,000 cancelled subscriptions already in 3 days and that could well mean administration because losing that many people will prove catastrophic.

We intend to fight this completely to the end. We did not want any violence at all and we reject the suggestion that we moved the game to 4pm to encourage drunken behaviour. In our view the Football Association are making us a scapegoat and the sooner this is sorted the better it will be for everyone and if it is not sorted then we will take the F.A. to court.

We think that the Police and Aston Villa F.C are to blame because we did not ask them to allow fans with weapons into the ground, now we are very sorry for the Bloggs family for there loss but we are not to blame. The management of the football ground and the Police need to be investigated but instead we have lost a contract unjustly and like we say there could be a very long drawn out legal battle!

The repercussions for either party going to court and losing could be catastrophic and although some sources think that the F.A will back down other are not so sure. BT Sport who at the moment have gained all the football while this is being investigated are obviously one of the companies on the F.A's side. I think this has to be done in the fairness of football. It was a silly time to have a match with a history of violence and we would never do that because we do things for the good of the sport not to get as many viewers as possible!

Other News

Gino Peruzzi has signed a new deal at Villa Park. The Argentine right back has signed a 5 year £26,500 deal and he is happy to be staying despite all the adversity.

The deal would usually be front page news as the right back was a new signing just this season and he has performed very, very well and is a lot better than Alan Hutton but with the Villa against Birmingham drama this is has been put on the back burner.
Peruzzi! What a quality fullback, his physical abilities are top notch. Lol about the legal actions taken, make sure you get some good lawyers ;)

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